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Sipahh Straws: Review & Giveaway

Including essential nutrition along with variety and novelty is the key to developing good eating habits in younger children. With #babyT, we followed baby led weaning and ensured that he began family food once he started solid foods. And like most parents today we followed the ‘no salt’ and ‘no sugar’ principle till he turned 1. Now that he is 1.5 years young he truly does eat all types of homemade food. This includes all flavours – sweet, spicy & savoury. ‘Anything in moderation is fine’ is my mantra and I am happy that he is not a fussy eater. My pain point however was MILK. And before I begin my Sipahh Straws review I want to share what the current scenario in our household is like.

BabyT cannot have animal milk & other dairy products due to a dairy sensitivity and it was important to introduce some form of liquid nutrition in order to add calcium and also wean him gently. Although I found my solution in Soy Milk, I had a problem on hand because I was not sure how to make it exciting for him to drink it. Flavoured Soy Milk contains a lot of artificial sweeteners and flavourings. I was sure I did not want to give him that. Enter Sipahh Straws. 🙂

Sipahh Straws is an Australian company started by a father to make drinking milk more exciting for his children. And like most parents he was turned off by the amount of artificial colourings, preservatives and sugar that most children’s milk flavourings had. Even the regular powders we have grown up on contain scarily high quantities of sugar. So Peter, the father behind Sipahh  introduced these milk flavouring straws which promised to let children enjoy the goodness of milk as part of a balanced diet – with less sugar and no artificial colours or preservatives. The first Sipahh Straws review from his children was a big Yes.

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The Story of Sipahh

The Sipahh Straws are hollow straws with an inner compartment where the flavour granules are present. There are two filters on either end that allow milk to pass through the flavoured granules and acquire the flavour and voila!! You have flavoured milk in the mouth.

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The granules are made of Cassava or Tapioca (yumm I love tapioca chips) and dissolve completely in the milk as you drink it up.  No harmful chemicals & preservatives here.

Now my Sipahh Straws review would be incomplete and unfair if I did not tackle the elephant at the dining table. 🙂 What about the sugar content? Isn’t sugar bad for babies & children? Sure it is. And avoidable too. But did you know even if you are not adding sugar to your foods, you are actually consuming a lot of hidden sugars everyday. Take a look at this chart which shows how much sugar is present in some of these daily foods you and your children may be consuming.

As for Sipahh Straws each straw contains less than 2 gms of sugar which is half teaspoon of sugar. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that children up to 10 year’s age should receive no more than 13 gms of added sugar per day. Compared to the so-called health and energy milk flavouring powders Sipahh Straws is a clear winner.

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Sipahh Straws comes in 10 different flavours. They have exotic names such as Fruit Salad Swirl, Lamington Dream (a quintessential Australian cake), Hello Marshmallow, Luscious Strawberry, Coco – Bean Chocolate. #BabyT tried the Luscious Strawberry and Hello Marshmallow. He loved them both. I will confess I was too tempted and snuck in a Fruit Salad Swirl when babyT wasn’t looking.  AND I have to admit I loved the flavour and the concept. The milk acquires a very subtle flavour. The first sip was a bit too sweet, but as I drank some more of the milk the sweetness was well adjusted and just about right.

And how convenient are Sipahh Straws? You just need to RIP – DIP – SIP. It’s as easy as that to have flavoured milk. You can use Sipahh Straws with cold or even room temperature milk.  No peeling, chopping, mixing, grinding, spooning or stirring – all while a HANGRY (Adj:/ informal. Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger) toddler is gnawing at your ankles. Sipahh Straws 1 – 0 Other milk flavouring powders. 

Sipahh Straws Review Ratings by MommyT:
  • Novelty – 5/5 This is such a cool concept. Children & adults alike enjoyed the Sipahh Straws in our house.
  • Taste – 5/5 So many unique flavours to choose from
  • Convenience – without a doubt 5/5. Just have to Rip the cover, dunk and you have flavoured milk.
  • Cost – 3.5/5 a bit steep if I consider that you will need one straw per day. A pack of 10 costs Rs. 150, a pack of 40 costs Rs. 520.
  • Availability – 3/5 We ran out of our straws (all the grownups hadone, humph!) and I had a tough time locating a local store that stocked them. Found them on Amazon and got next day delivery on it. <3

Have you tried Sipahh Straws? If not then you need to right now. And you are in luck because I teamed up the Sipahh team to bring you a giveaway. Yes you can win these delicious straws for your little ones. Ok and for not so little ones too. (I know you are eyeing them yourself.) Scoot to my Instagram and Facebook page, look for the Sipahh Straws Review posts to take part now.


  1. Chocolate for me definitely!
    This sounds like a lovely concept.
    And they do look super cute too.

  2. These look ao good. Tempted to try Lamington Dream

  3. Woww..quite an interesting stuff.. I would also love to try coco bean chocolate.. provided U sponsor it ?☺

    • mommyingbabyt

      June 22, 2017 at 3:39 pm

      Haha thanks. Do complete all the steps on the giveaway post. You may be the lucky one.

  4. Chocolate looks yummy ?

  5. I have never tried these but they surely sound great. Milk is one thing in which we moms really struggle.

  6. I would to try the chocholate one .. yummy

  7. I have seen them on Instagram so many times and have thought this as a great idea <3
    I am definitely wanting to try it as Anjie doesnt really drink milk at all. Going off to try my luck 🙂

  8. Before making babyA taste it mommy should taste it na?? al hamdulilah #babyA is not a guest eater till now and as we are reaching the 1 year mark il have to make up my mind to start making her drink other stuffs too. Thanks to you for such a beautiful introduction of the product

  9. These seem awesome! It is something I think my daughter would really love. They are so much better than flavored milks.

  10. This is something new and interesting. I will try this soon. I hope my fussy eater done likes it.

  11. karuna chauhan

    June 22, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    This sounds like a fun yet a nutritious product for a tod! Loved the concept and very excited to try it!

  12. I’ve tried these…they are indeed very good

  13. Namrata shetty

    June 22, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    These look so yumm that I would really really regret it if I didn’t give these a try. And the names ♥♥♥. Those cute names increase the desirability by a factor of ×10. We would love to have a sip through fruit salad swirl and coco bean chocolate. Also we have followed all the steps on insta.

  14. This is so cool… So I actually did not know about the granules. I knew these were milk flavouring straws but never knew how it actually works. You have explained it nicely and that close up pic of granules is what made it clear to me! 🙂

  15. Oooohh I have these in chocolate flavour
    They are so kool

  16. Looks so nice! Chocolate for me plz:)

  17. Those straws are a great idea and a treat to get young children to drink their milk. I will have to let my siblings with little children know about this secret.

  18. We are chocolate milk fans here! I’ve actually seen these in the store, and wondered what they would taste like!

  19. I’ve never seen these before but it’s such a neat concept. My niece would adore it so much! Chocolate sounds perfect 🙂

  20. I love this idea! My son loves to drink regular milk but if he starts to drop off, I’m definitely ordering these on Amazon! What a great solution!

  21. Superb review . Would love to try the chocolate ? one

  22. I have never even heard of Sipahh Straws before but my gosh, they sure peeked my pregnant cravings and interest. Will check them now actually 😉

  23. I think this is awesome! I’ve heard of it before but I have never really tried it. I’m sure my daughter will love this one. It’s great for getting the kids to drink more milk or soya milk.

  24. What a cool concept. I have 3 kids and they would absolutely love to try these out. I’m gonna order some for them to see how they like it. I have an 8 year old who loves to rate everything from 1-10 so it would be interesting seeing what he thinks about it…Thanks for sharing!

  25. Interesting. So much innovation nowadays in the food industry

  26. If using these are going to help kids drink milk then the tiny amount of sugar in them is surely worth it x

  27. This is a Superb Review. I myself wish to try the starws. I mean why such things wer not there when I was a child.:)

  28. Both of my guys love these but they are big milk drinkers anyway! Definitely a must-have in this house!

  29. My kids love chocolate milk and this looks like it may even be less sugar. I need to get some of these and be a hero.

  30. What a simple, yet brilliant idea!!

  31. Such an interesting idea. It definitely marries the novelty and nutrition needs together. Kind of wish they had had these when I was a kid because I never liked drinking milk.

  32. Well, how adorable are these! I would love it myself, as an adult. I am off dairy but I love cashew milk, maybe I’ll try these with these straws!

  33. Oh these look super yummy! My kids would love these with their milk!

  34. This is a nice concept especially for the moms who struggle to feed milk to their little ones…Though this one is not needed for my son…but I can give a try for myself 😉

  35. Definitely i would be choosing chocolate and this totally sounds yummy..It is the correct blend of nutrition too

  36. Those are so cool! My son has always been a big milk drinker. Even at 12, he prefers it to anything else. I’ll have to see if I can find these straws for him!

  37. Wow….. super flavoured straws ….. I love to get back to my childhood. Excellent review indeed.

  38. We just tried these a few weeks ago! My kids were obsessed! I like that they have so many options as well!

  39. I really love the idea & want to try it out just for the novelty of it!

  40. I am going to try these straws soon. They may tempt my fussy eaters to drink some milk.

  41. These straws look so good and i think i need to order one for my kid when your review is so good.

  42. This is the first time I’ve heard of Sipahh Straws. It is so neat there are few flavors instead of only one.

  43. I had never seen these before. They look really neat, they’d be a real hit with my kids! They love neat things like this!

  44. My daughters would love these! I like that they have more than just chocolate because one daughter loves chocolate milk but the other likes other flavors better.

  45. I am going to try these out on my next visit..I am looking for ideas to make things other than mama’s milk interesting already

  46. What a great product!? love their story!☺i am sure my son would love them?

  47. Ordered Sipaah Straws as soon as I Read your Review. Such a Well Articulated Review. Biggest Wish to Win your Amazing Giveaway Dear Team #SipahhMilkFlavouringStraws

  48. Such a wonderful idea to make milk yummylicious , I am sure not only kids but adults would enjoy it too.

  49. Omg can we say yum?!?! Chocolate straws?!?! I so need these in my life!! Definitely purchasing asap

  50. I am typically to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The post has truly peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your internet site and keep checking for new data.

  51. Loved the review. And this innovation 🙂

  52. Yes we have tried these too !!

  53. Reading about these straws, I would like to drink milk instead of any other hot beverage. Nicely written review.

  54. Utterly written subject material, Really enjoyed reading.

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