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BabyT’s family

I am a first time mommy to babyT. I had him when I was 36 years old. Old mama. But forever21 in my heart.

I am a natural mama – exclusively breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, baby wearing and hoping to use natural methods of weaning, developing etc. down the line. I was completely clueless that this world exists, until babyT kicked his way into my life. And look where I am today, I think, talk and breathe only babies and cloth diapers and learning toys and baby books and so on and on.

A little bit of my background – I have 10 years of work experience in the HR function. One fine day after putting up with a lot of stress and health (read: fertility) issues, I decided to call it quits on the corporate world. Things have been much better since the heavy boulder of 9 to 9 work days has been lifted off my back. The biggest gift I got out of this was of course, babyT. I also began my independent HR practice, which doesn’t get much focus these days, but it’s there. I am married to Gaurav, who is equally passionate about bringing up our son the natural way. Together we are amazed at the little wonders that babyT shows us every day and how he teaches us the meaning of true & pure love, happiness and brings more meaning to us as a family.