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Sipahh Straws: Review & Giveaway

Including essential nutrition along with variety and novelty is the key to developing good eating habits in younger children. With #babyT, we followed baby led weaning and ensured that he began family food once he started solid foods. And like most parents today we followed the ‘no salt’ and ‘no sugar’ principle till he turned 1. Now that he is 1.5 years young he truly does eat all types of homemade food. This includes all flavours – sweet, spicy & savoury. ‘Anything in moderation is fine’ is my mantra and I am happy that he is not a fussy eater. My pain point however was MILK. And before I begin my Sipahh Straws review I want to share what the current scenario in our household is like. Continue reading

World Environment Day – 5 ways you can make a difference

5th June marks World Environment Day and like most people I do stop to ponder about the impact my actions & living choice have on the world & its environment.  World Environment Day is not a hallmark holiday. It is a very important and grave part of our modern lives today.  We need to talk more about the Environment and the legacy we leave behind. The old Indian saying which has been quoted far too many times, rings loudly in my ears…

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”

Before I had #BabyT I would roll my eyes at those tree hugger type of people who would advocate save trees, go green, save water and all of it was mumbo-jumbo to me. I mean how does just one plastic bag I use make a difference? Right?

Turns out I was wrong. When they put that shriveled up & pink little dumpling in my arms I was transformed. I vowed to do everything to protect him and bring him up as a good human being in a better world than you and I know today. A cleaner, greener, healthier world. And so I joined the “Hippy bandwagon” – the term hurts me sometimes, but this is what some people now refer to me as. A hippy. But the hippies are a cool lot, they spread love and harmony and did a lot for the world that they graced their brief lives with. 

Continue reading

MomGuilt #245: Drowning in Baby Clothes

When you are a stay-at-home mom like me, long weekends have no meaning really. I feel only the added stress of keeping up social appearances and finishing off long pending odd jobs around the house. This long weekend I did exactly that, I got my husband to mind #babyT while I took on the Herculean task of cleaning and organizing the baby wardrobe.

#BabyT is  now 16 months old and his clothes have taken over almost an entire side of the wardrobe we have in the master bedroom. It started off with one shelf and now it stands at four, all full of his clothes – Tshirts, shorts, trousers, night suits, onesies, traditional Indian attire,  and then some related accessories. He has over 30 pairs of socks. (Why?? Because he refuses to wear them when we are going out and I always forget to pack socks and then the mall/ restaurant is cold and we need to run and buy a bunch!)

Also I am not even counting the stuff he got as gifts which will probably fit him nicely on his fifth birthday. Lol. People really do underestimate how small babies are.  And I have also added to this kitty by buying clothes online and with no standard sizing they are just waiting for him to grow up.

But the harsh reality hit when we were getting ready to go meet some of our friends and their new baby for an early dinner, and I realized that “#BabyT had nothing to wear.” (Yes he does take on after his mommy doesn’t he?)  He did not have “nice, new” clothes. So I sat down to reorganize and actually separate the junk from the useful stuff. What I did get at the end of this exercise was constant muttering under my breath “This boy has way too many clothes for a baby and I am never buying anything else for him.” and the emergence of 2 sets of clothes – stuff that doesn’t fit anymore (yes this whole big bag of stuff pic below.) and stuff that fits but cannot be worn for outings because of food stains, stubborn marks leached from other clothing or fading and generally not nice.

A bag like this emerges every 3 months.

This got me thinking as to how much we actually spend on babyT’s clothes and how it is still never enough. The only solution was to actually buy more clothes. Yes, as ironic as it may sound, the fact that he had way too many clothes but not suitable ones meant we had to go buy some more. It ached my heart to know that I would be buying something worth Rs. 500 to Rs.1000+ a piece and he would only be wearing it for a short period, some maybe not even more than 2 – 3 times (Indian traditional attire.) I really wish there was someone out there who understood What Mothers Want – affordable quality clothing, so that we could really splurge and buy tons of clothes without feeling the pinch of the pocket and without the need to strip babies before they sit down to eat anything which is like 10 times in a day.

How do you mommies handle this? I am sure your babies too outgrew clothes really quickly. Leave aside the donating to other babies, how did you ensure baby always had a steady stream of affordable quality baby clothes? And how did you make sure you saved money at the same time? Where do you shop? Looking for ideas!

H is for Hungry Caterpillar: our favourite book

I have been waiting for the letter H.

H is for (the) Hungry Caterpillar – our favourite book by Eric Carle. This is a very popular book and most babies begin their book love journey from this one. We have had our copy since #babyT was a month old. And have been reading to him since then.

Everywhere we go, the book goes with us

Not just in our home, but the Hungry Caterpillar is a very popular book across the world and it is even used as a reading book in preschoolers in the some countries. I came across this when I browsed google to see if any blog posts existed on this topic. 😛
So why am I writing a whole blog post about a  children’s book, which has been much loved and sadly, hated by some quarters? Because this book is so versatile.. it has grown with us. Like any good book, its relevance only comes forth with time and experience/ stage of life. Right from the time #babyT was a month old to today at 15 months, we have found something new to marvel upon and learn.  Continue reading

#MommyT’s Tips: How to make baby hair cuts more fun & less scary?

Baby’s first hair cut – its a big step and even more so in the Indian cultural landscape where most communities have some religious or ritual significance attached to it.  Almost every new parent dreads that first hair cut session for their little babies, yet come armed to the event with mobile phone cameras on full enthu mode. And what do the babies do – cry, bawl, howl and generally get all traumatized with their first experience . So too with us!

Look at that luscious mane – BabyT at 1 year

BabyT has had 2 hair cuts now. He was born with lots of lovely hair, and we waited it out to trim those luscious curls that our little rock-star had. If we had had our way we would probably have let them grow out much longer but the hot Indian weather meant he had a tough time with his lush mane and was constantly sweaty and irritated. So we decided to chop it off. The first hair cut babyT got was in MommyT and Daddah’s favourite salon chain near home. Its a pretty well established salon and we have always been very satisfied with our experiences but we realized that baby hair cuts were not their expertise.  BabyT was not too happy and we were equally disappointed with the hair cut. So the second time around, we did manage to hunt for and take an appointment at a salon meant for kids.  We loved the experience and the hair cut. Yet babyT cried his eyes out. We have now realized that there were some things we did right and some we could do better and so here’s my list: Continue reading

#Review – Superbags: Wetbags by Superbottoms

If you have remotely heard of Cloth Diapering you may have also heard the word “wet bag” being thrown about casually in conversations about wash routines and diapering accessories. Essentially, a  wet bag is a bag that holds wet stuff. TaDa! No surprises there. It is in fact a reusable, waterproof and leak resistant bag which holds in odours and of course prevents liquids from escaping. But did you know that a wet bag can be used for many purposes other than just cloth diapering. This makes it an investment that is quite worth it and very handy around the house. Especially a house that has a child.

Firstly let me give you some insight into why a wetbag is so important in a cloth diaperer’s journey. Wet bags are essentially made of PUL/ TPU and so are reusable (yayy for planet Earth) They are also waterproof and leak resistant (yayy for all who cloth diaper) Wet bags allow you to continue cloth diapering even when you are out of home. This without having to stinking up and flooding your diaper bag with baby bodily outputs. And you do not need to use plastic bags. At all! Yes you heard right.

Come to think of it, thanks to wet bags I don’t even lug around a diaper bag anymore. My handbag (yes, I am a new mom who still uses her handbag. Hurray) and a couple of wet bags are all that join us for trips outside the house – small or extended. Superbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

So how it works is that I fill a clean wet bag with a couple of fresh diapers, a change of clothes for babyT, cloth wipes and a spare wet bag . This then goes into my handbag. When we change diapers outside, I put the soiled diaper inside the spare wet bag, zip it all up and hang this  from the straps of my handbag or baby stroller. And, all done! I come back home and toss the contents of the wet bag into the washing machine, along with the bag itself and then hang them out to dry, only to be reused. Did you see how many plastic bags I saved there?

With time I have discovered so many innovative and great uses for the wet bag that I am convinced that every person (parent with a child in diapers or not) should own a wet bag or two. :)) So here’s a list of all the times I have used a wet bag:

  1. Storing soiled diapers, wipes and soiled clothes until laundry time at home – this is what the wet bag is meant for. I hang the wet bag from a rod in the wash room. I zip it up when full and store it until laundry time.

    Superbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

    Superbag by Superbottoms in Baba black sheep design

  2. Gym/ swim bag for daddy – This is so great for swim time. Not a drop leaks and it holds in at least 2 swimsuits and wet towels.
  3. Store my baby carrier – such pretty covers to match the carrier or my outfit.

    Superbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

    Superbag in Purple Love design

  4. Keys, phone and some money while out for walkies Superbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  5. Baby food accessories: food mat, cutlery etc. for when we are eating outSuperbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  6. BabyT’s flash cardsSuperbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  7. Books/toys for when we are out for brunch or dinnerSuperbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  8. Cosmetics & toiletries while travelling – the amount of times I’ve had ugly messes because of leaking shampoo & moisturizer bottles is scary. No more however. 🙂
  9. Car trash bag –  How do babies manage to generate so much trash? especially in cars. Banana skin, candy wrapping, paper tissues. The list is endless.
  10. My delicates while packing for small trips (I cannot believe I called my nursing bras ‘delicates’)
  11. My sarees and other silks when we went to a weddingSuperbottoms wet bags, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  12. Daddy’s laundry from his office tours
  13. Frozen food from the supermarket –  This one is my favourite and it surprises many people who hear it. In Mumbai’s perpetually hot and humid weather, all frozen food packs become a sweaty mess. I hate when this wets everything else in my shopping tote bags (which are fabric) Wet bags work well to store frozen foods in.
  14. Packed lunch boxes back from granny’s place (slurp) – going to your mom’s house and coming back empty handed is not a thing. Ever! 🙂
  15. Kitchen wet rag storage –  Similar to how I use it for soiled cloth diapers. I store kitchen rags in a wet bag and then toss them into the washing machine once accumulated.
  16. Papers and official documents –  have you ever travelled in public transport in Mumbai in the monsoon? You are bound to get soaked. And so too will everything on your person. Wet bags it is then.
  17. Mobile phone/ Pad during the monsoon when we go out without the car

However it is a shame how so many wet bags fail miserably when it comes to performing the basic things that they are meant to do. After investing in various wetbags, I have found my perfect wetbag and these are the #superbags by Superbottoms. I love them so so much, that before reviewing any other cloth diaper type or brand on my blog, I have chosen to review a diapering accessory. 🙂

Superbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

Why I love Superbags by Superbottoms?

#Superbags by Superbottoms are 40 x 30 inches in size. It has two zippered compartments and is double PUL lined. This makes them totally bullet proof: they will never leak and will never allow moisture to enter (unless you go deep sea diving with it) The PUL is super soft, making the #superbags so cushy and soft.

The bag has two loops at the top with snap buttons which can be used to unsnap and hang them onto rods or other spaces. I hang them from behind the car’s front seat head rest or my handbag. Unlike many other #wetbags which come with only one loop to hang by, I find the two loops is better at holding the weight of wet diapers or other stuff when hung.

Superbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

#Superbags are also spacious. I once packed up to 10 fresh diapers (all-in-one types which are a little plump). At another time, I packed in around 8 soiled diapers, along with inserts, a prefold, a dozen plus wipes and a couple of food stained shirts. I left this bag full of soiled stuff overnight and was over the moon to see that not a drop had leaked outside. It wasn’t even damp to the touch. Stinks were all held in too. Any object which can do its job well, is a success in my eyes. I’ve tried a fair number of brands when it comes to wetbags and only #superbags win this contest, hands down.

A big plus is also that the #Superbags come in vibrant, quirky, desi designs specially commissioned by Superbottoms. You can have a look at their #superbags here. At Rs 499 for a single #superbag it is real value for money. A value pack of two costs Rs. 900. Heck, I’d pay much more for a wet bag that does its job so well! 😍

Happy cloth diapering! 🌱

All the diapers and wetbags featured in this post have been purchased by me. This is not a paid review. All the opinions and pictures shared are my own. 

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