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D is for Daddah: BabyT’s first word

Who spread the rumour that the first word babies say is “Mamma”? No it isn’t true at all..  #BabyT has been an early speaker, started a few words when he was around 8 months and that word was not Mamma and he still hasn’t called me Mamma, or Amma, or Ma, or Mummy at 15 months. But he loves muttering “Daddah” all day long and that was his first word too. Just splendid. 🙂

So I carried this little speck of #babyT since April 2015 and nurtured him inside my body for a whole 9 months and then got cut open to get him out and spent sleepless nights nursing him, holding him, cleaning him, getting puked, pooped and peed on by him and still do all of that, but still the boy said daddah first. :/

I still remember that moment on the day of babyT’s birth when babyT was brought out from the womb and up to me to kiss. I managed to do this with a tear in my eye, he was so perfect and he looked just like my baby bro when he was a baby was the first thought that crossed my mind. They then quickly whisked away babyT to the recovery room to get all the vital stats checks and cleaning etc. I almost yelled at my husband then to stop standing by me and to run to the spot where T was taken. I was paranoid that my baby would be stolen or exchanged for someone else’s. 😛 And then there my husband and babyT spent the most beautiful hour together alone, where baby looked at his daddah with eyes wide open and heard his voice, I think daddy even sang to babyT then. This formed this beautiful bond between them, that surpassed any other bonds I inherently had or have managed to build with babyT.

BabyT’s first hair cut on daddy’s lap


Now everytime babyT hears the bell ring (even if daddy is actually at home and somewhere else in the house) babyT thinks “Daddah” is at the door. Once daddy is home from work, they are inseparable and I am called upon only to breastfeed or find something that is not in its place.

Cooking together

Together they make up my own personal band and I am beginning to love the entertainment. 🙂 

What was your baby’s first word? And for those curious… babyT calls me Tarra. ☺?


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  1. We sail in same boat !! my both kids first word was Daiddha !!!

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