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A Waltz in the Mountains #FridayFotoFiction

HE was coming for her. He had left all the telltale signs behind.

Simran shuddered. She felt like she heard his heavy breathing. But it was only the AC. She ran her fingers through the fur-lined coats on the rack and wondered if it was cold in Switzerland this year.

She was trapped now and there was no hiding from HIM. If only Arjun had made an attempt to read the signs. She could have been saved.

Simran’s eyes constantly darted to the door. What if he came in here right now? Suddenly her sight fell on the mirror. It was HIM. He ran towards her and grabbed her from the back.

He kissed her neck, just like he had all those years ago.

It still felt the same. “Lets go” he said, “Our flight leaves in 4 hours. The mountains of Zurich await.”

Simran picked up her suitcase, “Goodbye Arjun. Goodbye, boring marriage.”

Word count: 155

This piece is part of #FridayFotoFiction with Tina & Mayuri.

Tina Basu


  1. That is some decision, to walk out of her marriage. Hope she had a valid one.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

  2. It is difficult to take that big step to move on in life . Interesting read.

    • mommyingbabyt

      November 4, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      Very rightly said. It’s a very difficult step to take and if someone has been pushed to do it the reason may have been valid. We can only wonder

  3. a big step, was it the correct one? I hope she knows

  4. Hopefully her life is at peace with HIM, finally! May she find warmth in HIS company to shoo away the cold of the mountains…

  5. Hope she was happy thereafter! Who knows? Wonderful take on the prompt.

  6. Hope she finds what she was looking for!

  7. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction.

  8. Hope she finds love and peace now

  9. It takes great courage to even reach the decision to walk out of a marriage. And that’s the only thing a women needs to respect her life and herself. ?

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