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6 Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Mom Friends

This one is for all you mommy bloggers … or anyone with a clan of mommy friends actually!

Sun, sea, sand & soul sisters. That’s what my recent getaway to a popular beach destination, with 2 of my Mom Blogger BAEs was all about. It was the first time I was out with my gang of girls (Yep, I have never travelled with my girlies before.) I came back with the realization of how much I have missed in my youth by not travelling and I do intend to make up for it now. But the best part is, all my life I (and most of us too) made “Goa chaltey hein!” plans which NEVER worked out. This one did!! We thunk it, made it happen and went and did it and lived to tell the tale. 

We were updating our fun and frolic on social media while on holiday and I have to say I have never seen so many of my social media friends and followers wait so eagerly for our updates and tune in to Live! stories as much as they did then. So if those stories have still not managed to convince you to “make arrangements” (drop your child/children with family) and “take off” quite literally then let this list push you over the edge (of the swimming pool, hopefully soon!)

  1. You will see how similar you and your fellow mom bloggers are – one phone call to the nanny/ cook/ house help per day will be mandatory. That will be followed by reviewing blog stats and checking emails from brands who work with you. Not to forget how much organic engagement your latest post on Instagram received. Discussing social media posting strategies & gossiping about THAT blogger is very normal over a masala omelette and chai. 😉

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    Real life happens too. You will also rejoice over how the holiday opportunity gave you a much-needed beauty parlour break. You will talk about how relationships (not just with the spouse) have sizzled or fizzled post-baby. I now see how every new mother loses a certain clan of friends after baby arrives and it is OK and NORMAL.

  2. Your mommy blogger friends will take a gazillion pics of you and manage to make you look super sexy without as much as a squeak – only mom blogger friends get what it is to have precious pics for social media posts.
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    Can you even imagine coming back to a gallery full of kick-ass pics of you after a family holiday? and where you did not have to fight, plead or give favours in return for those pics, mind you.

  3. They will sip quietly on their cocktails and order you a virgin ‘Limonice’ (lime juice in soda water) while you line up in the queue at the most happening Restobar in town awaiting your turn to throw up (ugh! That was me! Yep! Such wonderful memories I’ve made. But see the above pic, that was just after my ‘incident’) And they were nice enough to still show on social media that we had an awesome time. Sorry girls.. but I owe you big time.

  4. Gossip sessions that end at 4 am – your chacha’s son’s wife’s sister twice removed (what!? is that even a thing?) must have tossed and turned in her bed because you were doing her chugli all night long with people who don’t even know who she is.. but you do know what she looks like, thanks to Facebook. Every gossip session needs proof.
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    And then there’s gossip about blogging.. those hashtags, that photo post idea copier, that blog post idea copier and the many more categories that shall not be listed here. We pinky swore! 😉 And what happens in Goa, stays in Goa!

  5. The whole experience is something else – When was the last time you packed light? (Not that women travel light. I didn’t even use half the dresses and makeup I packed along. But mom bloggers bring along laptops, cameras & internet connection.) ((Read my post on Vacations with babies to know what that is all about. Here’s the link.)

    When was the last time you walked with your hands-free? (The experience of not having a baby in your arms or holding their tiny little fingers is a bit sad but also feels liberating. For some time you don’t know what to do with your hands. And then you find the bottle of beer. hahah)
    Did not rush back to the room to catch meal time/ naptime/ bedtime? (Your body and soul keeps reminding you to check a clock and wonder if its time to do all the routine things you do. But you can only wonder if all those items on the daily to-do list got ticked back at home. And they did and very well too.)
    And then there was also Karaoke at Britto’s which went LIVE on Instagram. (sorry, but not sorry!)

    All in all, you will see each other in new light, but only to love, support and understand the battles we all fight every day in our lives.

  6. Mom Blogger friends will also help you make listicles like these while soaking up the sun on a beach shack somewhere. Only they will realise the importance of a precious blog topic and wholeheartedly support your endeavours to this effect. So thank you Shubhreet for your enthusiasm as always and Shalu for pushing me to post this quick before the holiday tan wears off. 🙂

Have you travelled with your new found mommy friends? What was the most exciting part about the trip? Would you add any points to my listicle here?


  1. Mahak @babyandbeyondin

    So so jealous x-( But really happy for you girls too ? You 3 have been working really hard for the last few months and no one needed this break more than you girls. Now lets plan another one soon!

  2. Shalu Sharma Rathod

    I read the whole thing ateast 10 times and every time I’m reading it, the smile goes wider and wider. I am so glad I took this trip with you two. After a loooong long time I felt like myself.

  3. Melani Rayen

    Now i am totally going gaga over the pictures..I am sure you guys would have had lots of fun..Nope haven’t tried a trip with my mommy friends but after seeing this i am totally jealous and would love to plan one soon

  4. Priyadarshani

    More than anything I am interested in knowing about “the normal blogger “ discussed ??? … I really need to plan something like this I think I have more mom blogger BAE ‘s now ?

    • mommyingbabyt

      I know right. Much needed to make those trips happen.

  5. Sanjivini

    This trip gives me friendship goals! Shubh is one of my favourite people of Instagram and I loved following the trip on your instastories!

  6. Ophira

    Aww thats really nice. It is so important find the perfect mommy tribe be it a blogging friend or otherwise. I worked hard to find such mommy soul mates ? I have a few. We discuss going off on vacations too! Maybe its time we do it hehehe

    • mommyingbabyt

      Seriously do it Ophira. It was so so refreshing. ?

  7. Deepa

    Wow! I can see you all had a blast. After reading your post, I want to go on an all girls trip too. It is actually on my bucket list for a long time now. Hopefully will be going on one such trip soon.


    I had seen all your social media updates and I must say that’s something that comes on top in my wish list. You all mommies are super cool!

  9. Neha @growingwithnemit

    Wow, you guys are so lucky to have found each other and being such great friends to take an all-girls trip to Goa. This is so amazing, but I am not sure whether I will be able to do it ever. I don’t have such a tribe nor I am comfortable making close friends now. But posts like these always lift up the spirits. Bless you, girls!

  10. Charu Sareen

    Wow man! That must be one hell of a vacation. So want to do this now with my gang of girls and hopefully would do soon. Am sure a break like this is not just rejuvenating but also liberating.

  11. manveen

    Now I’m going to push my friends to do it too!! We’ve been planning for ages but have somehow never been able to do it. I think the night gossips are the best part of being with girl friends!! It’s like therapy!! So glad you girls had such fun.

  12. Shrishti Bansal

    Loveed the insta pics, your insta stories and now this blog . While reading it , I was so damn envious of you three and at the same time missing my girlies with new fervour . Well this post def gives some serious motivation to make that long pending plan happen with my girls

    • mommyingbabyt

      Yayyy make it happen

  13. Shipra Trivedi

    I just love the way you expressed everything. It’s beautiful. As I was reading it, I was living all those moments. You made me crave for such a vacation with my friends. And I am going to execute it for real very soon.

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