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My morning cuppa

My morning cuppa time is sacrosanct. It’s my time to really wake from slumber and catch up on all the missed conversations on social media from the day before and respond to them. It’s my time to reflect on the day and mentally plan out my day. Morning Chai time has also been my time to have conversations with myself, alone about life, the universe and far beyond if you get my drift. If you had to look at the journey of my life in the last decade or so, I think I could explain it all over my relationship with my morning cuppa time.

The Before

When I was running the rat race my morning cuppa would be a hurried affair or most often missed (thus causing me to have a miserable day.) However, in those hurried 10 minutes the husband and I would catch up on life, people, the news, the government, filmdom, gossip about work and just talk.

The morning cuppa would also be like a gun which goes off in a race where who finishes the cup first would determine who gets the rights to the shower and in turn first dibs on the hot, steaming water from the geyser.

And then I quit the rat race! I became a freelancer who called the shots on my own working schedules and locations (mostly the mall food court. Starbucks had still not spread its wings back then.) But what I acquired in return for dropping out of the 9 to 5 was a blissful cup of steaming hot and meticulously prepared tea. It was in this phase of life that my love triangle between coffee (blame the South Indian filter kaapi genes) and tea came to a conclusion and I belonged to chai forever. <3

My morning cuppa and I now looked forward to spending those 30 minutes together after the whirlwind that my husband left behind every morning had died down. This was my precious, precious time – sitting all alone in silence, slurping steamy tea (I like to drink it hot even before the steam has died down) and reading up and down my Twitter timeline. Yes, I was a twitter addict back then, got all my news, info, breaking headlines, gossip and entertainment there.

Then came pregnancy…

The After

Although most people avoid tea or coffee during pregnancy, I did not. I would probably die of headaches if I didn’t have my one cup of tea for the day. And so I continued having tea.

But pregnancy does weird things to you and some wiring in your brain goes awry.

I was crazy about having ginger tea. And not just any ordinary cup of adrak waali chai… I had to have it super spicy and adraki. This meant at least a 3-inch piece of ginger would be grated (not just chopped, but cleaned, scrubbed and lovingly grated into that pan of boiling water.) To the layman, it was super spicy and most people would break into a fit of hiccups with the gingery kick they got. Not me though, it was a swig of pure elixir for me. But this was probably why I never had any morning sickness at all, nope, not puked even once during my pregnancy.

Those were the good days…

And the ‘Now’

Aloha, now there was a baby in my arms. My whole life now was surrounded by all things baby. Now, breastfeeding,  cleaning poop and cleaning messes were all that was on my task list. Tea? What tea? Oh you mean ice tea, yes I had it every day.

You see, motherhood made me go from being a girl who liked to inhale the gingery tea vapour to someone who was forced to relish ice cold milky chai. Plain simple ugh. It also meant whatever this concoction I was drinking was to be hidden from the active baby/ toddler lest he finds the poison, brings it to his lips and gives fuel to his dairy allergy to flare up. Milk and chai now had to bid a teary adieu.

Just when I was about to close that chapter of my life I discovered that it was possible to have chai without dairy. Yes with plant-based milk like soy or almond. And today I love soy milk tea. I cannot imagine drinking animal milk tea at all. I love the malty flavour that is supplied by soy. My love affair with tea has been rekindled. And we now have an offspring together – babyT.


My toddler son now joins in my morning cuppa drinking sessions – we eat our breakfast from the same plate. He even sips on the last of the soy milk tea that I like to leave behind. My solitary tea sessions now include lots of cuddles, kisses and tomato ketchup laced caresses.

Tea and I are back to giving relationship goals to the world, don’t you think?

This blog is a part of the Chai-a-thon blog train organized by ‘The Momsteins’

I would like to thank Rashmi from Asjith’s MomStyle for introducing me. I would also recommend you to check out my fellow blogger, and friend Tripti’s blog  Explore with Tripti and read about her wonderful ‘ tea memory.’


#FridayFotoFiction: Corporate waali memsa’ab

Their eyes met. She smiled like she did every day, “Tea for me Ajay.”

Ajay handed her the cup of warm masala tea. More ginger, less sugar. Just the way she liked it. He knew how to get it just right. His heart fluttered as their hands touched, her slender fingers so warm on this cold winter morning.  Continue reading

A Women’s Entrepreneurship Day special

November 19th is observed as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED.) On this day the work of Women Entrepreneurs is observed, discussed and celebrated. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was started by a private organization Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), a philanthropic organization with a mission and movement to empower women and girls globally and impact poverty worldwide. The inaugural event for WED was held in 2014 at the United Nations in New York City and was also replicated in several countries across the world. Since then the WEDO has come a long way and this year launched a unique digital campaign called #ChooseWomen Reading about these efforts and events prompted me to think about my favourite women entrepreneurs and how they have arisen, grown and doing so much for the community and environment they live in.

It should come as no surprise then that some of my favourite products and the brands featured in this list. It is also so inspiring to think that it is a woman who primarily conceived and set up these businesses. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Meghna Norean from Shomota, Chinmayie Bhat from Soul, Pallavi Utagi from Superbottoms and Anjali Gulati from PeopleKonnect.

Continue reading

#FridayFotoFiction: Room, for Rent

Shantu woke with a start. He had kicked her again. This time she screamed. “Stop this pain now,” she yelled at sister Mary. “Just a few more hours,” Mary said.

Shantu must have passed out because when she woke up she had an unbearable pain in her stomach and was back in her hospital bed. “Looks like it’s out” she mumbled.

Shalini walked into her room, handing over a blue envelope, “Here’s the balance payment. We had to do a c-section to get the baby out. You can go home tomorrow.”

Shantu took the envelope, “It was a boy wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” said Shalini “Your hunch was right as always.”

“Just simple probability actually – 2 girls and 2 boys. Nature knows its balance.” retorted Shantu as Shalini waved goodbye.

“Dr Prasad, I have the 50 lakhs now” Shantu spoke into her phone “When can we plan my mother’s kidney transplant?”


Word Count: 150


Tina Basu

This piece is part of #FridayFotoFiction with Tina Mayuri. Every Friday Tina & Mayuri share a photo prompt and we write a 150-word short story based on how we interpret the prompt. This week’s prompt was a crib (pictured above.)

Surrogacy is a Godsend for couples who can’t have children due to fertility or health issues. For the couple, receiving a child is a blessing indeed. But for the surrogate mother, surrogacy is much-needed income, most often to meet severe financial crises. It is not easy giving up a child you’ve harboured and nurtured for 9 months. But the good wishes & blessings that you receive in return go a long way in valuing the efforts the surrogate mother puts in.

#FridayFotoFiction: The Handy Man

“Fixed, auntyji” he shouted, “Now this one will not trouble you again.”

Aparna was glad that Subhash had come over at such short notice or by now her house would be flooded. “Thanks, Subhash, I don’t know what I would do if not for you.”

Continue reading

A Waltz in the Mountains #FridayFotoFiction

HE was coming for her. He had left all the telltale signs behind.

Simran shuddered. She felt like she heard his heavy breathing. But it was only the AC. She ran her fingers through the fur-lined coats on the rack and wondered if it was cold in Switzerland this year.

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