My blog is primarily about me mommying my little son. But what about the fathers voice? I would be wrong if I said I was playing the primary role in raising my child. #BabyT’s father has been very involved right from the time of his birth and even now. I think he was more comfortable changing diapers, holding and comforting a tiny baby than I ever was. I had never had a personal experience with holding newborn babies and I was more scared of hurting the tiny than nurturing him. Even in the first few days of breastfeeding, someone had to hold #babyT against me.

For my post on the letter F for the #AtoZChallenge I had no doubt I would write about fathers but I did not want this to be another run of the mill post about how fathers change diapers or burp babies, never miss a Doctor’s appointment and school PTM. I wanted to research and write about the impact this fathering business has on children and their development. Continue reading