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Dear women, please don’t wait for men to finish first

We recently re-started our subscription to a daily newspaper. We had stopped the subscription close to 2 years ago because babyT was then crawling and mouthing everything in his sight. We did not want to feed him a diet rich in lead and mostly bad news. But of late we felt we truly lacked an awareness of what was happening in the world, even if it was the bad stuff. Social conversations usually started with “What, didn’t you know that?” So the paper guy was stalked every morning, till we caught hold of him and told him to drop a paper for us too.

One day I happened to wake up half an hour earlier than the rest of the family. Continue reading

Mom-hair – decoding the secrets

**This is a sponsored post. However the theme of the blog post & content/ opinions are all mine.**

Pre-conception, pregnancy, motherhood and then parenting! Women go through so much in these phases. The one pain point that women have at the end of all these episodes is “Mom-Hair” Mom-hair isn’t pleasant. It isn’t pretty to look at (most of the times anyway.) Mom-hair isn’t easy to be charmed back to life. It is certainly the mother’s crown because mom-hair gets stuff done. But ask any new mom if she is happy with her mom-hair crown and she will weep buckets of tears. Continue reading

#CuttingPaani – Every drop counts

The year is 3247. The Earth is no longer known as the blue planet. All its water reserves have depleted. Mankind has progressed to an extent that it is surviving on artificial forms of sustenance. Even water is sold as a freeze-dried capsule – Pni610 is the most loved brand.

This is probably science fiction today, but we could come very close to this being a reality. As the population mass increases and global warming keeps getting worse, the quantum of water available for the number of mouths to drink it will keep diminishing. If we don’t act today then we may be faced with a pretty grim future. We needed to start saving water ten years ago. That’s how serious this issue is.  Continue reading

The big ‘theme’ reveal – Parenting in 201X: #AtoZ2018

Right from 30th April 2017, I have been waiting for this moment. For another year to dawn and for it to be April again. And now this just got real. April is almost upon us and it brings with it the annual blogging challenge of writing from A to Z. And now its time to put on our thinking caps, clean out the nibs and fill the pens with ink, prettify the writing desk, suck in some fresh air and hopefully some inspiration and just write. Continue reading

5 ideas to be the cool mom & host the best birthday party

Do you dread receiving invites for kids’ birthday parties? And then do you dread going to these parties? Young children have the attention span of a spoon. And slightly older kids are too cool to be entertained by the usual shenanigans that kept our generation entertained. And don’t even get me started on how bored the mummies and papas are at these do’s. Putting up a (fake) smile to be sociable, just because your kid is friends with that kid. Then comes the dilemma when your kid’s birthday arrives – how can I not be that boring party thrower mom? How can I throw the best birthday party ever and be the COOL MOM?

Continue reading

Giga | A to Z in 100 words


Or maybe perhaps gee-gah! Giga was baby T’s first word or maybe first sound.

This sound we heard first when he was about 3 or 4 months old.

This mother became a proud mommy that her child spoke a very intellectual word GIGA at such a young age. Signs of a techie in the making? Continue reading

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