We recently re-started our subscription to a daily newspaper. We had stopped the subscription close to 2 years ago because babyT was then crawling and mouthing everything in his sight. We did not want to feed him a diet rich in lead and mostly bad news. But of late we felt we truly lacked an awareness of what was happening in the world, even if it was the bad stuff. Social conversations usually started with “What, didn’t you know that?” So the paper guy was stalked every morning, till we caught hold of him and told him to drop a paper for us too.

One day I happened to wake up half an hour earlier than the rest of the family. This meant I could have a hot cup of chai and in a relaxed manner too. So I grabbed the newspaper and skim read all the black and white I could lay my eyes on. What caught my eye that day was a news piece about how women in a remote village in Rajasthan had finally won the right to have their meals jointly with the family. Such an insignificant item for us city dwellers, but probably a landmark victory for those women. Or was it?

I had a pain point. A rather big one. Much of Indian culture is about the women going second. And this is not just a practice relegated to rural India. I see it every day in big city life too. This is not just something that is typical of the masses. I see it every day with the classes too. And you know what the worst part is… it is mostly the women who choose to practice and perpetuate it.

I wrote this piece for Momspresso. You can read the article on this link: No, I will not eat the last piece of burnt roti

Do you agree with these views? How many times have you sacrificed yourself, because other things took importance?