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April – the start of many new things

The first weekend of April exactly 3 years ago was when something big and new happened in our lives. We conceived and learned that we were going to be parents soon. April is also our wedding anniversary month. April has always been our new professional year. April sees us setting our financial and personal goals rather than the conventional 1st of January. In short, April has always been big.

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Some inspiration

At a family event this week, I met someone who asked me how my blogging was going and if I planned to do the A to Z blogging challenge. I was super stoked to realize that someone had actually followed and read all my posts and remembered that it is almost April soon. I remember starting my blog and not knowing how to even post a simple article that I had written! I didn’t even know any of the things I know now. I wasn’t aware companies for web hosting existed, who help get your website or blog to go live for all to see on the internet. Without specialist services like these, I wouldn’t have the blog I have today. Small joys for a blogger.

Last year’s A to Z challenge happened just by chance. I realised on the 2nd of April that there is such a thing as an A to Z challenge. So I started writing from B obviously. I never did A. I was also not a part of any group or tribe or community of bloggers. But I did see all the mutual love and sharing and encouraging that went on. I resolved at that very moment to do the next A toZ challenge too.

I may not have been a part of a community for the A to Z challenge but I loved the discipline and rigour of writing. I did not really have a unifying theme but my posts were all about mommy and baby. Some posts were widely shared and discussed and debated. It was a small but proud moment for me.

A to Z blogging challenge, A to Z with blogchatter, A to Z, A to Z blog aspirations, blogging challenge, April goals, April blog goals, A to Z challenge

With this year’s A to Z challenge I hope to –

  • Build some amazing content on my website. I do have a broad theme in mind. But I still need to find content for all letters from A to Z. Read all my posts from the A to Z challenge of 2017 here.

  • Read and read and read more. With every blogging challenge or collaboration, I find new sets of bloggers. Finding new perspectives on life and reading innumerable writing styles is very educative and humbling at the same time.

  • Learn. Thinking of new content, researching for facts and perspectives really taught me a lot during last year’s challenge. Read my post from last year’s A to Z challenge on Unsafe baby care practices here

  • I thirst for that adrenaline rush. There were a few topics last year where I couldn’t find inspiration to write. But inspiration did come and mostly at 11 pm. Writing a whole post along with pics and publishing it in under an hour gave me a high like no other. I crave that now. Want to read one such post? Read this one on O is for Olfactory

The space has been cleared. Family schedules have been made to take care of babyT while I write. All other sundry plans have been pushed to May. And now I cant wait for the calendar to turn each day until 1st April.

I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, are you?

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  1. Aesha Shah

    Wonderful!!! Looking for to your posts Tara!!

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