Or maybe perhaps gee-gah! Giga was baby T’s first word or maybe first sound.

This sound we heard first when he was about 3 or 4 months old.

This mother became a proud mommy that her child spoke a very intellectual word GIGA at such a young age. Signs of a techie in the making?

BabyT has changed his career countless times since then, in my eyes of course. Some of his careers include chef, gardener, dismantler, the next Van Gogh to puzzle champion.

Turns out most babies make guttural sounds first – that included goo-goo-gah-gah! Gee-Gah! Genius babies, huh?

100 words

This blog post is a part of #AtoZ in 100 words series where Nikita of Mrs.Writes-a-Latte and a bunch of other bloggers will write 26 posts this year on topics beginning from A to Z. A short and simple way of writing, seeking inspiration & learning from each other. And challenging – because it must all happen in 100 words. Plus a picture to go with it. ?

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