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The connection between Obesity & Infertility

Infertility is like a bad dream for couples who are trying to conceive and welcome a healthy baby into their lives. That’s why some people look to using something like these pills to get pregnant fast. Sometimes that’s all they need to work. However most of us lead a very hectic lifestyle today. Health is a concern which many don’t have time for. Combined with irregular food & exercise habits, more and more women are facing a problem in conceiving. Obesity is one of the primary causes of difficulty in reproductivity for women. In addition to that, in many cases due to obesity, the body doesn’t respond to the fertility drugs as obesity hinders the absorption process. Various fertility issues can be attributed to obesity such as irregular ovulation and recurrent miscarriages.

How are obesity and infertility linked?

If you are one among the many sufferers of infertility, you should start your search for a good infertility treatment in Hyderabad and make your pregnancy journey easier.

Many obesity factors are linked with fertility problems. Here is how improper weight can endanger your fertility.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones can play havoc with your body cycle. An obese body surpasses the standard body mass index. When your body weight increases more than the standard BMI, it gives rise to hormonal fluctuation.

In order to conceive, you need to have a regular ovulation cycle. Hormonal imbalance can disrupt the ovulation process. Hence, obesity indirectly hampers your fertility.

Insulin Resistance

When you gain weight and your hormones get imbalanced, it leads to insulin resistance, which in turn causes an increase in the blood sugar level. An increased insulin resistance is not only a red flag for diabetes but it also makes it difficult for your ovaries to produce eggs.

Decreased Testosterone Levels

For a successful pregnancy to happen, both female and the male partner need to be fertile. So if your male partner is obese, there are chances that his body is not producing enough testosterone and this could lead to failures in conception.


PCOS is a disorder which disturbs the ovulation process in the female reproductive organ resulting in infertility. Obesity is the most dreadful symptom of PCOS and it might be the possible cause of your infertility too. This vicious cycle makes PCOS a real threat to the healthy fertility of women.

What should be done to avoid infertility in obese women?

Obesity and infertility are never the choice of a person. No one wants to suffer from such grave issues in their life. Most overweight women are asked to balance their BMI as an effort to get pregnant. It is not an easy task to reduce the body weight within months, especially in cases of PCOS.

So what should be done to increase the chances of fertility in obese women? Well, your lifestyle plays a major role in your body response so the sooner you make changes and get a Fertility specialist, the better. In order to improve your fertility as well reduce the body weight, you need to work on your day-to-day routine. From a well-balanced diet to proper regular exercise, to lifestyle changes your body can become fit and free from excess fat. Maintaining a healthy body weight will not only improve your chances of conception but also set you free from other possible health hazards which are an indirect barrier to pregnancy.

Hence, to make things easier on the process of conception, you need to ensure a healthy body which can deliver a healthy child. If you are facing a conception issue, don’t delay it for tomorrow. Look for a good fertility specialist in your city and experience the bliss of being a mother.

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  1. This article really helpful for me to know how obesity and infertility liked each other.

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