We bid a teary goodbye to our beloved car this week. She’d been with us for a good 13 years. That’s eternity in these days when cars get replaced every few years.

It was March 2008 that @karksons bought the 🚘 car and then as he picked me up on the way to work and we drove the daily commute, this car saw our friendship, love & then life blossom.🌟🌟
We went from being friends to making the first date plans in this very car.🌈 Endless dinner evenings at a time when you could drink a bottle of wine & still drive in Mumbai.🍾 G proposed in this car. We decided to get married in the car.

I came home as a new bride πŸ’ƒin our red car. we moved to our first home 🏑& then subsequent homes in this car. We heard the news of our pregnancy🀰, from our health center when we were traveling in this car & of course went to the hospital &🀱 brought back our baby boy in this car.

She saw many battles when not once but twice she was battered – one by a drunk driver & then by an angry mob. Yes!! She’s endured it all.πŸ’ͺ Our special red car. She lived a full life & now she’s hung her boots.

Thank you for the love, our beautiful car. This is a memory capture for you. 🚘🚘🚘🚘
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