The last few days have been tough.. BabyT has been a decent night sleeper since his fourth month, I think. After both of us, that’s mommyT and daddyG are in bed beside him, he spreads his arms out, such that one hand touches me and the other his daddy and falls into the deepest slumber ever. It’s rare that he wakes for a middle of the night feed. But the past few days have been bad. He wakes up crying, almost every hour. Doesn’t fall asleep again, even after a feed, and generally very clingy and cranky all day. His solids intake was also wavering. I was going nuts on the other hand. Lack of sleep had made me super irritated, I was lashing out at everyone hubby, the cook, the Amazon courier guy, the society whatsapp group. *sigh* What was the cherry on top of this shit pile, was daddyG in the morning saying, “He woke up? Are you sure? I didn’t hear a thing.” Tear my hair out moment! 

Just when I was about to throw the towel in and call my mom over to rescue me, this happens! BabyT comes up to sit independently the next morning. Shameful to say this, but I always have my smartphone in hand and when I realized what was happening I clicked away. So this is the very moment guys. How precious is that!