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Johnson’s ‘Best for Baby’ event: Rekindling the scent of childhood

Today everywhere I look around on social media, the message I get is Johnson’s Best for Baby. But when the team at BabyChakra got in touch asking if I would like to attend a blogger and influencer event co-sponsored by Johnson’s Baby, my first thought was No. I had not used any JB products on #babyT, several people had told me to avoid them and I used to go around telling other new parents not to do so too. When family around me was told that they would need to chip in and mind babyT while I attended the event and that it was a JB event, many eyebrows were raised, “Oh but you don’t use Johnson’s baby products on babyT! How is this relevant for you!?” Did it make sense for me to attend this then? Is Johnson’s truly Best for baby? I had to find out.

I decided to go to the event, in order to understand why Johnson’s was so keen to meet us moms and what they had to say. Half expecting that they would be launching a new product I also wanted us to experience it first. And somewhere deep down I wondered if I could ask them why they weren’t doing something about the bad reputation they seemed to have in the baby products category.

So on a Monday morning, I wore a dress and headed to the Johnson’s Best for Baby influencer and blogger meet at Hyatt Recency in Mumbai.

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Baby Chakra with Johnson’s Baby #BestforBaby – a full house

The morning started with meeting the team of Baby Chakra – India’s leading mother and baby website. The team had put in every effort to ensure that all the moms who were attending were comfortable and happy. A children’s play area was available so that children could accompany their moms at the event. I am sure the children went back thanking Johnson’s Best for Baby.

Games Moms Play

The team from Johnson’s Baby took over the stage and I was most impressed with Deepali. Her passion for the brand and prime focus on #BestforBaby really shone through.

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Our team of mommy bloggers and influencers PC – Shubhreet of

She took us through some fun games. These helped us moms bond in our teams and at our tables (pic above). They also helped us understand through play why Johnson’s Baby really is Best for Baby.  Games like using a syringe to draw out water from a Johnson’s Baby wet wipe and a competitor brand showed us that Johnson’s Baby does indeed have more moisture and so is #BestforBaby.

Johnson's Baby best for baby laundry detergent, mom bloggers mumbai, Johnsons best for baby, babychakra mom influencer event Mumbai

Games we played: getting rid of stains with Johnson’s Baby laundry detergent

We also really enjoyed the laundry game where we first got to really mess up a piece of cloth with stubborn stainers like paint, ketchup and soy sauce and then wash it at our tables with Johnson’s Baby laundry detergent. My eyes almost popped to see the cloth emerge spotless after the brief wash. This is a newly launched product by Johnson’s Baby and should be in your local stores right about now. More than Johnson’s Best for Baby I am sure this product is going to be best for mommy. That’s how amazing it is.

The Elephant in the Room

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Johnson’s team encourage us to ask them anything. The 25 member team of mom bloggers and influencers did pour their heart out and ask questions about:

  • The court cases that Johnson’s had lost in the US pertaining to Johnson’s Baby powder and the link to cancer – Johnson’s has since proven that their products, especially baby powder is completely safe. There have also been a slew of court cases that Johnson’s has won. The internet can be a wicked place where even one decades old story can resurface to strike terror in new homes.
  • The rampancy of fake Johnson’s products in the local markets which in turn were causing rashes in babies – Johnson’s Baby assure that their products are #BestforBaby. Any counterfeit or seemingly tampered products should be reported to their helpline. Similarly any concerns one has about the inherent safety of their products can also be raised with them on or on 1-800-228-111
  • Why is there a change in the perfume of Johnson’s Baby products such that they no longer smell like the Johnson’s from days past? – there has indeed been a change in the familiar baby scent of Johnson’s products. This is the result of several carefully conducted market and opinion surveys. In line with new guidelines about removal of certain ingredients to make products better and #BestforBaby it has made the products smell different. 
  • Why is there a difference in Johnson’s products available in India and abroad? – there is a difference in the environment and weather in India and other countries in Europe or the Americas. This requires that the consistency of products be different. Also the way the product spreads into the skin needs to be different. Colder climates require hugh moisturizing products and hot weather needs something that is light on the skin. Similarly demographic differences also mean that there are variations in the scent of the products.
  • Why is there no premium range of Johnson’s Baby products available locally in India? – watch the shelves. A premium range is on the way soon. ? 

The really open conversation by the Johnson’s Baby team left us all reassured that Johnson’s Baby is Best for Baby.  We received a lovely hamper of Johnson’s Baby products. I loved the fact that it had an organic cotton baby onesie and a baby memory record book. I really do wish someone had gifted me this when #BabyT had just arrived. ❤

It’s now time to rekindle our love affair with Johnson’s Baby – because they are indeed #BestforBaby. Thank you Baby Chakra for this event and opening up new perspectives for us moms.


  1. Love the title! It’s so apt… and lreally enjoyed reading the whole post. It’s so important for moms and brands to connect so that the best can be made available for our kids! Reading your post brought back the whole day for me… icing on the cake was finally meeting you Nayantara! ❤️??

  2. Very well written Tara.

  3. Wow! This is an eye opener indeed! I havent usee any JnJ products yet, but would love to give them a try soon 🙂

  4. I have used j&j powder n head to toe shampoo for my son. I love both the products. I switched to other brands because of all the negative info flowing around but didn’t like them and switched back to j&j

  5. I am a Johnson’s Baby through and through. My mom trusted only Johnson’s.

  6. My parents used Johnson’s for me and I used it for my baby too. I trust them with my eyes closed.

  7. Saurabh limaye

    May 23, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Good info…?

  8. No baby around me but I read the whole thing. Well written.

  9. As the title goes , it’s a brand that can bring nostalgia to generations. happy to hear that their premium range is coming soon.

  10. Nice reading so many good things about my favourite brand J&J. Our babies have grown up using J&J products.
    Last year there was a birth in the family and I was surprised when I saw that J&J products were not being used. I was told that J&J does not have a good reputation. My reaction to that was that I just could not believe it to be true and that I still had full faith in their products. And I am glad that my trust was not misplaced after all.

  11. Nice topic indeed.
    Ever since the negative reviews spread, only the folks who have done their own research on J&J have stuck to these products.
    I’m no exception to that. I used sebamed only for my little ones. Some days I used J&J when I craved for ‘that’ smell…but those were just few days I cheated and used.

    However, after they turned the age of one, it has been J&J baby powder and no more tears shampoo, my cravings took the better of me.
    Plus, it was also inspired from the Tara Sharma of her travel diaries with her kids

  12. I really like how this meet was not just about their products but also about the knowledge & information sharing behind the making & ingredients of the products. And you are right, JnJ as a brand reminds me of my childhood….

  13. That’s a all covered post… detailed and honest feed from author. Johnson’s deserved all the love it’s been missing from today’s mommies due to whatever reasons may be…
    It was great meeting you 🙂

  14. I love the post… And ur title is just so apt.. Such a great initiative taken by BabyChakra and JOHNSON’S to create an open forum.. And for addressing our queries so well… And yes it was lovely meeting u… Even though we could connect for a very little time

  15. Definitely rekindling !! Giving a second chance too !!

  16. I am a Johnson’s user but to be honest, the powder is no longer a part of my baby care routine. The labels still show that it has talc which could be dangerous for private parts of girls. I am yet to be enlightened on that part. Other than that, I love their products.

  17. That was such a great event. Im sure you had loads of fun. Waiting for their next round so that I can be a part of it 🙂

  18. This actually answered my problem, thank you!

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