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Plowns & Inclusive India – a vision for a better India

Do you remember the first time your child scribbled or drew something on paper? Have you saved that piece of paper like a great treasure? I am a very “sentimotional” person (that’s double the dose of sentimental and emotional.) I too had big plans of treasuring all the little creations by babyT. But mommying is hard and down the line, I just could not keep track of those pieces of paper. I tried taking pictures of them, but they were all over the place in my phone’s picture gallery. I then heard of Plowns – an online platform for parents ( and children) to share their creative works in picture format.

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The Plowns tool works via an app on Android. Once you have registered, you can upload your child’s art or essays in picture format under various categories such as Paintings/ Drawings, Craft Works, Writings, Achievements and more. These pictures can be viewed by any other Plowns user and they can also “Star” them to show that they like it or leave a comment on the image. You can also share the images with your friends and family. It’s like a social media tool exclusively to showcase your child’s creative works. How cool is that?

Inclusive india, initiatives to include marginalised, plowns, development initiatives, modi government, vision for 2022, partner with ngo

What makes Plowns special is also their association with the Inclusive India initiative.  The Inclusive India initiative has been launched by the current Government of India to include differently abled people in the fields of education, employment and wider society. Launched in June 2017, the “initiative is an attempt to facilitate the realization of equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the fabric of society. ”  (ET: June 7, 2017)

The long term goal of such an initiative is that we will have a society where people with “Intellectual Disabilities and their families are valued and can participate equally and all persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PwIDDs) can live an independent and dignified life with equal participation in all activities of the society.”

With this view in mind the Inclusive India initiative has these 3 pillars as its foundation:

  1. Inclusive Education
  2. Inclusive Employment
  3. Inclusive Community Life

What does Plowns do for the #InclusiveIndia initiative? 

Inclusive india, initiatives to include marginalised, plowns, development initiatives, modi government, vision for 2022, partner with ngo

For starters, Plowns has been the web partner to the Inclusive India team and has helped set up their online presence.  Plowns also is an initiative partner. Via their app, they organize monthly art competitions for all their subscribers. The topics are wide and give ample opportunities to the children to showcase their talents. The idea is to include all children irrespective of their physical and mental abilities. 

A positive step has been taken by the government with the Inclusive India initiative. Slowly and surely with the help of businesses and organizations like Plowns, a change will come about in our society where people of all skills, abilities, and gifts will come together and work as one.


  1. Sounds interesting and a great initiative!)?

  2. Thanks for sharing such an important and emotional app with us. I also wanted to store my kids first scribbling but could not. But at least I can now share with the world their creativity.

  3. Very informative n very good treasure for parents to show their kids when they grow up .

  4. A welcome change, long overdue perhaps.?

  5. Sad I don’t remember the place where I might have kept my little one’s first piece of art. I will try finding it. But looking at this app, it certainly is something new ,innovative and a savior for gen next parents like us.

  6. Wow this is such a great idea. I wish I could have saved all my drawings and artworks.

  7. This is so cute. It is lovely to see all of babyTs art works in one place. I am sure he will love to see this when he grows up

  8. Jai Ho. The government is putting so much effort to make India a better society. It is nice to see this initiative. Thanks for sharing this

  9. Thanks for writing about us Nayantara. Proud to have BabyT’s creations on Plowns! To all the mommies reading, I am Adarsh(Founder of Plowns), Do checkout our app. And do share your feedback 🙂

    • mommyingbabyt

      July 20, 2017 at 12:21 am

      Thanks for stopping by Adarsh. Wish Plowns every success in this endeavour. If I can be of any other help I’d be glad to chip in. ?

  10. This sounds really interesting will try it out…this might just save the memories which might have been deleted considering as random pics ..i would love to upload pics there

  11. I was not aware of Plowns earlier. thanks for sharing this initiative with us. Infact such post educate readers about lovely work.

  12. Thanks for sharing such an informative and interesting app..Really a great idea

  13. Thanks for sharing. Such a great idea for a project

  14. This is such an interesting concept you can always save all the little things I love little ones do

  15. What a wonderful initiative. Such a great concept. I am surely going to check this app soon

  16. I’ve read about them recently… it’s fabulous to see kids share their art work… they are gaining popularity quickly: )

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  17. Kudos to all who are working together in this. Loved your post and I am like you too. I keep all the drawings of my lil one ❤❤❤

  18. This is a great initiative. I have heard about them recently. And they are doing a great job.

  19. Thats really an amazing app. Specailly in this era of technology it is a must app to store precious things . Thanks for giving the information about this app

  20. Plowns has been build up with an amazing idea and working for Inclusive India is a great step taken by them..

  21. I too preserve many first things of my son. They are sweet memories to look back when grows up. Thanks for sharing about this great untiative.

  22. “very informative and nicely written. thank you :)”

  23. aww…. what an amazing idea <3 and initiative for kids. I am so proud of the Govt to bring in such great initiative for our betterment

  24. This sounds like a great and awesome initiative. Kudos to the app.


  25. great app but its android app ?

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