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Cloth Diapers – what’s all the fuss about!

If you have been following my blog or my accounts on social media you would know that I am a die hard fan of cloth diapers.  I discovered the concept of cloth diapers when I was pregnant. My first thoughts were that they were like nappies or langots as they are called in India. I imagined them to be fancily designed langots and laughed at all the women going nuts about them. Like really?

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Until I discovered what cloth diapers were really all about. And then I became one of those moms who was going all ga-ga about them. I then spent the last two months of my pregnancy reading up all I could about cloth diapers, the materials, how they worked, the wash and care routines, sizes, types.  I was intrigued by how the basic concepts like multi-layering of fabric, and material with wicking properties were being used to build effective tools to hold bodily extracts – read: baby pee & poop.  I was sold, hook, line, and sinker for cloth diapers.

cloth diapers, modern cloth diapers, cloth diapers in india, grovia, american cloth diapers in india, diapering, newborn diapers, superbottoms

I have written several posts about cloth diapers on my blog.

If you want to understand what is a cloth diaper and how they work, read my post on My First Cloth Diaper.

Cloth Diapers are essentially diapers made of cloth, and as such safe from harmful chemicals, fragrances and plastic/ paper. Like disposable diapers, they are totally waterproof and leakproof. They have great capacity – can use cloth diapers overnight too. However unlike sposies (as disposable diapers are known) cloth diapers are washable and hence reusable over and over again. That one diaper will last you till potty training is done.

However, I felt that they lacked structure and somewhere I skipped the basics. So all this month I am going to be talking about cloth diapers and sharing information and my expertise. Topics for the blogs will range from a basic 101 guide to cloth diapers and then help you build your stash. I also want to talk about a very common problem that most people face with cloth diapers and that is getting the perfect fit and sizing. Lastly, I do see a lot of new parents and caregivers adopting cloth diapering but shying away from using cloth diapers at night or when out of the house. I want to give very simple and doable solutions to this category. While I respect everyone’s individual choice to follow something as per their convenience and comfort, I really want to urge them to at least try and then decide if it would suit them or not.

So stay tuned all of this month. Is there any specific topic you would like me to cover about cloth diapering? Let me know in the comments here.


  1. manveen

    I wish I had read this post around the time my kids were in diapers.. such an eco-friendly and health-friendly way of living for babies

  2. Charu Sareen Gujjal

    This is going to be very useful post for someone like me who had no clue about cloth diapers and had to research a lot before using one. May be you can do a specific post on different types of cloth diapers and inserts. I had to google a lot to understand the different types of inserts and their usage.

  3. Jiya B

    I just love the prints of Cloth diapers. Ifact the concept of Cloth diapers is really good.

  4. Deepa

    These look like cute cloth diapers. Anytime cloth diapers are better but Difficult to manage. Thanks for the review.

  5. Preetjyot

    That’s what is the need of the time …I really feel that you are doing a great time in spreading a word around about Cloth diapers… I so wish i knew about them when i first became a mom…But none the less, I’m using it for my little muffin

  6. karuna chauhan

    I was lucky to have discovered cloth diapering early on! K is now 25 months and slowly losing her love for CD’s but great idea to share the info for new moms!

  7. Megha Gupta

    very useful post. Cloth diapers are very comfortable for kids. Just imagine how it feels when you have to use pads for those five days and it just irritates us. Imagine similar thing for your kid as well. Just for your comfort it is not good idea to make him or her uncomfortable

  8. Jessica

    The problem of diaper rash during a child’s early years is usually a common, short-term condition. However, if left unattended it could lead to considerable agony. Here are some tips to handle it.

  9. Ophira | Easy Mommy Life

    We are CDing but yes I shy away from it during travel and night time. Will look forward to your post on complete transitions.

  10. Parenthoodbliss

    Cloths diapers are better for baby, It does not cause any allergy reactions. For more, you can visit the Parenthoodbliss website.

  11. Nesta Toys

    Really helpful guideline to choose right one for litter one.

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