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Finding Nemo | #AtoZ in 100 words

School begins from Monday. Today is Saturday. We have not prepared our son for school.

Enter Finding Nemo.

Skip the parts where the Clown Fish nest is attacked and all the eggs have been destroyed, save one. Nemo’s egg.

At dinner time, we played this scene from Finding Nemo to help babyT see that the first day of school is going to be fun. Waking up early (while his daddy groans), walking (or swimming) to school. Meeting new friends, and the wise (manta ray) teacher. Jumping on anemones at play time. Exploring.

Stop. That’s enough running out of school boundaries.

100 words

This blog post is a part of #AtoZ in 100 words series where Nikita of Mrs.Writes-a-Latte and a bunch of other bloggers will write 26 posts this year on topics beginning from A to Z. A short and simple way of writing, seeking inspiration & learning from each other. And challenging – because it must all happen in 100 words. Plus a picture to go with it. ?

Read all my posts from the #AtoZ in 100 words series here.

100 Words- Week 6 with Mrs. Writes a Latte


  1. Monika Bochenek

    I love this series!
    Please do more so we don’t have to watch the long long movies…

  2. Jewels

    Are you reading these to your child instead of watching movies or is this a writing challenge for the parents?

    • mommyingbabyt

      This is a blogging challenge where we write on topics ranging from AtoZ . And the topics are all to do with our life and kid in tow. Its pretty fun actually ?

  3. Keshnie

    We skip the attack scene too….even I was a little traumatised…lol!

  4. Autumn

    I love the collaboration and inspiration of fellow bloggers working together!

  5. Autumn

    I love the collaboration and inspiration of fellow bloggers working together! Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. Sophie

    What a great way to emotionally prep your kiddo! Love it.

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