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Johnson’s ‘Best for Baby’ event: Rekindling the scent of childhood

Today everywhere I look around on social media, the message I get is Johnson’s Best for Baby. But when the team at BabyChakra got in touch asking if I would like to attend a blogger and influencer event co-sponsored by Johnson’s Baby, my first thought was No. I had not used any JB products on #babyT, several people had told me to avoid them and I used to go around telling other new parents not to do so too. When family around me was told that they would need to chip in and mind babyT while I attended the event and that it was a JB event, many eyebrows were raised, “Oh but you don’t use Johnson’s baby products on babyT! How is this relevant for you!?” Did it make sense for me to attend this then? Is Johnson’s truly Best for baby? I had to find out.

I decided to go to the event, in order to understand why Johnson’s was so keen to meet us moms and what they had to say. Half expecting that they would be launching a new product I also wanted us to experience it first. And somewhere deep down I wondered if I could ask them why they weren’t doing something about the bad reputation they seemed to have in the baby products category.

So on a Monday morning, I wore a dress and headed to the Johnson’s Best for Baby influencer and blogger meet at Hyatt Recency in Mumbai.

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Baby Chakra with Johnson’s Baby #BestforBaby – a full house

The morning started with meeting the team of Baby Chakra – India’s leading mother and baby website. The team had put in every effort to ensure that all the moms who were attending were comfortable and happy. A children’s play area was available so that children could accompany their moms at the event. I am sure the children went back thanking Johnson’s Best for Baby.

Games Moms Play

The team from Johnson’s Baby took over the stage and I was most impressed with Deepali. Her passion for the brand and prime focus on #BestforBaby really shone through.

Mommy bloggers, mom influencers, johnsons best for baby, babychakra mom influencer event, mom bloggers mumbai

Our team of mommy bloggers and influencers PC – Shubhreet of

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Baby Books – Introducing Art to babies

Once you’re a mom … something happens to your brain. The nesting syndrome transforms into the hoarding syndrome and you end up with baby clothes, baby blankets, cloth diapers, toys, baby carriers and baby BOOKS!

BabyT has close to 100 baby books by now. Two shelf fulls and two big Amazon box fulls. We mostly read just 10 of those baby books very regularly, but we still continue to buy. We are #raisingareader after all and here is how we do it.

Baby books have been a great source of bonding for both babyT and us. Whenever he is feeling bored or wants to vie for our attention he runs to fetch a book from his playroom, insists to sit on my lap and says “Booka Booka” prodding me to keep my phone aside and read to him. As for me, if babyT is edgy and cranky and overstimulated, I know reading a baby book is what gets him to calm down and soothe himself again. Win for both parties. <3

I have always been keen to introduce babyT to art and museums and the sort. I even have an art teacher in mind for him once he is a little older. 🙂 But this past week I have been jumping with joy for this precious find on Amazon. Baby books about Art!

baby books, artbooks, introducing baby to art, van gogh, money

It is a boxed set of 4 mini board books and features some of my favouritest artists – Monet and Van Gogh. But what I love and absolutely adore about these books is how beautifully they weave a story that would appeal to babies around the masterpiece artworks by these grand masters of Art.

I especially love In the Garden with Van Gogh . BabyT has taken a liking to Dancing with Degas. I guess he likes the movement, action and the rhythm in it.

If you are an art lover and want a really sweet and adorable way to introduce your littles to Art, then add these baby books to cart right now.

Mommy’s Day out – Brunching at SodaBottleOpenerWala

Mommy’s day out… such a rare phenomenon once you have a baby and add to it if you are a SAHM whose baby is so used to having you around the house that stepping out alone seems next to impossible. But leisure time for moms is so important because a happy mommy means happy baby right?

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai, parsi food mumbai

So when Ritu the founder of JAMMS (Journey about Mast Moms) network organised a mommy brunch at the newly opened Sodabottleopenerwala at Powai (#SBOWPowai) I jumped at the chance. I made arrangements to leave #babyT with his maternal grandparents and “dressed up” to go brunching with some fellow mommies from JAMMS.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai, parsi food mumbai

With Ritu founder of the JAMMS network

Sodabottleopenerwala has been open in Mumbai with their outlet in BKC and then in Thane. However both have been a bit out of bounds for me since I was pregnant and then with a small baby and so never got around to visiting them. Powai is really central for people like me who live in the western suburbs. It is also convenient for people in the central suburbs. The arrival of #SBOW in Powai is therefore a great chance for people in Mumbai suburbs to savour some lipsmacking Parsi food.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai, parsi food mumbai

Look at that burst of colour

It is also a real treat to the eyes with all the quirky and delightfully Parsi decor they have up on the walls. A colourful, feast for the eyes indeed. And some bits which will have you chuckling at the tongue-in-cheek Parsi humour.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai, parsi food mumbai

Our lunch at #SBOWPowai was curated by Chef Hemant. He had planned a wide spread of starters and maincourse and then dessert which would allow us to savour a variety of flavours and textures and experience the ones which are famous for being truly Parsi.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai, parsi food mumbai


But before I get your taste buds salivating with what we ate… I have to share this drink with you. It is called Sekan-je-Bin and I have never had such a unique beverage before. It is a drink inspired from the city of Shiraz in Iran and is a mixture of prunes and jaggery, topped with lemonade and mint leaves. It is truly refreshing and a flavour so unique. Do try this one when you visit #SBOWPowai.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Sekan-je-bin a very refreshing drink. Great for the summer. ❤

Some of my mommy friends tried the Raspberry Soda. Raspberry Soda is a very iconic feature of Parsi restaurants and my Parsi friends have grown up on the stuff. It is stuff that childhood memories are made of for them. However for many others it is an acquired taste… but where #SBOWPowai scores on this is that they have actual raspberry bits in the Soda and so the drink tastes more like heaven and less like cough syrup.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Chicken Farchas

We were then introduced to our Parsi meal with Chicken Farchas –  crispy deep fried chicken, but unlike the ususal chicken Farchas I have had before, this one was boneless and so easy to eat. It disappeared quickly. Only to make way for some baida roti (a street food made famous by Bademiyaan’s in Colaba, Mumbai , it is paratha stuffed with chicken keema and eggs) Sadly this got swiped clean before I got my hands on it, but I did get to savour the really fresh and summery Shirazi salad (broccoli, zucchini, peppers & chicken tossed in a mint sumac dressing), kolmi fry, mushroom khari and prawns patio.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Kolmi Fry

Kolmi fry was a pleasant surprise. Kolmi fry actually means fried prawns but this one was a work of art. It was shaped like a nest made of onion rings with the prawns hidden inside and then coated with batter and fried. It was something I have never seen before and I highly recommend you try this.

Mushroom khari saw the humble khari elevated to levels of gourmet cuisine – fresh, crispy and warm khari topped with mushroom mince and then sprinkled with cheese (cheese makes everything better right?) was such a delight to experience.

Another delight that arrived at our table was Breach Candy Awesome Okra. It took us a minute or so to catch the intriguing full title of this dish. And then we got so trigger happy with the way this was presented that we were almost sorry to dig into it and eat it.


sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Bohri Kheema Pav

For the main course we were served Bohri Kheema Pav which is mincemeat cooked in spices and served with warm bread. This is a pretty regular feature at our house and I can pretty much cook kheema with my eyes closed. So do take my word for it when I say the Bohri Kheema Pav I had at #SBOWPowai has me craving it so much that I am really looking forward to going back there again just for this dish. It is buttery, creamy, well spiced but still pleasantly mild. You can even choose the option of having a multigrain pav/ bread along with your Kheema.

This was only paralleled with the specially curated Persian menu by Anaida (the singer, performer) and we had the Irani Haleem. Haleem is a traditional dish of slow cooked lamb and wheat flavoured with cinnamon and fried onions. The Haleem is almost pasty but oh-so-rich in flavour and a spoonful transports you to food bliss.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Chicken Dhansak

When you are eating Parsi food can Dhansak & Berry Pulao be left far behind? Our serving assistant then brought over a tiffin carrier like the ones the dabbawallas of Mumbai carry and slowly un-ravelled the tiered boxes to reveal the ubiquitous Dhansak and browned rice. There was almost a squeal of delight at our table as most of us moms were waiting to taste the Dhansak. We were served the Chicken Dhansak – chicken cooked well in lentils and spices which is comfort Parsi food to many.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Berry Pulao

The Berry Pulao too was perfectly cooked and the rice mildly spiced but really flavourful. Did you know the Berry in this Pulao is actually an Iranian berry called Zar.

But there’s always room for dessert…

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Really soulful Apple, Pear & Plum Pie

Dessert followed next and we ordered almost everything on the menu – Parsi Dairy Kulfi, Apple Pear and Plum Pie, Lagan Nu Custard, Jeroo aunty’s Toblerone Mousse, Red Velvet Brownie. Now I have to make special mention here, I have never been a fan of the much hyped Lagan nu Custard but #SBOWPowai’s LnC leaves me with a changed opinion. I couldn’t get enough of this one and I will surely try it the next time I am there.

sodabottleopenerwala powai, mommy's day out, jamms network, brunch at powai, places to eat powai

Brunching Mommies

Overall the #SBOWPowai brunch was a much needed break from the usual routine for me and I also got to meet and spend time with the familiar names from our JAMMS WhatsApp groups. It is a pleasure meeting Ritu always and also Rashna from StitchMyFit, fellow mommy bloggers Latika from OneStopPageforReaders , Umaima from BeingaMommy, Rini from MomBloggersClubofIndia and some new faces too but one’s that we will keep in touch with I am sure. Because bonds formed over some scrumptious food are the most lasting. <3

And when you are a mom of course you wonder if you can take along your family to such a beautiful restaurant. And the answer is Yes. They are baby friendly. They can customise a meal for baby. I usually order some soft boiled vegetables for babyT and judging by the fresh and well cooked vegetables in the Shiraz salad I had, I think babyT would love it. The chicken farchas would also work well for him. So do make a family outing of it if you’re planning to go.

And lastly, I would urge you to call on the restaurant’s phone and listen to the beautiful message narrated by a Parsi bawa. It will have you smiling at the warm hearted welcome and the typical Parsi nuances and tone used. Enjoy dikri and dikras. 🙂

#Review – Linen Full Buckle Carrier by Soul

I don’t call myself a seasoned babywearer. I have found my comfort in certain types of carriers and some are a total fail (read: Wraps) for me. But that is the beauty of baby-wearing, it is capable of providing solutions for every person, to suit their needs, their babies and personal comfort, budgets and so on.  Soft structured or full buckled carriers had found their place in my heart for their quick “wearability” and ease of use. I discovered Meh Dais by way of a travelling carrier program and we had a love-hate relationship with ring slings. I was in my happy place with baby-wearing.

Then one morning, I woke up and with half opened eyes, saw a message from Soul, asking if I would like to try one of their carriers and review it. Would I?? When Soul knocks at your door (or Facebook page) you only say YES! They wanted to send me a 100% Linen Full Buckle carrier and I quickly chose the colour I wanted and the very next afternoon it was in my hands. Wow. Blown over with their promptness and speed of response.

What I knew about Soul before they approached me was that they are an Indian company founded by Chinmayie Bhat and her husband. They make various types of high quality and efficient carriers and have a loyal base of customers spread across India and the world.

Every Soul carrier is designed, developed, hand-made, checked and shipped directly from the Soul Studio in Bangalore. (Source: 

What I did not know before my tryst with Soul began by way of this review was that they have an excellent team in place which is super responsive, efficient, friendly, understanding and helpful… I shall stop here for want of more adjectives because I do need to review a carrier here. But most importantly I think my view of Soul changed forever because I got to experience how wonderful the entire team is and how the values of Soul reflects in every single member of the team and the community they have managed to build by way of their baby carriers.

My Soul Full Buckle carrier arrived in a small cardboard box. I was amazed that a carrier (and a Soul snuggly) fit in this box. But it did. That is how slim and trim the carrier is when folded up. The carrier itself came inside a cloth bag with the Soul label on it. I love such cloth bags and have used them for many things around the house including to store vegetables in the fridge. The cardboard box too has been re-purposed to store #babyT’s books and toys. I think it is truly admirable that companies go the extra mile to avoid plastic and use reusable and eco-friendly materials to package their products.

From manufacturing to packing, we strive to maintain earth-friendly practices as much as we can. We now use only cloth bags and cardboard boxes for packaging right now avoiding plastic as much as we can. (Source:

My first impressions about the 100% Linen Full Buckle carrier was that it was extremely light weight, the purple of the linen fabric had a beautiful shimmer to it, which I have never managed to capture well with my phone camera, but it is just gorgeous to see. The body panel is really, really thin and the buckles are smooth like butter. All the adjusters like the PFAs – Perfect Fit Adjustors, the back/chest strap and the waist belt, are gentle and yet sturdy.

I have used this carrier for well over three months now and it is like second skin for us. We have perfected the settings and know just where to tug and pull and fold to get the perfect fit and it all comes together in a matter of seconds. But I will admit here that when I began using the Linen Full Buckle carrier I was having some trouble getting off to a good start with it. But I learned soon enough that it was due to the legacy from the other brand full buckle carrier which I was using. Every baby carrier system has some unique features and it is only a matter of time before you find your comfort with the one you have in hand. If I can use an analogy – it is a bit like driving or riding a bike. You have the skill and have perfected it but when you are handed a new brand of bike, you need to spend a few minutes or a few rides to get a good hold of driving it. What did help me was the YouTube videos by Soul to get the perfect fit and you can view this here too.

It is a very comprehensive yet simple way to show how you can get a good fit and find comfort for yourself and baby when baby-wearing. What I did learn from this video was that it is important to “Tighten up” in order to get a snug fit which really helps baby become weightless and therefore effortless for you. <3

Getting a really snug fit helps make the baby feel weightless and baby-wearing effortless for you.

From a usage perspective I am bowled over by Soul’s 100% Linen Full Buckle carrier. It is light, breathable and perfect for Indian weather conditions. I got to use this in the unusually pleasant February in Mumbai this year to the furnacey heat of April & now May. Both #babyT and I are comfortable in it even when worn for long duration. Linen has me fully converted and I am impressed not only by how sturdy the fabric is but also how light and airy it is.

Many other baby carriers have a canvas inner to make them sturdy and that’s what make them so sweaty, clammy and generally painful to wear baby in. Our Soul Linen Full Buckle is only LINEN through and through and so you can imagine how delightfully pleasant it is. Add to this a soft waist-belt and shoulder straps which are only lightly padded means that they don’t dig in to your skin and leave sweaty patches which rub against your clothes and as a result irritate you.  In fact I must admit when I put on the carrier for the first time ever I had my doubts as to how successfully I would be able to carry a growing toddler and if they would support his weight, but turns out they did the job mighty well.

Even my husband who is a reluctant baby-wearer because of how hot and clammy baby wearing can get was impressed by how the linen body panel weaves itself around the wearer’s body and how weightless the wearee feels. I have to wage wars now in order to win my chance at baby-wearing #babyT these days as daddy insists I find my freedom and leave the baby-wearing to him. 🙂 He also finds that the natural M position of baby legs when wearing comes more naturally in a linen carrier as the back panel is so thin and moulds itself well around baby’s body.

A deep seat and the natural M position of baby’s legs

And we love back carries in our Soul Linen Full Buckle. I started back carrying #babyT just before he turned one in my other brand full buckle carrier and in that first moment I was kicking myself for starting so late. Back carries are awesome, really awesome and so wonderful for both baby and you. It gives them a new perspective to the world and is truly, 100% hands free for you  the baby-wearer.

Back carrying in our Soul Linen Full Buckle (mom hair, don’t care) 🙂

However it can be a bit difficult to back carry if you are not a seasoned baby-wearer or baby is not yet standing up and climbing on to your back. So always make sure you are on a surface which will protect baby in case of a slip or ensure you enlist the help of someone who can support baby while you get the back carry on.  Do remember that back carrying may require slightly different adjustments of the PFAs and the shoulder straps etc. This is because baby’s body is more up close to your back as opposed to your front where your breasts and tummy come in between. 🙂 Also tying the waist straps slightly higher and thus getting a higher seat for baby is more comfortable for them and you don’t have the fear of them spilling out and off (although that doesn’t really happen in a full buckle carrier) Once again tightening up will help get a snug fit and mean more comfort for both of you. But trust me on this, once you have tasted back carry you will only want to back carry.

To summarise, what I really loved about the Soul 100% Linen Full Buckle carrier is:

  1. Incredibly light and airy linen body panel
  2. Contoured body panel to give a better fit for baby
  3. Soft cushion at the thigh area for added comfort for babies
  4. PFAs can be loosened to help discreet breastfeeding when baby is in the carrier
  5. How tiny it is when folded up and so easy to carry on the go

    Fits perfectly into my hand bag

  6. The shimmer that the fabric has is truly gorgeous in person.

What I wish for: I am not a solids person. I love vibrant and floral patterns and prints. Can Linen be made in prints? Please Soul?

My ratings for Soul’s Linen Full Buckle carrier:

  • Ease of use: 5/5
    After the initial hiccups, once we understood how to get a good fit we were really quick to get up and down in the carrier.
  • Appearance: 4/5
    I love all the colours that the Linen carriers are available in but I am still campaigning for linen with prints.
  • Value for money: 4/5
    A little steep at Rs. 8550/- But this is one carrier which will last you from the time baby is 7 kgs till 18 kgs, that is well into toddlerhood. So it does seem to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Comfort: 5/5
    It is summer friendly. It is India weather friendly. That is a major win for me.

I am mighty glad that Soul chose me and my blog to review their product. It has added so much comfort and happiness in our lives by way of the Linen carrier. Also it has opened up my life to a plethora of other baby-wearing options too such as their Onbuhimo which is a new release and a beautiful carrier and also their beautiful accessories like the Soul Snuggly blanket (have you read my review of the Snuggly yet?) and their Tote bags. Above all I got introduced to a wonderful community of Soul users and fans and some of them are now close friends. This is what I love about mommying and sharing the same passion and joy for a brand which does so much more than just make a product.

** Disclaimer: I was sent the Full Buckle Carrier by Soul for an honest review. I have used the carrier extensively over a period of 3 months and shared my feedback here. **

Snuggly Wuggly Blankies: We love our #SoulSlings Snuggly

Raise your hands if you received a baby blanket as a gift from all the friends and family who came visiting. And now keep your hands raised if your little one outgrew that blanket in a few months or if it was either too hot or too cold or too ‘synthetic feeling’ for you to use. Yep my hands are raised too! #BabyT’s first year for me has been pretty much about the Eternal Search for the Perfect Blanket. Sounds like a movie title, no? Well it certainly has had all the makings of a good drama – surprise, shock, love and disappointment and some exhilaration. 🙂

Once #BabyT outgrew his muslin swaddles/ blankets, around 8 months onwards, I felt the need for a new baby blanket – one that would be perfect for day naps (no AC, warm Octobers in Mumbai) and keep him warm all night (AC on all night, baby hates anything on his body) And all of us moms and caregivers know that baby blankets go so much beyond just “blankets”. They also become play mats, nursing covers, sun shades in the car (Mumbai has a no shaded car window ruleK) and so many other avatars.

Precious Naptime

At a time like this Soul Snuggly walked into our lives. I had been eyeing the gorgeous prints and colours on the Soul website but was really unsure of how their jacquard fabric would fare in the perennially hot Mumbai weather and also mainly because I never could decide on which of the pretty designs to select and hit ‘Add to cart’ on. Soul sent me one for trial and review and I am so glad the universe conspired and brought me what I was looking for.

What’s a Soul Snuggly?

Soul Snuggly blankets are made from the same fabric that is used to make Soul’s wraps and other baby carriers. More details about the Soul Snuggly:

  • Sized at 45” * 48” – perfect for smaller babies and toddlers alike.
  • They are 100% cotton and therefore contain only all natural fibres.
  • The dyes used are baby-safe dyes
  • They are dense jacquard weave patterns which makes them delightful to look at and are strong and sturdy, yet become softer with each wash.
  • Easy to care for
  • So much choice: the Snuggly is available in 10 jacquard patterns, 6 Ikat weaves and 4 linen varieties. And more keep getting added to the stock regularly. 🙂

We chose the Maze Blues Soul Snuggly. And #babyT and our Snuggly have been inseparable since. This is a #nofilter pic.

The gorgeousness that is the Maze Blues Snuggly

After using them for over 2 months, count a sort of wintry January/ February and an already hot March, we have grown to love our Soul Snuggly. What we love about it is:

  • Just right for Mumbai winters – warm without being too sweaty, is breathable.
  • Perfect for nights when we leave the AC on all night.
  • Summer friendly – it got as high as 35* in early March and we found our Snuggly was perfectly breathable and did not discomfort #babyT
  • BabyT is a blanket “Kicker-off’er” – nothing stays on his body and he’s been that way since his newborn days. No caps, no socks, no heavy blankets, no fleece blankets for sure. But, the Soul Snuggly stays. That is a certificate in itself.
  • Gives two looks in one – Our Maze blues is prominently blue on one side and black on the other.
  • Very versatile – park mat, nursing cover, car window blinds on sunny car rides, cuddly time with books.

    ParkLife with Soul Snuggly

  • Great on #babyT’s sensitive skin. Fleece blankets which are so commonly used for babies, were a nightmare for us. It gave babyT rashes and dried his skin up a lot. We hunted far and wide for 100% cotton, but many of those blankets did not live up to the natural claim. Soul Snuggly however has been the best experience in terms of its promise of being all natural and safe.
  • Value for money: Soul Snuggly blankets are priced at Rs. 750 for the Jacquards and Rs. 950 for the newly launched Ikat and Linen baby blankets. Complete value for money considering you can use them from the newborn stage to toddlerhood (2-3 years) and even more.

What we love even more are the newly launched Summer Snugglies – they are blankets in the Ikat and Linen range of fabrics that Soul has. I got mine free during the offer they had on purchase of the Onbuhimo carrier. And they have become our go to blankets for day naps. They are also great for post bath wraps when #babyT steps out (or sprints out) of the bathroom. They dry so fast that I can reuse them as his blanket in the time he dresses up, feeds and slips into slumber land post his bath routine.

Soul Snuggly – Ikat Eclipse

Although I’ve had my Ikat Snuggly only for a week and so not had many opportunities to use it, but this range could easily be used for a stroller cover, crib sheet, swaddle. They would also make great gifts for baby showers and newborns.

If there is one recommendation I could make about the Soul Snuggly is that if it could be slightly bigger. I have a roller baby and at times he tends to roll out of the blanket. I could always get the Soul Shawls which are the same beautiful fabric and designs in a 80” * 40” size, but that would be an adult size (read: Me) and I don’t intend to share. J

Have you used the Soul Snuggly blanket for your wee ones? Tell me what did you love about it and what has been your favourite design?

#Review – Superbags: Wetbags by Superbottoms

If you have remotely heard of Cloth Diapering you may have also heard the word “wet bag” being thrown about casually in conversations about wash routines and diapering accessories. Essentially, a  wet bag is a bag that holds wet stuff. TaDa! No surprises there. It is in fact a reusable, waterproof and leak resistant bag which holds in odours and of course prevents liquids from escaping. But did you know that a wet bag can be used for many purposes other than just cloth diapering. This makes it an investment that is quite worth it and very handy around the house. Especially a house that has a child.

Firstly let me give you some insight into why a wetbag is so important in a cloth diaperer’s journey. Wet bags are essentially made of PUL/ TPU and so are reusable (yayy for planet Earth) They are also waterproof and leak resistant (yayy for all who cloth diaper) Wet bags allow you to continue cloth diapering even when you are out of home. This without having to stinking up and flooding your diaper bag with baby bodily outputs. And you do not need to use plastic bags. At all! Yes you heard right.

Come to think of it, thanks to wet bags I don’t even lug around a diaper bag anymore. My handbag (yes, I am a new mom who still uses her handbag. Hurray) and a couple of wet bags are all that join us for trips outside the house – small or extended. Superbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

So how it works is that I fill a clean wet bag with a couple of fresh diapers, a change of clothes for babyT, cloth wipes and a spare wet bag . This then goes into my handbag. When we change diapers outside, I put the soiled diaper inside the spare wet bag, zip it all up and hang this  from the straps of my handbag or baby stroller. And, all done! I come back home and toss the contents of the wet bag into the washing machine, along with the bag itself and then hang them out to dry, only to be reused. Did you see how many plastic bags I saved there?

With time I have discovered so many innovative and great uses for the wet bag that I am convinced that every person (parent with a child in diapers or not) should own a wet bag or two. :)) So here’s a list of all the times I have used a wet bag:

  1. Storing soiled diapers, wipes and soiled clothes until laundry time at home – this is what the wet bag is meant for. I hang the wet bag from a rod in the wash room. I zip it up when full and store it until laundry time.

    Superbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

    Superbag by Superbottoms in Baba black sheep design

  2. Gym/ swim bag for daddy – This is so great for swim time. Not a drop leaks and it holds in at least 2 swimsuits and wet towels.
  3. Store my baby carrier – such pretty covers to match the carrier or my outfit.

    Superbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

    Superbag in Purple Love design

  4. Keys, phone and some money while out for walkies Superbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  5. Baby food accessories: food mat, cutlery etc. for when we are eating outSuperbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  6. BabyT’s flash cardsSuperbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  7. Books/toys for when we are out for brunch or dinnerSuperbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  8. Cosmetics & toiletries while travelling – the amount of times I’ve had ugly messes because of leaking shampoo & moisturizer bottles is scary. No more however. 🙂
  9. Car trash bag –  How do babies manage to generate so much trash? especially in cars. Banana skin, candy wrapping, paper tissues. The list is endless.
  10. My delicates while packing for small trips (I cannot believe I called my nursing bras ‘delicates’)
  11. My sarees and other silks when we went to a weddingSuperbottoms wet bags, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom
  12. Daddy’s laundry from his office tours
  13. Frozen food from the supermarket –  This one is my favourite and it surprises many people who hear it. In Mumbai’s perpetually hot and humid weather, all frozen food packs become a sweaty mess. I hate when this wets everything else in my shopping tote bags (which are fabric) Wet bags work well to store frozen foods in.
  14. Packed lunch boxes back from granny’s place (slurp) – going to your mom’s house and coming back empty handed is not a thing. Ever! 🙂
  15. Kitchen wet rag storage –  Similar to how I use it for soiled cloth diapers. I store kitchen rags in a wet bag and then toss them into the washing machine once accumulated.
  16. Papers and official documents –  have you ever travelled in public transport in Mumbai in the monsoon? You are bound to get soaked. And so too will everything on your person. Wet bags it is then.
  17. Mobile phone/ Pad during the monsoon when we go out without the car

However it is a shame how so many wet bags fail miserably when it comes to performing the basic things that they are meant to do. After investing in various wetbags, I have found my perfect wetbag and these are the #superbags by Superbottoms. I love them so so much, that before reviewing any other cloth diaper type or brand on my blog, I have chosen to review a diapering accessory. 🙂

Superbottoms wet bags, wet bag, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

Why I love Superbags by Superbottoms?

#Superbags by Superbottoms are 40 x 30 inches in size. It has two zippered compartments and is double PUL lined. This makes them totally bullet proof: they will never leak and will never allow moisture to enter (unless you go deep sea diving with it) The PUL is super soft, making the #superbags so cushy and soft.

The bag has two loops at the top with snap buttons which can be used to unsnap and hang them onto rods or other spaces. I hang them from behind the car’s front seat head rest or my handbag. Unlike many other #wetbags which come with only one loop to hang by, I find the two loops is better at holding the weight of wet diapers or other stuff when hung.

Superbottoms wet bag, wet bags, wetbags, diaper bag, whats in your diaper bag, cloth diaper bag, cloth diapering, cloth diapers india, new mom, mumbai mom

#Superbags are also spacious. I once packed up to 10 fresh diapers (all-in-one types which are a little plump). At another time, I packed in around 8 soiled diapers, along with inserts, a prefold, a dozen plus wipes and a couple of food stained shirts. I left this bag full of soiled stuff overnight and was over the moon to see that not a drop had leaked outside. It wasn’t even damp to the touch. Stinks were all held in too. Any object which can do its job well, is a success in my eyes. I’ve tried a fair number of brands when it comes to wetbags and only #superbags win this contest, hands down.

A big plus is also that the #Superbags come in vibrant, quirky, desi designs specially commissioned by Superbottoms. You can have a look at their #superbags here. At Rs 499 for a single #superbag it is real value for money. A value pack of two costs Rs. 900. Heck, I’d pay much more for a wet bag that does its job so well! 😍

Happy cloth diapering! 🌱

All the diapers and wetbags featured in this post have been purchased by me. This is not a paid review. All the opinions and pictures shared are my own. 

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