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Date: September 27, 2017

A year with baby

BabyT is fast approaching two. I have seriously no idea how the time flew and now it is almost time for us to get him prepared for big people stuff like not peeing in diapers and going to a place outside of home i.e school. However the prompt for today’s blog post on the first year of baby for the 9 Days of Womanhood writing challenge took me back to those days where he had just arrived in our lives and we were still learning the basic roles of nurturing a baby. I thank Harneet Khurana for setting the stage for me. I loved her blog Sublime Messages on the prompt for today. And don’t forget to visit  PrettyMumma Says to see  Surbhi Mahobia’s perspective on her first year with baby.



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The first year was all about learning for us… of course parenting is always a learning process and an evolution. I think I still teach my parents a thing or two. (wink) But in the first year, we were totally clueless about every tiny thing. Right from how to feed the baby to change his diaper to burping him to cooking for him to reading to him or playing with him. Every new developmental spurt that came along for babyT seemed to challenge us too to learn new skills to appease his newly acquired abilities.

Being a stay at home parent, I got to experience babyT’s growing up minutely and gradually. I witnessed him take his first crawl, standing up and cruising and walking. I heard his first cry, his gurgle and his word (Daddah, of course.) He went from being a wrinkly, baby acne covered baby to a chubby-cheeked lil ball of fluff. I saw his first grasp, his first spoon to mouth and first sip from a straw. I may have forgotten to take many of these pics or they have been blurred, but they have been etched into my mind’s eye forever.

I think I also spent quite a lot of time from babyT’s first year Brexting.

Brexting (noun/informal) for texting or browsing the internet, while breastfeeding.

Nursing sessions would run so long sometimes that I would need to do something other than just breastfeed. That definitely did not mean I loved my boy any less or that I neglected him. However I did spend a lot of time on the internet reading up about all things baby – cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding and baby led weaning (I must remember to do a post on this soon.) And it honestly made me feel more confident of my role as a mother especially when I returned to my marital home from my mom’s and had no one else around at home to help me with taking care of babyT. So whoever shamed brexting moms, go take a walk.

The first year has also been challenging. I had shelved many of my dreams, aspirations and passions. Back then I felt life as I knew it, was over. I had had visions of the future of me an old woman who had long forgotten herself and how life was plain simple boring. Oh, but those days of shelving plans and dreams were short-lived. Because once we crossed the one-year mark, life changed and how? That has been an interesting journey too and I shall come back to share it some day soon.

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Event alert: Junior’s Fashion Week comes to Mumbai

Years ago when I was working for a leading organization in the fashion retail segment, I was surrounded by designers, merchandisers and production experts. I loved my job because I was forever in the midst of fashionable clothes and discussions about clothes, seasons, colours, cuts, trims and samples. And most of all it was uber cute because it was all about kids fashion. I had mentally made notes then that when I had my child I would deck him up in adorable outfits and especially denim because it looks so good on babies, don’t you agree? BabyT already owns 6 pairs of shoes, a noteworthy denim collection with jeans in different shades, a t-shirt to match every cloth diaper he owns and has already taken over daddy’s wardrobe space.

As fate would have it, I now have a fashion event to go to this weekend so that I can marvel at the fabulous collection of clothes & accessories which are available to moms and babies today. This weekend sees the grand Junior’s Fashion Week come to Mumbai at Grand Hyatt on 30th September and 1st October and I am a part of the Mom blogger crew for #JFWMumbai. I get to experience all the action as it happens live and behind the scenes. And I promise to bring it all to you right in the comfort of your mobile screens.

But first a little bit about #JuniorsFashionWeek.

Junior’s Fashion Week is a children’s’ fashion runway event which showcases children’s apparel, footwear, accessories and décor and related services. Focusing on children aged between 4 to 15 years, the event captures the very essence of the children’s’ fashion & lifestyle industry. Lots of fun, laughter and cuteness are part of the package too. 🙂

This event focuses on the Autumn Winter collection. 15 handpicked brands will flaunt their collections, products and services to potential customers or industry partners. What I found really exciting was that among all the international and established brands, #JFW will have a special slot dedicated to Organic, Khadi and Handicraft and if you have been reading my blog regularly enough you would know my love for all things natural and organic and environmentally friendly. 🙂

What I also love about #JuniorsFashionWeek is that it will showcase some of my favourite brands which also house a kids collection:

Marks & Spencers, London, Allen Solly Junior, U.S. Polo Assn.

Fashion for kids works so differently than adult fashion. We might be able to wear something that ranks high on the style quotient but maybe a little low on the comfort levels. However, when it comes to children, comfort and style have to go hand-in- hand. That’s one of the reason I’m really keen to see the latest Autumn Winter collections by Allen Solly Junior, U.S. Polo Assn. Kids and Marks & Spencer, London. These 3 brands are known for their style, comfort and quality. Stay tuned in to my Facebook and Instagram to view their fabulous clothes and the amazing kids who will be showcasing them.

Give your kids wings to soar


Does your child love to flaunt their outfits, pose in front of the camera & maybe even pout (I know many who do)? Then register them to be a junior model with Junior’s Fashion Week. JFW provides a portfolio of services to its junior clients that include pre-event workshops, professional photo shoots, mentoring and grooming by celebrated fashion gurus and the opportunity to walk the ramp for reputed brands. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. So what are you waiting for? You can sign up them up here – Register your junior.

For more information and to join in on the countdown to #JuniorsFashionWeek go to their website here and also follow them on Instagram & Facebook. All the live action from the events will be featured here.


I am a part of the “official” blogger crew for #JFWMumbai and I along with my mom blogger partners will be sharing updates, snapshots and celeb spotting moments directly from the event. 😉 I do hope you are following my blog MommyingbabyT on Facebook and Instagram.

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