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Pre-conception, pregnancy, motherhood and then parenting! Women go through so much in these phases. The one pain point that women have at the end of all these episodes is “Mom-Hair” Mom-hair isn’t pleasant. It isn’t pretty to look at (most of the times anyway.) Mom-hair isn’t easy to be charmed back to life. It is certainly the mother’s crown because mom-hair gets stuff done. But ask any new mom if she is happy with her mom-hair crown and she will weep buckets of tears.

You see, those same hormones that made mommy-to-be’s hair shinier, glossier and denser than the best shampoo commercial ever could wreak havoc once the baby is out. Most often around the 4 to 6 months mark after delivery is when women start losing much of the lustre and even, chunks of hair. I know I would merely run a finger through my mane to scratch an itch and clumps of hair would fall out. It did send me googling for what was happening to me and I came back cursing God, life and my fate.

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It was only when I decided to seek solace in the company of other new moms that I realised that this was a perfectly normal phenomenon. Most new moms underwent this. The answer lay in the hormones and their impact on our appearance. The solutions were manifold though.

Chop off your mom-hair

The most common solution to mom-hair was to chop it all off. That explained to me why most new mothers I knew (before I ever got pregnant) seemed to have short bobs which required no maintenance but a wash once in a while. Or a blue moon. My personal best for no hair-wash days in 2 weeks. What’s yours?

But hair styling experts today say, there couldn’t be anything more harmful than chopping it all off. Instead, they suggest that the new mom wait it out for a while, especially in the early months of having a baby. Hair and the body go through so many changes and there’s no guarantee a drastic haircut won’t look worse off a few weeks in. But still, if she still wants to get one,¬† they suggest the tired, sleep deprived mom get a huge boost of self-love by getting a hairstyle she can really flaunt.

Oils & potions

Google post-partum hair loss home remedies and you actually have a choice of reading up about 12 million pages. Good luck with that!

From magical combinations of oils to hair stimulating foods women want to try it all. No harm in that of course. But they must be careful that these don’t cause any imbalances in their breast milk supply and quality. Certain herbs seem to have an impact on breast milk supply. I am not sure if this is empirically proven but amidst new mommy concerns, it’s better to be cautious about these things.

Certain oils & hair care products do promise to enrich hair growth. However, it is important to remember that these remedies are not miracle cures. They need a positive environment – both internally and externally to work.

Shop for beautiful hair

Doesn’t that sound like the easy and best way out?

A happy solution for hair issues when mom-hair is at its worst is of course wigs. Wigs have come a long way and today give you stylish hair do’s and look real at the same time. They are tested for safety and thus make great choices for new mothers too.

Kanekalon hair braids are a revolutionary concept which helps women do away with the stress of hair issues. They are created to suit a range o f hair types and styles making them a great choice for the women of today.

Do you remember your postpartum hair loss days? What remedies worked for you? Did you find a hairstyle that suited your changing hair health?

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