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The Best Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hurray HallMark you succeeded in winning one more customer. Since a baby has arrived in our lives, we now celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Which is very welcome of course. I am not even getting into the debate of why just one day to celebrate moms or dads here. But let’s just go with it and get daddy a gift this Sunday. If you are like me and don’t even know what day of the week it is. Or worse that we are already in the month of June. Wait, you did realize we are in 2017 right? Oh gosh! Not to fret. Here are the best last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

Father's Day gift ideas for the last minute mom. #giftsfordad #fathersdaygifts #lastminuteideasforfathersday #fatherandson

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And if none of these gifts will impress your dad this father’s day, you may want to think outside the box a bit more. Have you ever thought about a home camera system as a gift before? If not, why not? You can make your dad’s home more secure, and allow him to monitor the activity of any pets that are in the house. If this interests you, you might want to check out some home security cameras reviews to help you get started.

Diy never fails

Get Artsy – Get yourself some DIY. Grab some paper or ready mounted canvas boards. I had some lying around the house. Make this mmess-freepainting in no time. If you already have the materials available at home, this is ready in one day. If you don’t have the stuff handy, you can get these at your local stationary shop.

Father's Day gift ideas for the last minute mom. #giftsfordad #fathersdaygifts #lastminuteideasforfathersday #fatherandson art by babies, no mess painting, baby art, baby activities, play and learn

Art by BabyT for Daddy

We did this with zero planning and just put everything together. It was done in less than 10 minutes and took about half a day to dry. The tough task is hiding it from daddy (He usually checks my blog on Sundays and by that time he will have this gift with him. So we’re safe). We actually made the frame as a memoir for babyT’s 18 month birthday. But we will be presenting it to dad instead as babyT’s first art piece.
Look up Father’s Day ideas on Pinterest. You will be spoilt for choice and lost for hours before you realise that the Best Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas are actually easy peasy arty crafty. 🙂

Everyone loves photos

This is by far the easiest of the lot. Find some cute pics of daddy and baby. Get them printed and framed at your local shop. It makes a great gift for daddy’s work desk in the office. Or if you want to save the effort of going to the local photo studio, then try the photo print services provided by online companies like Zoomin

Father's Day gift ideas for the last minute mom. #giftsfordad #fathersdaygifts #lastminuteideasforfathersday #fatherandson photo mug, fathers day, fathers day mumbai, best last minute Fathers Day Gift ideas

1st Father’s Day gift from BabyT – a mug with a photo of the two

They even have specials for Father’s Day where you can print photo books, photos printed on canvas, mugs, metals, magnets etc.

Father's Day gift ideas for the last minute mom. #giftsfordad #fathersdaygifts #lastminuteideasforfathersday #fatherandson Best Last minute Fathers Day gift ideas, fathers day, fathers Day Mumbai,

Photo Fridge Magnets

We got this photo magnet as a goody bag filler for babyT’s first birthday celebrations. It has turned out so well. Is easy to make with the templates provided online. And it got delivered in a jiffy.

Dads love some pamper time too

Give dad a complete day of pampering. Hey Sunday’s are days for Daddy rest anyway. But let’s make it special. Cook up their favourite Sunday breakfast. Send them off for a long hot bath with their favourite bath products. My husband loves herbal and artisan soaps.

Father's Day gift ideas for the last minute mom. #giftsfordad #fathersdaygifts #lastminuteideasforfathersday #fatherandson

So a soap and other toiletries from Kama Ayurveda has always been a good idea for him. Kama Ayurveda has an online store too. This really is the Best Last Minute Father’s Day Gift idea after all

Take a break

Book a Staycation – I love the concept of Staycations. You can just take off anytime you like. It doesn’t need elaborate planning, packing or shutting the house down. And you get to really relax, enjoy time together as a family. We staycationed for our babymoon and then for babyT’s first birthday.

Father's Day gift ideas for the last minute mom. #giftsfordad #fathersdaygifts #lastminuteideasforfathersday #fatherandson Fathers Day 2017, Best Last minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

For BabyT’s first birthday we booked a quaint little boutique hotel in the idyllic lanes of Colaba (near the Gateway of India) and took along 15 of our close family members. It was a surprise for all of them and a real big gift as we were staying in SoBo and near all the action of good restaurants, pubs and street shopping. This is the hotel we stayed at: The Gordon House Hotel. The rooms were tastefully done up. We just never wanted to come back.

And ever since that staycation, I have recommended it to all who ask about it. Do look up boutique hotels in your city and staycation there. It’d be a wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day with daddy dearest. All you have to do is look up the hotel and send in a booking.

It also be worth considering gifts from GiftTree, they have some really great gifts for fathers. If you’re interested to find more click here now.

What is the babyT household up to on Father’s Day? Well, you will just have to wait until Father’s Day to find out, won’t you? You may find some clues on my Instagram feed: MommyingBabyT So stay tuned!


  1. Wow.. first s my favourite..looks so cute

  2. I love the painting idea… I have done those a lot but never thought of it as a gift. This father’s day let’s do that as well. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Sooo cute! So I had also tried cling wrap painting with Karma when she was around 9 months old and we have saved the canvas. Still have not loaded it on the wall though. But what a great idea as a Fathers day gift! Totally love the staycation idea too… Don’t know about the father, but this mother could use one… haha!

  4. Saw this post just in time. I’m selecting a few pictures for sure.

  5. My daughter is just turning 2 in few months… Can’t wait for her to make cute lil cards for her “Daddy Cool”. I’ve gifted him a personalized mug for last Christmas! 🙂

  6. Lovely ideas! Knowing my husband, he will probably love a staycation the best, but he is a chai lover, so a big mug is always welcome 🙂

  7. Wow. How lovely. You have put together some very innovative ideas. Loved it

  8. Great ideas! We did a custom mug last year and we have breakfast + handprints lined up this year 🙂

  9. Such a lovely captures especially the expression of little one. Lovely read.

  10. ‘Staycation!!’ I’ve never heard of that!! such a lovely way to chill and enjoy the celebrations.

  11. Look at that gorgeous smile, Baby T is so adorable. I love the first DIY and looks like me and my munchkin has finalized our gift for this father’s day 😀

  12. Lovely ideas . I always look forward to staycation. I Loved the mug.

  13. Nice ideas 🙂 I along with my son are making a card for Papa. Hope he would like that.

  14. Love love all the ideas. And I have been wanting to do a stayacation which sounds so awesome

    • mommyingbabyt

      June 16, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      You must. It is so much fun and relaxing. Not just for daddy. Make sure the hotel has a spa for mommy. ?

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