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Review: Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal – Write

When a fellow mommy in our Mom Blogger Chatter group told us about the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal review contest I was intrigued. What a lovely way to market a product? But that was not all there was to it. The journals themselves were breathtakingly beautiful. I was truly spoiled for choice to select one, but finally settled on the Write series. The deep red colour with the golden polka dots and the feather plume on the cover page felt like the right choice for me and my new avatar as a blogger.

So I signed up for the contest. And we mom bloggers made a blog train out of this review contest. I am following in the footsteps of my fellow mom blogger friend Swati Verma Do read her review of the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal on her blog. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for some lovely insights into her life. I know she’s been trying very hard to grow her account following so please show her some love! I must admit that I am trying to do exactly the same but I may enlist the support of!

The Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal is available in four types:
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4 choices of Matrikas Woman’s Journal to choose from

  • Blue – Fish – Glide
  • Red – Plume (Feather) – Write
  • Grey – Dragonfly – Fly
  • Hot Pink – Butterfly – Dream

I chose the Red Journal – the Feather Plume for Write. I wanted a planner which would help me keep up with the growing demands of my role as a blogger. As I mentioned earlier too, I was really drawn to the deep red & gold designs on the cover page too.

I signed up on the Matrika’s Paper Products Facebook page for the Scribble Your Heart Away review contest. The journal arrived promptly in a few days. There was also a personalized letter by Team Matrika’s which thanked us for choosing them and explaining the way ahead with the contest.

The Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal is a fun to use journal for a woman who uses the diary to write her dreams and escape to a different place, says the welcome note inside the journal.

The journal itself is easy to use and has an uncomplicated format. It has a set of ruled sheets which are undated which makes it a charm to use a page for any day. Sometimes I don’t get time to plan each day, or there are not enough items on my to-do list.

Undated day pages, means I can start off my day plan/ writing from any day

Having an undated page format is lovely because I can start off from any day. This also saves paper. How #ecofriendly is that? Also you can really set soar on your creative journey. I used the ruled sheets to plan my blog posts. Here is a post I am planning about teaching colours to my little boy.

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Blog post planning in a creative way

Trust me when I say this. I am not a very creative person when it comes to actual drawing, colouring etc. But Matrikas Creative Woman’s Journal has really inspired to do something like this.

When I received the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal, I was so impressed by its design and pages concept (as you will see shortly) that I went and bought a lot of stationery. Coloured pencils, stickers, colourful post-it notes and gel pens. Together they really brought out the creative genius in me and here is my visual representation of the same. My blog posts are no longer just in my head. I have a reference point and it makes work so much quicker.

Adult colouring, matrika's creative woman's journal, matrikas, mom planner, I am a mom planner, planner folk, mommy planner, therapy, art therapy

Adult colouring page – so therapeutic at the end of each day.

After each section of ruled paper sheets, it has a beautiful adult colouring page. I indulge in this every night, after #babyT has slept. It is a big stress buster for me.

This particular colouring page was my favourite. I would colour the leaves as per the mood of the day – joyful green, happy red, upset orange or just feeling low blue. I am happy there were so many joyful greens here.




The adult colouring sheets are then followed by plain doodle sheets. I used these sheets to list down some important areas which I need to work on but which have been pending for long. I also used this page for a Today I am grateful for section.

Being a mother has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The joy and love I receive everyday is unparalleled. However there are also trying times. I am not ashamed to say that there are days when I feel I have failed at being a good mother. There are days when I feel guilty for reacting in a particular manner with people around me. I also feel like motherhood was not meant for me, I am doing such a bad job of it. But I also know that I am doing a fairly ok job of raising a good, happy, healthy and content child. I had no prior experience but this is a job which I am learning on the go. And rocking at it too. I juggle so many roles and responsibilities and I still stand tall at the end of the day.

But this is something which I need constant reminders of. I also need to be thankful for all the love, support and encouragement I receive from my family and my friends. This is why I started the Today I am grateful for section. I look back often at this page and feel reassured that All is Well.

Stickers, Adult colouring, matrika's creative woman's journal, matrika's, mom planner, I am a mom planner, planner folk, mommy planner, therapy, art therapy, doodle

Stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers?

My task for starting this section was made easier by the special feature in the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal – namely the stickers section. Yes, you heard right? The journal has a separate section with 4 pages of thought provoking and inspiring stickers. You can stick these on the regular ruled sheets or on the doodle section to give a kick start to your thoughts and plans.

The last few pages of the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal are list pages. Here you can list the books you want to read, the places you want to visit or simply important phone numbers and addresses. Isn’t it wonderful that the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal is really a one-stop place for all that you need in a mom journal?

Matrika's Creative Woman's Journal, Matrika's, Matrikas Stationery, mom planner, I am a mom planner, blogger visiting cards, Mumbai blogger

Sleeve to store small notes or cards

There are also some add on features in the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal like this sleeve to store small stationary or notes. I use this section to store my visiting cards. How do you like my cards? Bright and colourful just like my Instagram feed. Follow me here: MommyingbabyT

As with all my reviews, what I loved about the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal is:

  • Bright and eye catching cover
  • Page concepts – ruled undated, the colouring sheets and the stickers really impressed me
  • Quality of materials and paper used – the cover is special fabric bound. The inner pages are also thick.
  • Place to store my visiting cards is really handy
  • It is available at a great price of Rs. 450

What I felt could be better? Nothing really. I loved how the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal gives me structure by way of the ruled sheets and the list sheets at the end. I equally loved how it gives me freedom to take wings and soar with creativity with the blank doodle sheets and the colouring pages. It is perfect for a mom. I have tried to plan my life on paper, many times before. However I lose steam soon enough. But when you have a beautiful and inspiring journal like the Matrika’s Creative Woman’s Journal all you want to do is plan, write, dream and soar.

I am now handing over the baton to my fellow Mommy Blogger, Vasantha Vivek. Do watch out for her review on her blog And follow her on her Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

<< This review is a part of the Matrika's Stationery Blogger Outreach Program and contest. The journal was sent to me for a review. I have used the journal over the course of several weeks. All the viewpoints mentioned in the review are based on my experience.
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  1. Charu

    Awesome review. This all-purpose journal has become my favourite as well ?

  2. Anchal

    That’s an amazing review. You’re a creative mama ??

  3. zainab

    I think I need to have one ASAP!!!! Love it!

  4. Vasantha Vivek

    Excellent and honest review. Such a lovely and creative journal it was. Thanks for joining our blog chain of Matrikas Creative Women Journal.

  5. Afsha Galar

    Such pretty cover designs!! It’s an all in one journal !!

  6. Menaka Bharathi

    Now this looks really lovely..Loved the use of colours

  7. Manisha Garg

    Love the colored pic ,… so relaxing.

    • mommyingbabyt

      It is. After a long hard day and after babyT has turned in, i sit to colour. Very therapeutically

  8. Abba lanong

    Lovely,how can I order it?

    • mommyingbabyt

      From the Amazon affiliate link in my post. ??

  9. Aesha Shah

    I love the pink one.

  10. Kavita Singh

    I loved writing journal, back in my college days. Looking at this beautiful journal, I so want to start it again. Beautifully written review. Thank you for sharing this.

    • mommyingbabyt

      it really does inspire. 🙂

  11. priyadarshani Panda

    looks like you are all sorted and love your entries…I am loving this journal…going to grab it for sure

  12. Pranita

    Wow! Looks like an all purpose journal? I love their dragonfly design❤

  13. Jasmeet

    I am in love with the journal and I am in live with how you are using it

    • mommyingbabyt

      Thank you Jasmeet ♥

  14. Sonali

    I would like to grab one for myself…

    • mommyingbabyt

      They are amazing. Pls do. I was inspired to plan and write

  15. Gaurav

    Thanks for the review. I have bought a few for giving us gifts

  16. Anubhuti Seth

    This journal’s cover gave a royal look …and with colours you have made it look so pretty from inside too…great going mumma!!

    • mommyingbabyt

      True. It does look royal. I was afraid to write in it for a few days. Didn’t want to spoil the pristineness ?

  17. Sharing Our Experiences

    These journals look so amazing dear. Am planning to buy one soon 🙂 .. Thanks for sharing about them

  18. Prisha Lalwani

    The Journal is “oh-my-god” pretty!! I absolutely love the blue fish one. By the way, i couldnt help but notice your visiting cards. They are soo colourful and pretty!!

    • mommyingbabyt

      Thank you Prisha. I did want something colourful. ?

  19. Geethica Mehra

    Adult colouring page is the new way to De stress yourself. And the stickers page is awesome.

  20. Tamber

    We definitely need more smart people like you around.

  21. Lynda

    Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!

  22. Lyddy

    Created the greatest article, you have.

  23. Udita Saklani

    I love journals, diaries and pens so much, that soemtimes I don’t wish to write my blogs on the laptop.

  24. SoulMom

    Such pretty journals. How I want to hang on to this art of writing in the digital age.

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