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A Laque’y experience – Nail Fashion

Have you ever seen videos of nails being shaped & polished & painted? More than makeup or apparel fashion, I love nail fashion. One of the first visual treats I enjoyed when I joined Instagram was poring over accounts which showcased Nail fashion & art. There’s something very therapeutic about watching nails being coloured and painted. Somewhere I harboured a secret wishlist to get my own nails fashioned.

When Laque Nail and Lash Lounge in Mumbai invited my friend Raising Karma & I, for a free trial session I was excited to go. However, I did have my apprehensions because I had never got nail extensions done and I had a toddler around the house to be looked after. When I shared this concern with the team at Laque, they assured me that nail extensions feel very natural and do not hinder the normal course of the day where we are needed to be hands-on moms.

An invitation

Laque Nail & Lash Lounge delighted my friend Shubhreet & I by opening up on a Sunday just to accommodate our time away from our toddlers.  It also happened to be Friendship Day and we thought this was a perfect day to enjoy some foot and nail pampering.

We arrived at the salon and had our breath taken away by the aesthetically done interiors of the lounge. The grey, gold & white decor spoke of simplicity and the myriad colours of nail polishes added to the beauty of the subtle & minimally done interiors.

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We started with a pedicure before we were ushered to the nail desk.

The process of getting nail extensions

The whole process included firstly cleaning, cutting, filing & polishing the nails. The top layer of the nail is also filed and then an acrylic nail extension is applied on top with acrylic powder & liquid. The acrylic nails are quite long and you can ask for them to be cut to a size you like and a shape you prefer. Once the nails are stuck on the extension is also filed & given shape.

Then follows the gel nail polish and drying under UV light. This is where you can choose the colours and designs.  I chose a pretty pink and stencil stamping on 2 nails.

The nail styling is supposed to stay good as just done for about 3 weeks. After this period you may need a touch-up. But anything that lasts on nails that long I think is truly value for money. This is one big reason why I would surely get this service done again and more often in life. For us moms, not having to worry about nail paint getting chipped and worn in less than a week is something really incredible.

Why I recommend nail extensions and styling to you:

  1. If you are someone who has to have painted nails but cannot devote time to regular care in the form of changing polishes when the paint chips then you can enjoy as much as 3 weeks (or more) of worry-free nails

  2. If you have flat or weak and dull nails or a habit of chewing your nails, then nail extensions can add so much beauty to your nails and hands

  3. Professionally done nails and thus hands do look make you also look and feel professional. Good for all those corporate meetings or blogger events

  4. It is a myth that nail extensions look witchy & are long and scary. You have complete freedom to choose a length and shape which you personally like. You don’t even have to go for very bright or flashy colours or designs. It is even possible to get something simple. Like the beautifully elegant French manicure as my friend Shubhreet did. Have a read of her post here on her blog Raising Karma. Another dear friend from our sisterhood of bloggers, Ankita also had a positive experience with Laque Nail & Lash Lounge and you can read her account here on her blog – Lifestyle Pro Blog.

Is there a flip side?

  1. Money – At the onset, it may seem like nail extensions are expensive. If you consider that you will have nails looking just like they did when you got them done. And that too for at least 3 weeks. Isn’t that total value for money?

  2. Time – The whole process can be a bit time-consuming. So do plan that you will be in the salon for at least 2 to 3 hours.

  3. Care – You don’t really need any extra care on the nails. But yes you should be careful about opening lids on boxes or cans with your nails. Also, avoid putting the treated nails into strong colours like haldi or hair colour or paint. The nail paint especially if it is a lighter shade may get discoloured.

After my experience, I cannot wait to make gel nail polishes and extensions a way of life. I already have big plans for my birthday month where I plan to indulge and get something ready for the party. It will be a milestone birthday after all.

Laque Nail & Lash Longe invited us for a complementary service session in exchange for a genuine review & shoutouts on social media. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.


  1. Ankita

    Very well written and detailed blog! Thank you for linking back ?

  2. Niki at Toot's Mom is Tired

    Those are super cute! I love having my nails done. Even if I do them myself. I don’t care about actual fashion, hair, or makeup. Just nails. And you’re right. Those nail videos on Instagram are mesmerizing.

  3. Sonam

    I dunno how you maintain it! I have tiny nails LOL

  4. Pri

    A great review and virtual guide for those who want to go for nail extensions/styling.
    You really nailed it! ?

  5. Priyanka

    Its looks so lovely.. But i really dont have the patience to do this kind of nail care.. Nice post.. #MyFriendAlexa #FlavorsofworldRead

  6. Varsha

    What a beautiful experience. Nail Pampering is the best way to get out of any stress :p I have not yet done gel nails or nail extensions your post was super informative.
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

  7. Ishita Hurkat

    I tried gel nail paint once, and my nails had a yellow tinge for days afterwards. So I’m a bit sceptical about nail extensions. However, I love a good mani-pedi & this sounds like a nice place to get it done.

  8. writenlive

    Getting your nails done in a salon is a great experience. No more chipped nail paint must be wonderful.

  9. Jheelam

    Your nails are looking absolutely gorgeous. I love my nails done as well (more than facial or any other beauty treatment). To me, it’s totally worth the money. Good write-up.

  10. vidhya thakkar

    This is wow! a detailed and crisp article. #Viddhreads #Myfriendalexa

  11. zannat

    It’s really amazing to know details about nail growing. I will definitely try those process. I have always a weak and flat nails. I think, try to fulfill our secret desire about fashion is a token of fashion mind. To know more about fashion we can see also

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