I just got back from the supermarket this evening and on the way back I saw at least some school buses entering our building compound. It was almost 7 pm. Kids trooped out of the buses, bearing a heavy school bag on their backs. They had a sullen look on their face.

This got me thinking about school and what I wanted for babyT. As any other parent would, we too want our son to study in a top-notch school and get a good education – academics as well as extracurricular activities. But there was a dearth of such schools in the suburb we lived in. He would have to travel by school bus.

In a metro city like Bombay, this is a common sight, yellow school buses stuck in traffic on the highway along with trucks, buses and endless cars all running the same race in peak hour traffic. Being exposed to pollution and getting tired when they actually could have spent that travel time playing, reading or even just bonding with their parents.

A famous school from Delhi called the Shri Ram school is trying to change this. And in Mumbai!
To read more about this school and what it offers to us Mumbaikars, follow this link
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