Kicking off World Breastfeeding Day with this special pic. Our first NIP (Nursing in Public)

This was our anniversary, 18th April, my first lunch out of home after babyT’s arrival and babyT’s first trip to the mall.

We had walked around the two floors of the mall and come up to the restaurant. The first order had just arrived, and babyT was hungry. I remember we had forgotten to put socks on babyT and his feet were freezing, so daddy had run off to Mothercare to buy a pair. BabyT was hungryyy nowwwww. The baby care room was two floors down and I didn’t know if I should just up and leave or pack the food and leave. BabyT wanted milk nowww.. and so we NIP’d.

They say the first time is the hardest, but then there’s no looking back after it.


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