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A safe solution to baby blocked nose

Did you know that babies are obligatory nose breathers? Even more amazing is that they are equipped to both breathe and suckle milk at the same time. That explains how they never tire of those hour-long breastfeeding sessions, right?  However, babies are not able to breathe very well through their mouths. It’s a skill they pick up as they grow, much like spitting and blowing their noses. The bad news then is that babies with a blocked nose are extremely fussy, irritable and cranky. You would be too if you felt like you were gasping for air.

This brings me to the essence of this post. Baby blocked noses!

Nasal congestion in infants can arise due to a cold, a viral infection or sometimes due to an inflammation in the nasal passage due to allergies, like babyT and his milk & dust sensitivities.

I still remember babyT’s first cold and baby blocked nose. It was around the time he was 5 months old. Being a breastfeeding mom it was like a jolt out of the blue. I found it hard to accept that even with exclusive breastfeeding and all the magic of immunity he fell sick.

And then even more alarming was the fact that he was having difficulty breathing and so refusing to feed too. In my mind, I knew that what would get him better was again only breastmilk and the antibodies my body was making to fight his cold. But it was that very vital elixir which he was unable to consume.

A combination of hunger, discomfort and lack of good sleep made him crabby, fussy and inconsolable. I was at my wit’s end to bring him relief. I dreaded taking him to the doctor because I was not happy about administering medicines or worse antibiotics to my child so early in his life.

But I also could not sit in silence and watch my baby suffer!

My husband and I went to our doctor anyway, who reassured us and wrote only 1 simple sentence down in the medical file – NASIVION® MINI (BABY) NOSE DROPS.

That’s it? I was surprised! But I decided to give my mom brain a rest and go with my husband’s calmer, logical and fact-based thinking.

Back home, we administered NASIVION® MINI (BABY) NOSE DROPS to babyT. Within a few minutes, he calmed down and was ready to feed. We continued giving him the nasal spray and within a day or two, the baby stuffy nose seemed to have gone. From that day on, Nasivion has been a constant in our medical kit and goes wherever we go. At the first sign of a blocked nose, we spray his nose with this spray. Because Nasivion is a pure saline solution it is safe to use this for baby nasal congestion on a regular basis.

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Even during times of more severe colds, we have relied on Nasivion Mini drops. And now in toddlerhood, we use Nasivion  Pediatric drops. Both these formulations contain Oxymetazoline which provides extended relief from nasal congestion – up to 12 hours of relief is promised by Nasivion.

Nasivion Mini is meant for babies from birth till 1 year of age. Nasivion Pediatric drops can be used for children aged between 1 to 6 years old. 1 to 2 drops into each nostril, up to 3 times a day is sufficient to give relief to a child down with rhinitis. Relief from baby blocked nose is now instant.

The one thing to keep in mind is to not use these two products for more than 10 consecutive days. It can irritate the nasal lining. A good practice to follow is to give a break of 3 to 5 days and then restart use if need be. Always consult your paediatrician before starting with this medicine.

A bottle of nasal decongestant spray like Nasivion and a nasal aspirator has been our go-to solution for most episodes of cold in babyT. It has helped us bring him relief faster and more effectively, without compromising on his eating, sleep or play. A happy baby is what we have and that makes us happy parents indeed.

baby blocked nose, nasal congestion, nasal decongestant, nasivion saline nasal drops, nasal drops, nose drops for babies, nasivion mini. nasivion pediatric drops

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For more information on Nasivion visit their official website:

This is a sponsored post by Nasivion. All incidents and instances mentioned here are true. We have been using the product since our son’s first incidence of cold as a baby and do so today too.

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  1. I too rely on Nasivion drops. Found it extremly safe for my little one . The blocked nose is my worst nightmare.
    The story is well written , i enjoyed reading it
    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

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