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I am free…

Come January and with Republic Day approaching, the tricolour is spotted in every corner of the country and even on the telly, in stores and malls. Tricolour food is being dished up by moms, food bloggers and restaurants. Schools begin practice for march past and letters are sent home asking parents to send their children dressed as freedom fighters. Yes, that’s the place I am in right now and babyT has only been in school for one week now. –Sigh– They do say schooling your kids is the beginning of a second education for parents.

I know Republic Day is all the birth of the Indian Constitution and not really the Independence Day celebration. However, it’s also a valid point that if it were not for the Independence struggle and our subsequent victory we would never have this lovely Friday off this month giving us a long weekend to make merry. 🙂

But coming back to painful school requests, I groaned when babyT came home last week with a note from his teacher that he was to be dressed up as a Freedom fighter. What would a 2-year-old understand about the freedom struggle or about being prisoner in one’s own land? Will this generation ever understand the struggle for freedom? But then again are we all really as free as the freedom fighters had envisaged?

I am not sure of the answer to that last question. Of course, India has made many leaps and bounds in growth, development and prosperity. Yet many still seem to be living in a time which defies all forms of logic or modern thinking. All I can hope is my child will grow into a more “free” society than what he lives in today. And it’s really up to us to do that for this generation (a topic for another post, I promise.)

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But this week when I was researching his freedom fighter outfit and the meaning of Republic Day I chanced upon this page on the Indian Constitution and it took me back to my graduation days where Political Science was one of the minor subjects I studied. I found it so interesting, I wonder why I didn’t pursue it more as a topic of study. Our Political Science professor was a very passionate lady and she spent a considerable amount of time on this topic – the Fundamental Rights. I understand now that it was her fervent desire to imbibe in us young citizens of this country a deep-seated right to these claims. And very truly so. They have been the foundational pillars of the whole meaning behind the jewel that is our Constitution.

A wish for my son

Today as my own son begins his life in the world outside – read: has started his schooling, I only wish a little wish for him. (inspired in part by the Fundamental Rights as listed in the Consitution of India.)

May you be Equal in attaining all the virtues & knowledge that your educational journey will bestow upon you,

May you be Free to live your dreams, fuel your passions & seek your place in the Universe,

May no one Exploit your mind, your heart or your strength of character,

May humanity be your Religion – may you forever work for the good of all humankind,

May you learn the rich cultures & traditions that come from both sides of your parents & may you  revel in them,

And I hope you will forever see the richness of this precious land that has been bestowed upon you,
to take to even greater heights tomorrow.

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon and for the prompt ‘What Does  Freedom Mean To You’. I would like to thank Reetuparna who blogs at Ritzily Yours for introducing me. I also recommend you to read Mandavi’s take on the same topic which is on her blog An Urban Nomadic


  1. Excellent…that’s the only word!!

  2. I wish each mother wishes the same for his/her son daughter

  3. Our parents had similar wishes for us and I feel they have succeeded to some extent. And I too wish for my kids to grow up to be free and compassionate individuals

  4. Great thoughts. Such practical wishes and very crucial ones. May every kid respects the values and traditions.

  5. Awww… I love the wishes you have for your little bub…freedom to live your dream in a place where humanity is the only religion is what I truly wish for children of today!

  6. Loved the poem you wrote. I wish all this for all the kids around. Patriotic days surely make us wonder about many things.

  7. These are great wishes for the little one! I also wish add that may they understand that with every right comes responsibility , a duty and hope we can imbibe the true meaning of responsible freedom in them.

  8. freedom, that’s something we take for granted. We can’t even imagine what life must have been for the freedom fighters. salute to them ?

  9. Shilpa bindlish

    February 2, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    Beautiful thoughts by an affectionate mommy! Also ‘freedom’ has different meanings for everyone. Loved your idea 🙂

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