BabyT turns 6 months today! It has been a great journey.. but not one without it’s own highs and low. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for these six months – some of my expectations were underplayed and some overwhelmed me.

I didn’t sleep well last night.. the last night of him being “not yet 6 months old.” The other time I felt like this was exactly 6 months ago, the night before we had him in our arms. I am so happy to see my lil babyT grow bigger, stronger, more expressive, responsive and all that, dont get me wrong there. But as with any other mom, I wish he would be an adorable baby for a bit longer.

We chose to exclusively breast feed our babyT. Its really not as simple as that.. breastfeeding is not easy. we have come this close to giving it up altogether, but we strived together, babyT and I, his daddy and our family too. But we sucked it up and stuck it out for these six months. Nothing but breast milk went in to that little tummy of his. But we are happy we made it. And now at six months, we begin solid food. This was what made me sad. Since the month of June dawned on us, it was there at the back of my mind and heart that babyT starts solid foods soon. This made me very emotional. All this while babyT was surviving on my milk – it healed him, nourished him, protected him and gave him all he is today. Now he will share that glory with someone or some’food’ else. I felt this would change equations between him and me. We still plan to breastfeed till a good time ahead, but now we add other foods to his intake. He won’t need mommy like he did before. 🙁 But i know I’ll probably have many such moments in my life.. when he goes to school, when he leaves home to study/ work/ marry (I hate that woman already! haha) Guys, if you thought women were complex creatures, don’t even go near a mother and don’t ever attempt to understand what goes on in her little heart.

Well so today we did start solids. We are going to be following ‘baby led weaning’ and there’ll be a lot here about that. We ate a big piece of mango, which is in season right now. And guess what, there was no one happier than mommy in that room, when babyT grabbed that slice and devoured it. I don’t understand myself sometimes. But my heart has swelled with renewed love and pride for little baby. And all’s well with the world.

So with this blog, I look forward to share our journey, what motherhood and babyhood means to us, our passions for things like cloth diapering, baby wearing and the current philosophies of raising baby. This blog and its post’s are by no means an expert’s opinion, but merely my experiences, my views and what works for us. Do share your comments and feedback, suggestion and recommendations are welcome.