So you’ve started Cloth Diapering. You’ve built cloth diaper laundry into your daily wash routine and day time diapering is going great! Night times, ah, now therein lies the rub. For, what if the diaper doesn’t hold or there are leaks and what if baby wakes up when you change. Most cloth diapering mamas dread taking the first step towards night time cloth diapering. But as I experienced and so did most of my cloth diapering mama friends, the first night is the hardest. The morning after the first night of Cloth Diapering is pure joy. When you find that the cloth diaper did indeed hold up all night and baby’s skin is still dry and soft and no rashes or redness, it is pure happiness. Night time cloth diapering is not as scary as it sounds and this post is meant to encourage you to take that step and try it out.

Night time cloth diapering has evolved as a result of many trials for me and even I had my fair share of leaks and loss of sleep as I had to wake up to change babyT. However, with some perseverance, I learned some tips and tricks as to which diapers worked and how to troubleshoot.

When I saw that many cloth diapering families still used disposable diapers for nights, I realized I must share my learning so as to encourage them to show a deeper commitment to cloth diapering. Continue reading