It makes me very emotional to be here once again, on the eve of World Breastfeeding Week. Emotional because this is the second time I am going to be writing about how I feel about breastfeeding and my experiences with breastfeeding babyT who is now almost a toddler. And also because it seems like this may be the last time we participate from a first-hand perspective. BabyT is already showing signs of reduced need for my milk, but again I am overjoyed to know that this is something that comes from within him and not by way of my forced weaning. The beauty of natural parenting continues to surprise me repeatedly.

Blogging about breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week 2016 was one of the earliest blogging marathons I did on MommyingbabyT. I will admit that I didnt know it was called a blogging marathon then. Hahah. In my defence it was only my second month blogging. But I loved writing about it. My poem on Breastfeeding was also widely shared on social media.

More than that I was even more impressed when many new moms told me of how it gave them the courage and strength to persist on their breastfeeding journey.
This year I hope to do justice to my track record and blog some more about breastfeeding. I will rekindle some early breastfeeding memories and introduce some new toddler breastfeeding joys.

I said it last year too and I feel the same today, on the eve of World Breastfeeding Week 2017 – breastfeeding is a beautiful gift we are bestowed with. Let’s not allow the idle old wives tales, half baked knowledge of your well meaning family members, doctors who were not taught about it as a curriculum and the white collared people at the formula company, tell you otherwise.  😊