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Mommy’s Magic Box: Pampering new moms

Having a baby is fun. Pregnancy usually starts with lots of ups and downs, at least it did for me. The first few weeks and months were not nightmarish luckily, but I was still weak, exhausted and very hormonal. And this feeling subsided only in the last trimester by which time I was last minute cramming baby names and making lists of potential – none of which are my baby’s name today. (the actual name is a very interesting story & I shall tell you all about it someday.) For most moms-to-be pregnancy is not a fun time. And then comes baby!

Of course, you and everyone around you are happy, overjoyed and ecstatic to have the little miracle in their lives. Gifts for your baby arrive by the truckload. But what about you, the mother? You receive an envelope filled with money (yayy, not!) or clothes (with zippers down the front, bleh!) or if you are really lucky some cloth diapers (but that is technically for the baby again, hurray!) Why don’t we get exciting, thoughtful and meaningful gifts? Something that can indulge my sweet tooth perhaps yet is healthy for baby and me? (does such a thing exist? yes, it does!) My friend was telling me about how she saved so much money for her lovely baby that was on the way by switching energy providers to get a better deal. She told me the key to this was to compare energy quotes from a variety of companies on comparisons websites like SimplySwitch.Something that will help me understand this muddle of hormones & make sense of all the breastfeeding dynamics?

That’s when I heard of a gift box specially curated for moms-to-be and new moms (and dads too.) Imagine a box of happiness just for the new mother which would be all for her to savour and delight. Mommy’s Magic Box does just that. The lovely ladies at Mommy’s Magic Box – Kamya & Nirali were sweet enough to send me a box to review and feedback. In all fairness, they sent me their box right around the time they launched it, which was in August, somewhere around World Breastfeeding Week. Its just been me who has been savouring and revelling in using the individual elements of the box I was sent.

Without further ado, let me show you the goodies. I was sent the Lactation Box for Moms.

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Now I was certainly not a new mom when I received the box but I was still very actively breastfeeding babyT then and so the box was a boon. Here is a list of all that I received in my Mommy’s Magic Box of Lactation Goodness.

  • Lactation Cookies by Sweetish House MafiaSpecially curated lactation cookies that are created by Sweetish House Mafia for MMB
  • Shatavari capsules from Himalaya Wellness shatavari is a trusted herb with proven results to help increase breast milk
  • Nipple Oil by Coconesspure coconut to help heal sore nipples.
  • Lemon Fennel Herbal Tea Lactation tea with Fennel to help lactate and keep the baby colic free.
  • Ma’s Grace Wonder White CreamThis was my favourite product and I’ve written more about it below.
  • Quinoa is a wholesome grain which has been proven to improve breastmilk supply.
  • LactationTrail Mix we (because everyone at home had it too) finished this in record time.
  • MMB Lactation Guide how, why, busting some myths and lots of love & encouragement.

This particular box of goodness from Mommy’s Magic box is priced at Rs. 3300 and you can buy it here: MMB Lactation box.

They also have boxes in the following categories and the prices range from Rs. 1650 to Rs. 2850/- (click below to view)

Coming back to my box, the hits for me personally were the Lemon Fennel Herbal tea, Ma’s Grace Wonder White cream and the lactation trail mix.

Trail Mix
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Trail Mix

The trail mix is a savoury mixture of chopped almonds, coconut flakes, ajwain seeds, poppy seeds and sua (dill in English) seeds.

Apart from being nutritious and each of the ingredients considered to be galactagogues, they also aid digestion for the mother and the benefits pass on to the baby via breastmilk to reduce colic and gas.

The trail mix from the Mommy’s Magic Box was a delight to munch after meals and even otherwise. And it was not just me, but my family members who indulged in it. Needless to say it was one of the first items to disappear. 🙂

Ma’s Grace Wonder White Cream
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Ma’s Grace

This product came in small but intricately shaped glass container and is an underarm deodorant.

Now for most of my early mommy days, I struggled to find good bath and body products which would be safe on my skin. I did find joy in my Moms Co. range of bath products and you can read my experience with these here.

However, finding underarm deodorant was a big challenge. I did not want babyT to inhale artificial and chemical laden scents and alcohol from spray deos.

Ma’s Grace Wonder White Cream has been a big relief. It contains coconut oil, coriander oil, lemon oil, mint oil, food grade zinc oxide & camphor. It smells herby and is strong enough to mask any body odour. One small swipe of the cream on the underarms can see you through the whole day. Mommy’s Magic Box says this cream also works for burns, cuts, wounds, boils and corn.

MMB Lactation Guide

A personal note and some simple reading material titled MMB Lactation Guide also completed my Lactation special box from Mommy’s Magic Box. This was one of the best features of the box I felt which showed that it was not just items put together and sent out, but that the team behind Mommy’s Magic Box actually had put some thought into enriching the lives of new mothers.

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The MMB Lactation Guide has a list of foods that help increase breast milk and the things to do to increase breast milk. I loved point no.1 here which says “Stay calm and relaxed” because that truly goes a long way in establishing a good breastfeeding relationship. It also has tips for expressing, pumping and storing breast milk, a list of breastfeeding must-have products and some useful tips about nutrition for the breastfeeding mother.

All in all, I would say this box was really a useful and reliable hamper of products for new moms. I would have truly loved receiving this box as a gift in my early breastfeeding days. It would not just have been amazing to receive a gift for myself, but also been very apt for my newborn nursing days and helped me along my breastfeeding journey.

A very thoughtful box put together by the two ladies at Mommy’s Magic Box and I send them all my best wishes for creating this wonderful gift which will allow new moms to enjoy breastfeeding.

Did you receive any meaningful gifts during your new mom phase? How would you have felt receiving a box like Mommy’s Magic Box?


  1. Ramani

    Very nice to see such products in the market for new moms.

    • mommyingbabyt

      thank you for reading. 🙂

  2. Blossom hulsure startmoms

    This would have to be the most thoughtful gift ever to new mommies…. I’m glad India too had Now this amazing concept of a specially curated box of useful goodies. Loved your review and just in time as I want to definitely consider to gift a friend who recently delivered

    • mommyingbabyt

      So glad. Yes i love curated boxes and was overjoyed that such a thing exists for moms too. Do let me know how your friend liked the gift if you do decide to send her this one.

  3. Mahak @BabyandBeyond

    That’s a really thoughtfully curated box. Going to keep this in mind for gifting to new moms in the future

    • mommyingbabyt

      Me too. I can’t wait to gift this

  4. Neha Sharma

    This looks like a perfect mix of all the things required by a new mom, I never knew such kind of boxes were also available, otherwise, I would have ordered for myself as well as for my hubby too. Thanks for writing about this in such detail, I am sure many new or to-be parents will find this helpful.

    • mommyingbabyt

      I am with you on that. Would definitely have cheered me up in the early days

  5. Kinshoo

    Wow. Such a great way to add to the happiness and excitement. Shatavari is such a useful thing to give a new mom.

  6. Debolina

    I always keep looking for options for baby showers and new mom events. And these are really cool ones. Will check them out.

  7. Deepali

    Wow !! Lovely box for all new moms. Thanks for sharing !!

  8. Vaishnavi

    This is a fantastic idea to gift new moms!
    Bookmarking this right away!

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