Before you get pregnant, you really are clueless about the world that pregnancy, babies is all about. If you are lucky enough to have a friend, sister or someone in your close circle who is pregnant, you may be more aware of terms like susu count, poo colour, diapers, formula mixing etc. For me, I was the first person in my dad’s side of the family to be pregnant after a gap of almost 22 years and the last one from my husband’s side of the family, with all of the other pregnant ladies being based abroad. I had not seen a pregnancy up, close and personal. So naturally I had to rely on ‘What to expect when you’re expecting?’, babycenter and Social Media. Yes! Facebook, prepared me for having a baby.

So it all started with a friend recommending me to join a breastfeeding support group. I remember thinking, ‘eh, what’s the big deal with that? Just attach baby to boob and it’ll be fine from there on.’ I was so wrong, not only is breastfeeding not easy (at least initially), combine that with raging hormones, borderline PPDs, lack of sleep, emotional rollercoasters of joy, guilt, anger, pain etc. and you have a rather potent mix there. So I joined the breastfeeding group and my eyes popped in surprise at what all the new moms had to go through physically, how difficult and challenging it was and how their environment hampered, rather than encouraged them. I spent almost a good few weeks reading resources, cases on the facebook group and then began reading every query posted and responding to them in my mind, then checking the expert responses to see if I was right. This really prepared me for breastfeeding.

Enough digression, and back to cloth diapering. So the cloth diapering group was a sister group of the breastfeeding support group and I joined thinking what’s the big deal about ‘langots?’ Again, what I saw blew my mind. This was no ordinary white cloth, bound around in a triangle and held together by safety pins. This was a world of rainbows and unicorns, trucks and trains, owls and pandas, Minions and Mickey. I was astounded. I spent many a sleepless night thinking, yes, this is what I wanted for my child. No chemicals, no plastic, no bleached paper. I think I spent almost two months, scanning every post, pins, photos, reviews before I took the plunge and ordered my first set of CDs. I don’t think I got it perfectly right at the first shot but I did cloth diaper my child. I surely could have done things much more efficiently, but it has been a learning process and I am in a much better place today. IMG_20160622_113406

I am very passionate about cloth diapering. It has conquered my very soul and being. After 6 months with babyT, of which 4 months were exclusively cloth diapered, I can vouch for the fact that this is the future and what we should be giving our little babies and planet Earth. I am not judging moms who do not cloth diaper, all mothers are the best in terms of how they raise their little ones. But i would urge them to gain awareness about cloth diapering and give it a shot. Your bub and this Earth will be grateful for it.

So here I will share my experiences, tips, tricks and reviews. This has been one of the best choices I’ve made with respect to my baby and I would love to share that joy with you. Feel free to ask me anything about cloth diapering. I love talking about it. Happy CDing.