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The Green Snack Co. – Healthy snacking made yumm!

BabyT is a foodie just like his parents. He loves his broccoli, Brussel sprouts, black olives, and Kiwi fruit. Yes, you are reading it right. Of course, I am fervently praying that his taste buds stay this way and he isn’t swayed by the junk food brigade that will smack him in the face once he is out in the real world.  I am no healthy eater myself. But after babyT’s arrival, I try to consciously incorporate healthy options in all that we put into our mouths – meals or snacks.

Snacking is such an important aspect of food intake. While most people equate snacking with an opportunity to binge on the quickly satisfying but not so healthy foods, there are others who utilize snacking to build up on their daily 5 a day’s. Snacking can be healthy – snacking fills an important gap between meals and as such keeps your metabolism going. And this is just as important for babies and young children who are watching your every move. You are inculcating healthy eating habits after all.

Add to this the fact that I am still breastfeeding,I get ravenously hungry between lunch and dinner time. I  mean I can only eat so many fruits in a day. I don’t always have dry snacks around the pantry like murmura or makhanas. At such times I will admit I have popped open the packet of Farsan or store bought glucose biscuits (not proud of it.) and even indulged in a pot of instant noodles. I feel guilty because I know babyT is watching me and also because what I eat passes to him too. I would have really loved to have a ready to eat food which is not only healthy but also yummy on the palate.

Sometimes when I send a wish out into the universe, it comes true and here came knocking at my door a bag full of surprises from The Green Snack Co. 

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Goodies from the Green Snack Co.

I got the Quinoa Puffs in two flavours  – Zesty Kale and Saucy Salsa and the Kale Crisps in Sea Salt & Vinegar & Thai Sweet Chilli flavour.

They are available in these flavours too –

  • Kale crisps – Cheese & Onion
  • Quinoa Puffs – Peppy Cheese

The Green Snack Co.’s Kale Crisps are made of a unique process of dehydration which preserves the nutritional value of the leaves. Kale in itself is a super food, rich in B-vitamins, iron, calcium, fibre and protein. The flavourings added to the leaves are all natural and contain no preservatives. Kale Crisps are priced at Rs. 200 for a 30 gm pack and are available in 3 flavours.

The Green Snack Co.’s Quinoa Puffs are made up of 6 grains namely

  • Quinoa,
  • Amaranth,
  • Ragi,
  • Soy,
  • Rice &
  • Maize

These are roasted. Together they are a good source of fibre, protein, and minerals along with vitamin B and antioxidants.  Quinoa Puffs are priced at Rs. 80 for a 50 gms pack and are available in 3 flavours.

Verdict: A big thumbs up from #babyT and me. I did not expect him to love these snacks. But he did. Yes, even the Kale. Should I jump for joy about my super healthy baby? Well not really, because it means I will have to share. 🙂 I have developed a great fondness for the Zesty Kale flavoured Quinoa Puffs. In fact, I am munching on them right now. The Kale is nice too. Kale is an acquired taste for many people. Here in our household, we did manage to finish the pack in one go. BabyT and I even fought for the crumbs. WIN!!!

You can buy these products from stores like Nature’s Basket and HyperCity. They are also available online from Amazon.

Have you tried the Green Snack Co. products yet? If not then you must try them for sure. And don’t just take my word for it… scoot over to my dear friend and fellow mom blogger Shalu Sharma Rathod’s blog  at The Dreamer Mum to see what she has to say about The Green Snack Co.’s products.


  1. I too loved the puffs – spicy, tasty & yet healthy!!!! And why just me, my daughters too loved them. Although usually I do not let them eat anything packaged, but when you are so sure that it’s loaded with goodness, you don’t mind them indulging in the goodness once in a while.

  2. My daughter loved the quinoa puffs. Though they were a bit spicy for the toddler’s tastebuds, but that didn’t stop her from munching this goodness

  3. Loved them son had no stopping as he wanted to keep on munching to them. I had a different flavour of puffs for myself and my lil one. It’s sure to make you jealous !! ??

  4. The puffs look yum.. Though I am not breast-feeding my daughter, now. But the gap between lunch and dinner is too long that you can’t stop yourself snacking on biscuits and noodles during this time. Would love to try these healthy snacks. Hope my daughter would love it too!

  5. I have a lot good things about kale and I saw it in farmers market in perth . Wow these kale crips looks delicious.

  6. There’s something about healthy snacking that we totally need to incorporate in our routines. Products such as these are much needed. The review helps!

  7. This looks like a great munching option for kids. These puffs look so tempting in the pics. I am surely going to try these.

  8. Lovely..Nothing is better than kids eating healthy food.. How to get them? Online order or shopping at some store?

  9. These look yummy. I am going to try them soon as they are healthy too. Thanks for the review. Healthy snacks are always welcome.

  10. These puffs look so yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Amazing food here!! Thank You for sharing this with us. I love to have snacks when I was little. its all memories now.

  12. Quinoa is definitely very good and I have tried its chips from some other brand but I am definitely tempted to try The green snack co. also until now, I had never heard of kale. I am just glad that they are healthy and tasty. it is time to try them

  13. Great Work as you said in your post. as Title.
    “The Green Snack Co. – Healthy snacking made yumm!” you talk about health so I like it. Your work is fab. That’s a great info for us. I’m also working on health problems. you can see it otherwise your post is too good. Keep it up…

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