The last thing I intended to do on this blog was review baby books. But this had to be done.

I will be honest and say that when I picked up the highly recommended Goodnight Moon for babyT, I found it incredibly boring, dull, hated the illustrations… but cut down to six months of reading it almost every day and now singing it out every night before bedtime (yes we know it by heart now), I love this book and the calming effect it has on T who is restless for a drink & to be tucked into bed.

So when I knew that the guys and ladies at BabyLit have a parody version of Goodnight Moon,  and that to do with Pride & Prejudice (swoons thinking of Colin Firth), called Goodnight Mr Darcy we had to naturally get one for mommyT..err I mean for babyT.


What I love:

  • Elizabeth Bennet. Mr Darcy. The Netherfield Ball. Weddings. Nuff said.
  • The colour scheme & room arrangement reminds you of the ones from Goodnight Moon. The mouse, the red balloon are here too. But instead of the cow jumping over the moon, here’s a fine gent riding a horse jumping over a fence. Very English.
  • The cover page is also pretty similar, the fireplace, the window and the curtains. But its nice to have Ms Bennett on the cover of this version.
  • Some phrases from Goodnight Moon have followed here – Goodnight mush. But thankfully a more pleasant version of it.
  • It sums up the P&P story well. There are a bunch of ladies who dance with some men and they fall in love with each other, but don’t know it yet. They let go of their pride and prejudices and confess their love for each other and lots of weddings happen. That can fit in a 10 page board book.
  • Great way to introduce children to classic literature.

What I thought could be better:

  • The imagery although similar, shows the character illustrations in a different genre or theme. It seems to be a mismatch.
  • The rhyme scheme seems off.. I don’t think I can sing this in the same tune as I do for Goodnight Moon.
  • The story jumps a bit from Mr Bennet saying hush; to Lizzy and Mr Darcy dropping their pride & finding love.
  • I didn’t feel the fireworks and butterflies when Elizabeth and Mr Darcy get together here. That is one aspect of P&P which makes my eyes go heart shaped every single time.
  • Needed to see more of the pride and prejudices. They were fun.
  • Will make absolutely no sense to babies and tots. This is one for their mommies.
  • Expensive for a baby book at Rs. 860

My ratings for this book:

  • Design & illustration: 3/5
  • Story: 4/5
  • Entertainment: 5/5
  • Cost: 3/5

This one is for keeps if you are an Austen fan. It’ll make you chuckle in the all knowing inevitability of the happy endings. It’ll transport you to the subtle love stories of Pride & Prejudice. If read out well and explained to children this is a great way to introduce them to English literature and its gems.