Beans on toast!!! One of my favourite breakfast staples and now one of our favourite books. I bought this book only because it was about beans on toast. I paid little attention to the words or sentence or age it was suitable for. And when it arrived I realised it was just perfect for our family.

I love a big Sunday breakfast, which includes – lots of eggs, sausages, bacon (if I can remember to shop for it in time for Sunday.), roast tomatoes & veggies. However after a baby arrived in our lives, big breakfasts were a distant memory for us. But whenever we do manage to wake early on a Sunday or have all the ingredients on hand, a big breakfast is most definitely on the menu.

This Sunday we planned and laid out a feast just so that babyT gets a first-hand experience of one of his favourite books – Beans on Toast: The story of Baked Beans.

This book lays out the journey of beans on toast – right from farm to table and all the transformations it undergoes. (Scroll gallery to see some of the pages in here.) Reading this book for the first time was a complete a-ha moment for babyT like suddenly it all made sense to him why we shop at the supermarket and where some of the food comes from?

BabyT even insisted on me giving him some French beans which he opened to remove the seeds and then physically transported the seeds from page to page – from the truck to the boiling cauldron to the shelf to the shopping basket. Like the whole process made sense to him.

And then yesterday for Sunday brekkie we had “Beans on Toast.” Amidst all his mmmm’s and wow’s I could hear my lil heart do a yayy. Yet another beans on toast lover had been created.

What are some of your favourite books about food? Would love to have your book recommendations.