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#Review – Linen Full Buckle Carrier by Soul

I don’t call myself a seasoned babywearer. I have found my comfort in certain types of baby carriers and some are a total fail (read: Wraps) for me. But that is the beauty of baby-wearing, it is capable of providing solutions for every person, to suit their needs, their babies and personal comfort, budgets and so on.  Soft structured or full buckled carriers had found their place in my heart for their quick “wearability” and ease of use. I discovered Meh Dais by way of a travelling carrier program and we had a love-hate relationship with ring slings. I was in my happy place with baby-wearing.

Then one morning, I woke up and with half opened eyes, saw a message from Soul, asking if I would like to try one of their carriers and review it. Would I?? When Soul knocks at your door (or Facebook page) you only say YES! They wanted to send me a 100% Linen Full Buckle carrier and I quickly chose the colour I wanted and the very next afternoon it was in my hands. Wow. Blown over with their promptness and speed of response. Here’s my review of Soul baby carriers. Continue reading

N is for Natural Parenting

As is the case with every day of the #AtoZBloggingChallenge, I rack my brains all day, start panicking by evening and then suddenly a light bulb comes on somewhere in my brain and I find a topic for the day’s alphabet. But today was a moment I have been waiting to write about even before I started the #AtoZ Challenge and in fact the whole purpose behind my blog I think. Today’s topic was also fueled by this little boy, the reason for everything else right now. <3

Wooden blocks FTW

After losing a small piece of my mind, over why #babyT was not yet stacking stuff (Yes, when you are a mom, such stuff is what nightmares are made of. I exaggerate of course.) I decided to take the plunge and buy him the very expensive Wooden Blocks by Melissa & Doug. We do have several types of blocks already, stacking rings, shape sorters, but i wasn’t seeing him enjoy them nor was he sharpening his fine motor skills. So the wooden blocks happened. And what do we have? I opened the packaging and placed the blocks in front of him and he stacked them. The boy stacked them. 5 in a line. He did!! I went into “hence proved” mode and for the n’th time accepted that natural parenting was the right way to bring up our child.  Continue reading

E is for eCommerce for baby shopping

Looking back, my pregnancy was one of the best phases of my life.. i was basking in everyone’s attention and I was still free to do whatever I pleased in life and whenever I wanted to, without a tiny little person clinging to my legs or breasts. 🙂 I miss my pregnancy a lot. I miss my baby bump a lot.. have never felt so comfortable with my body than I did when I was sporting a baby in my tummy. 🙂 And what do I do when I get really nostalgic about the bumpy days? I browse through the previous orders sections on ecommerce sites like Amazon, FirstCry and others. It takes me back to that feeling of playing totally blind, not knowing if it will be a boy or a girl, not being able to even imagine who baby would look like and how much he would weigh or his height. It was a beautiful feeling and looking at the old shopping lists – tiny booties, caps, baby diapers, bathing towels, blankets, nursing pads, cotton wool, wipes etc is so therapeutic.

Back then I mostly shopped and stocked for all baby stuff from Amazon, FirstCry, Hopscotch and Aliexpress. Then I got introduced to the other specialised ecommerce businesses, mainly for cloth diapers which were setup and managed by mompreneurs but were very professionally designed and run.  And then came social media – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and the businesses that were run through these. The online shopping category has boomed and how?! I  think I can say that almost 95% of babyT’s shopping is done online and I enjoy the experience and have been very satisfied with all my purchases.

So for today’s E is for eCommerce for baby shopping I will tell you about my favourite places to shop and some tips and tricks to make the most benefit.  Continue reading

#Review – Superbags: Wetbags by Superbottoms

If you have remotely heard of Cloth Diapering you may have also heard the word “wet bag” being thrown about casually in conversations about wash routines and diapering accessories. Essentially, a  wet bag is a bag that holds wet stuff. TaDa! No surprises there. It is, in fact, a reusable, waterproof and leak resistant bag which holds in odours and of course prevents liquids from escaping. But did you know that a wet bag can be used for many purposes other than just cloth diapering? This makes it an investment that is quite worth it and very handy around the house. Especially a house that has a child.

Firstly let me give you some insight into why a wetbag is so important in a cloth diaper’s journey. Wet bags are essentially made of PUL/ TPU and so are reusable (yayy for planet Earth) They are also waterproof and leak resistant (yayy for all who cloth diaper) Wet bags allow you to continue cloth diapering even when you are out of the home. This without having to stink up and flooding your diaper bag with baby bodily outputs. And you do not need to use plastic bags. At all! Yes, you heard right. Continue reading

Babywearing: Kol Kol Meitai

Last week we hosted the traveling Meitai baby carrier from Kol Kol Baby Carriers. We had it with us for all of one week and we fell in love with it completely. Get a head’s up about baby wearing here.
My current collection of baby wearing stuff has a stretchy wrap, a Soft Structured Carrier with buckle and a Ring Sling. I had always assumed a Mei Tai was complicated, especially after my messy wrapping attempts with my Moby wrap. So when my traveling carrier arrived I was transported back to the early days when babyT was a new-born and I would struggle and be dissuaded by family from wrapping him. I think a large part of my discomfort with early baby wearing can be attributed to family dissuasion. But maybe I should have persisted and made them see the benefits of it in practice, as I did with cloth diapers. (Yes, with me every topic has to include something about cloth diapers.)

So after a day of it just lying there, I mustered enough courage to read and re-read the manual and then watch Bayiravi’s Youtube video. And so I tried it on and babyT was up in less than two minutes. No kidding! Mind = Blown. And babyT was so comfortable in it that he kicked a right old fuss to be taken out of the house immediately. I think this picture shows his desperation to get out. Cursed myself for not wearing decent clothes, grabbed the keys and we were out the door… babyT squealed in delight. I knew we had a winner then.


We roamed around the apartment complex for about ten minutes. BabyT felt light as a feather, I felt I had nothing on… no complex harnesses, no yards upon yards of fabric, no plastic buckles or metal rings. It felt like another part of my attire. I was confident of expanding my geography and we went for a long walk. We were out for a good hour and I was beyond impressed.


What is a Mei Tai?
It is a traditional South East Asian baby carrier. It has a front panel to which fabric straps are attached, forming the shoulder straps. There is also a panel with strap to tie around your waist. Kol Kol’s Mei Tai also comes with an attached hood to shield baby from the sun or for discreet nursing. (Image source: Google)


How to:

Pre-wearing prep:
The Kol Kol Mei Tai comes with an adjustable waist. It has Velcro sewn in inside the waist belt, such that the front panel can be made narrower or wider so as to fit a new-born baby as well as an older baby. Similarly, you can also fold over the front panel before tying it on, to reduce the height of the carrier. You can see how this is done here.

Wearing baby:

  1. Tie the waist panel around yourself and tighten at the back with two knots. Tight as you can.
  2. Take your baby and place him on your chest, this should take the natural M position, with knees higher than the bum.
  3. Take the front panel up around baby’s body and toss the shoulder straps over your back.
  4. While one hand holds baby, take one of the two shoulder straps and cross it over, then the other. Both the straps should make a cross on your back. The straps should be pulled tight, spread them out nicely for a better hold.
  5. Then bring them over to the front, and cross over baby’s bottom (on top of the front panel.) Twist them twice, no need for knots. I like to spread the straps out a bit, before twisting them, to give a good support to baby’s bottom.
  6. Pass the straps from under baby’s knees to your back and tie a double knot. And you are done.

For a better pictorial description, look here. Or for a video, see this.

What I love:

  • The fabric is 100% cotton, super soft, breathable – which is a boon for our Indian weather.
  • It is strong enough to hold an almost ten kg baby, yet light and comfortable at the same time, without any bulk.
  • No plastic buckles or metallic rings. It’s cotton in and out.
  • Feels like second skin. If you wear it correctly baby even seems weightless in it. Don’t take my word for it, but daddy dearest also loved the complete hands free, comfort that came with wearing babyT in it.IMG-20160822-WA0003
  • Vibrant colours & patterns. Kol Kol has very Indian patterns as well as some gorgeous culture neutral prints.
  • Very easy to get on – I am a klutz when it comes to wrapping and even need help getting our soft structured carrier on, but I think I can safely say I am a pro at wearing babyT in the MeiTai. And not just me, but I tied it on to my dad, and then taught my husband to wear babyT in it. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can.2016-08-22_00.27.16

What I thought could be better:

  • After about an hour of wearing babyT in this, I found he had slid down a bit. However I asked the experts and they have told me it is normal. This can be avoided by making sure the Mei Tai is worn tightly and this gets better with practice.
  • I so wish they were reversible, two designs in one carrier would be so great. Wishful thinking.


My ratings for this baby carrier:

  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Appearance: 4/5 (just being stingy)
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Baby’s comfort: 5/5
  • Baby wearer’s comfort: 4/5 (stingy again)

The Mei Tai has been elevated to number one position in my baby wearing charts. I am so glad I was pushed by a friend to sign up for the traveling carrier program and even happier that I was selected to try it on. I am sorely missing the carrier, now that it has been passed on to the next person in this program. I am waiting for Bayiravi to add some new prints to the MT collection and look forward to welcoming a piece soon.

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