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Cloth Diapers – the first step to sustainable living

One of the first eye-popping parenting moments for me was when I discovered cloth diapers. I knew I didn’t want to use a chemical laden plastic diaper. However I did not know of an alternative. When I chanced upon the cloth diapering world and discovered that a cloth diaper is made of safe cloth and is still efficient enough to hold for long hours without making baby feel wet, I was sold. Continue reading

Baby Led Weaning – the solution to “Fussy eaters”

There’s a scary new word doing the rounds these days in Parenting circles. That word is baby led weaning. It also creeps up in conversations in the form of the acronym BLW. It spreads utter confusion in the minds of eager new parents who know they want their children to be good consumers of green, red, yellow, purple looking fruit and vegetables. Fussy eaters, hell no. We want our babies to be anything but that. Continue reading

Attachment Parenting – a back to basics approach of raising your child

It is a wonderful coincidence that the April #AtoZBloggingChallenge begins with this post on Attachment Parenting. The Attachment Parenting style is somewhere a very comprehensive approach to parenting. It encompasses everything right from pregnancy to raising a child. In that sense, it truly is the beginning of everything. Many sub-concepts are derived from this broad theme of Attachment Parenting. But first, is Attachment Parenting truly a new-age phenomenon?

Continue reading

The big ‘theme’ reveal – Parenting in 201X: #AtoZ2018

Right from 30th April 2017, I have been waiting for this moment. For another year to dawn and for it to be April again. And now this just got real. April is almost upon us and it brings with it the annual blogging challenge of writing from A to Z. And now its time to put on our thinking caps, clean out the nibs and fill the pens with ink, prettify the writing desk, suck in some fresh air and hopefully some inspiration and just write. Continue reading

April – the start of many new things

The first weekend of April exactly 3 years ago was when something big and new happened in our lives. We conceived and learned that we were going to be parents soon. April is also our wedding anniversary month. April has always been our new professional year. April sees us setting our financial and personal goals rather than the conventional 1st of January. In short, April has always been big. Continue reading

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