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Influencer moms and their picture-perfect, real world

You were the first one to know when her baby kicked inside the womb. You saw how she gobbled down that big, juicy burger the night before she delivered. You wiped a tear when she posted a picture of tiny, pink feet. You guessed she would name her child after the first letter of her husband’s name. You watched her tear her hair out during the growth spurts. But you also saw how she got emotional when her baby first said “mamma” If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you follow an Instagram mom. And you probably have a love/ hate relationship with this so-called world of mom influencers and their happy babies, perfect marriages and multitasking perfection.

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Hygge it out – Parenting the Danish way

Does anyone know the process of migrating to Denmark? I want to move there lock, stock and barrel. My inspiration is from all my research about how the Danes are using Hygge in their lives and parenting. Hygge? Apart from sounding like a really difficult & funny word to pronounce it really is the coolest thing ever. After all, it makes Denmark the happiest country in the world. Hygge Parenting rocks and it doesn’t have to be restricted to the borders of the country. You can Hygge it out wherever you are. Continue reading

Gender neutral parenting – Not just about pink and blue

You know what’s the one thing that gets on my nerves. Kinderjoy eggs! A big kick in the rear to Gender Neutral Parenting. Firstly, the chocolate is abominable. Secondly, these eggs hold useless toys, which only add to clutter in the house. But wait, I’m not done yet. I mostly hate that they have eggs for boys and eggs for girls. Major eye roll. In a world which is getting increasingly complex and where it’s citizens should be making attempts to blend, a kid’s toy is making children believe in a two-toned world.

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Fathers – the other side of parenting

My blog is primarily about me mommying my little son. But what about the fathers voice? I would be wrong if I said I was playing the primary role in raising my child. #BabyT’s father has been very involved right from the time of his birth and even now. I think he was more comfortable changing diapers, holding and comforting a tiny baby than I ever was. I had never had a personal experience with holding newborn babies and I was more scared of hurting the tiny than nurturing him. Even in the first few days of breastfeeding, someone had to hold #babyT against me.

For my post on the letter F for the #AtoZChallenge I had no doubt I would write about fathers but I did not want this to be another run of the mill post about how fathers change diapers or burp babies, never miss a Doctor’s appointment and school PTM. I wanted to research and write about the impact this fathering business has on children and their development. Continue reading

Elimination Communication – save yourself some diaper expenses

We are back to talking about baby potty. But this time there are no (or a few) diapers. Elimination communication is about learning your baby’s cues and timing to help teach him that a potty is where he should pee and poo. It also goes by the names of infant potty training, natural infant hygiene and diaper free baby. In essence, you will have a baby who does not wear diapers (for some or all the time) and instead will be relieving himself in the potty or the loo. This makes baby raising a much cleaner, respectful and also so good for the environment. Continue reading

Discipline – now with a no more tears formula

My school memories are hazy. When I look back, I visualise a teacher shouting, screaming, hitting children on their knuckles with an orange wooden foot ruler. I see hair pulling and slapping. I see books being flung across the classroom. Child discipline was traumatising. The environment at home was less gruesome, but we did receive some form of corporal punishment. Most of our generation did.

Parents don’t want this for their child. They don’t want to coerce their child into doing the right things. They know that a positive and gentle way of being firm with kids yields better results. Continue reading

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