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Open ended toys – infinite possibilities

Toys! The one word that fills joy in the hearts of children and parents alike.. toys and more toys. Reflections of our own childhood take us back to the simple, wooden toys we played with – toy horses on wheels pulled by strings, a doll that opened and closed her eyes when she was laid down, steel kitchen utensil sets where we cooked elaborate meals in our mind. In our children we get to relive those days of being lost in the beautiful world of toys. And kids today have so much choice when it comes to toys. A somewhat new term that is heard often today is Open Ended Toys. And most parents are scrambling to get them… Just what are these and why should you buy more of these toys?

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Negotiating with kids – the economics of Game theory

This weekend was a very hectic one. It also seemed to be the hottest day in Mumbai. We spent a day out with our son, despite the hot sun, because well it had been a long time since we had done something outdoors as a family. So anyway when we got back home in the evening, we were dead tired and just wanted to crash. But before that – dinner time. BabyT was in a happy, over joyous mood and the last thing he wanted to do was eat his dinner. My husband attempted to tempt him, “I’ll give you a deal, finish your dinner and we will have the ripe, sweet mangoes after that.” My son paused, scampered up to me and proudly proclaimed, “I’ll make you a deal… I won’t go to school tomorrow.” I laughed a rather nervous laughter. I couldn’t handle a toddler off school when I had tons of work to finish. But somewhere I was amazed that a 2 year old had the skills to attempt to negotiate with his parents. Continue reading

Mindful parenting – being present in the parenting moment

Would you like to see how our typical school day mornings go? I scamper behind my toddler son to brush his teeth, change out of his sleep-suit and diaper. Most days I win only the brushing round. He needs to be constantly reminded to finish his fruit and that goes ok as long as its bananas on offer. Then comes breakfast with milk… he wants to climb atop the window sill, run from room to room and even watch his favourite shows on YouTube. I have to be within his eyesight, so that means I cannot go have a shower or use the restroom.

And then comes his bath… I usually have to drag him into the bathroom or lure him with promises of treats or threats of no treats. Then comes the real fight.. Continue reading

Long term breastfeeding – mamma’s gold is still magic

One of the primary pillars of Natural or Attachment Parenting is that if you needed something to survive, nature provided that to you. And one of the best examples of this that I witnessed was breastfeeding. When I was pregnant I had very few positive stories about breastfeeding. In fact people tried to convince that I would not be a bad mother if I gave formula or animal milk to my infant. I did not have one person encouraging me about breastfeeding or its possibility. But I soon found 20,000 people in a Facebook support group for mothers called ‘Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers.’

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Keep them close: the tribe of babywearing parents

If you have been out and about then chances are pretty high that you have seen a woman wearing her baby in a baby carrier or a sling. This could be in the mall, supermarket, at the school pick up, in the park, at the Doctor’s clinic, cheering her older child at the school annual days, airports or just talking a walk around the block. You may not have noticed it but most of the times this lady would also have her hands full with a diaper bag, shopping bags. And most importantly she was doing all this alone.

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Joyful parenting – finding joy in the everyday

Parenting is very hard. With this being said, there is nothing wrong in asking for some help. If you live in the Tuscon area of Arizona and want to look into ways in which to make your daily struggles easier with your child, you could look into something like child behavior programs in Tucson who can give you the environment to collaborate in a laid back environment and give you tips on parenting.
And I write this fresh in the memory of a horrible day. Waking up to a viral fever yesterday was tough. But I trudged on and continued to mommy. I pumped myself with cold and flu meds hoping that I would at least have the strength to drop and pick my son from school. And I prayed he would play by himself while I updated my blog yesterday.

Boy, was I wrong about what lay ahead. Continue reading

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