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MomsCo – Pamper time for Moms

Raise your hand if the moment you discovered you were pregnant you decided that you would do everything possible to care for and protect the little bean slowly growing inside you. And now raise your other hand if you suddenly found that none of the bath and body products you were using felt safe or natural to be used during pregnancy. Hey you look a little silly with both your hands up. You can relax and let me tell you about these wonderful company which makes great products. Its called The MomsCo and its one of the first Indian companies which makes bath and body products for Moms to be and new moms.

Why is it important to use safe products on your body? 

It is not just what you put inside your body but also what you put outside it that matters. Many seemingly innocent products contain ingredients which can seep in through skin and the air we breathe. Some of these when exposed to in large enough quantities can pose a risk to the foetus. In extreme cases, some may cause severe birth and mental defects to the baby.

Nature In, Toxins Out 

The MomsCo promise is Nature In, Toxins Out. They bring you India’s first all-natural, toxin free range of pregnancy care products. They say that there is no power greater than a moms who wishes to do the best for her child. And a similar story lies at the heart of The MomsCo. Born out of a mother’s need to give only the best to her babies,  the team at The Moms Co., worked hard to help moms-to-be and new moms make safe, natural, effective choices for themselves and their families.

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They followed a rigorous process of selection of natural ingredients to meet safety standards across the globe. Further they validated & tested their ingredients against several toxicity databases to ensure 100% safety.

All in all, Malika & Mohit Sadani the parents behind The MomsCo, bring us products that are safe, natural and toxin free. All The MomsCo products are free from toxins such as Mineral Oils, Parabens, Sulphates, SLS/SLEs, Phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and more.

My first brush with The MomsCo products was when they contacted me to use and review their products. I received the sampler set of body wash and body butter.

I fell in love with the products. Very soon I received the bigger retail pack of Natural Body Wash, Body Butter and Foot Cream to review. I have now used the products extensively over a month and reviewing them basis this experience.

Natural Body Wash

The MomsCo, Body wash, body butter, foot cream, natural products, products during pregnancy, safe, natural, toxin free, pregnancy products india, pregnancy india, pregnancy mumbai, lactation products, nausea during pregnancy, ginger essential oilThe MomsCo Body Wash contains coconut based mild cleansers and natural moisturizers. Together they help your skin restore its natural balance. The USP of this product is that it contains essential oils of ginger & orange. Ginger helps combat morning sickness – that much hated monster that rears its ugly head during pregnancy. I have also used ginger whenever I had nausea during my monthly migraine episodes. Orange essential oils gives us a pleasant & refreshing aroma to this body wash. This Body Wash also has naturally occuring pro-vitamin B5 which provides  the moisturizing effect.

I love the Body Wash. I actually look forward to bath times now that I have the MomsCo body wash. It is truly refreshing and energizing. And I love that the smell lingers on for some time after the bath too.

The Natural Body Wash is priced at Rs. 348 for a 200 ml bottle. Total value for money. 

My rating for The MomsCo’s Natural Body Wash – 5/5 I highly do recommend this one. 

Natural Body Butter

The MomsCo, Body wash, body butter, foot cream, natural products, products during pregnancy, safe, natural, toxin free, pregnancy products india, pregnancy india, pregnancy mumbai, lactation products, body lotion pregnancy, body butter, safe body lotion, products safe during pregnancyThe MomsCo Natural Body Butter contains cocoa and shea butter. It also has Seabuckthorn oil which is renowned for improving skin elasticity & regeneration. Other ingredients in this are Vitamin E and Vitamin C both of which are great for skin regeneration. This makes this Body Butter great for the pregnant body’s expanding girth. Dry skin on the tummy was something I experienced a lot during my pregnancy. I am sure this product would have been great then.

I use the Body Butter immediately after my shower with the Natural Body Wash. This way it holds all the moisture in and keeps skin soft and supple throughout the day. It is thick and only a small quantity is enough to spread onto the entire hands or legs. The butter is really thick and I am sure works great for people with dry skin. However I have pretty oily skin and don’t have the need for such a rich moisturiser right now post pregnancy.

The Body Butter is of course safe and toxin free, so you can safely use it even when you are breastfeeding.

The Natural Body Butter is priced at Rs. 699 for a 200 gms tub.

My rating for this product is 4/5.  

Natural Foot Cream 

The MomsCo, Body wash, body butter, foot cream, natural products, products during pregnancy, safe, natural, toxin free, pregnancy products india, pregnancy india, pregnancy mumbai, lactation products, nausea during pregnancy, ginger essential oil, foot cream, pregnancy foot care, aching ankles, ankles, feetIt made me really happy to know that the MomsCo has a foot cream. My pain point during pregnancy were my achy, tired feet. And I would look forward to foot massages. Sadly I had no safe products to use. This product then is like manna from heaven for pregnant women.

The MomsCo calls this product a ‘cooling’ foot cream. This can be attributed to the essential oils of peppermint which it contains. It has a nice tingly feel to it when applied. Shea butter in the cream helps to moisturize those sore and tired ankles and feet. It also contains Argan, Sweet Almond and Extra Virgin Olive Oils which hydrate and nourish the otherwise tough skin on the feet. Some other foot creams I have tried in the past leave skin sticky and slippery once shoes are worn. I really liked that the MomsCo foot cream did not do this.

This product is great not just for pregnant women or new moms but for anyone in the family. Feet are the most neglected parts of our body. Some pampering by way of this cream would be most beneficial for anyone at home.

A 50 gm tube of the Foot cream costs Rs. 249. 

My rating for the Natural Foot Cream is 4/5 

My ratings for The MomsCo products:
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Appearance: 5/5 I love the brand logo and the colours used for the product. They are elegant and classy.
  • Value for money: 5/5 The prices are really great value for money. 
  • Functionality:  4/5 I really do wish these products were released when I was pregnant. I would have loved to pamper my pregnant bump with their products. Oh well, for now I am very happy with their Body Wash and will continue using it. 

What products did you find hard to come by during your pregnancy? Did you switch to using any natural or toxin free products? Have you used The MomsCo products. What was your experience like?



  1. Charu Sareen Gujjal

    This looks like a promising brand. I wish it was there when I was pregnant. I was one paranoid woman then and did not apply any lotion or sunscreen on my skin all through that period.

  2. Jiya B

    We moms need safe and toxin free products. And these products are just awsome. I personally liked body butter the most.

  3. Aesha Shah

    I will use the foot cream. I am sure non preganant mom’s can use it too. I didn’t use any products during my pregnancy but I doubt if there were such non toxin products 9 years back. I have dry skin so I guess I can use the body butter too. Shall try out this products and will recommend to my pregnant friends.

  4. Afsha Galar

    I have been using their products too !! And must say I love the Body Butter and Foot Cream

  5. Anchal

    You have given a detailed review. I am in love with their products. The foot cream is my current favourite

  6. karuna chauhan

    I always wished for such safe products during my pregnancy. I gave up on many products for the fear of it hurting my then unborn baby. Lovely review and promising products

  7. Vidhi Duggal

    The review is very original and genuine. You have ighlighted te Importance of using toxinfree products during pregnancy very well. A very well written review and promising products.

  8. Kavita Singh

    I like your detailed review. I have used a couple of their products and love them… That body wash looks promising…would love to try it soon.

  9. Geethica Mehra

    I feel the same about this product. It was not available at my time. But I am surely to use this body wash.

  10. Anubhuti Seth

    Getting something natural and chemical free is a boon today. This review makes me believe that these products are pure and value for money

  11. Vaidehi

    We moms need to take care of ourself and to protect our body from toxic elements .I loved that body butter.

  12. Vasantha Vivek

    Actually speaking …. Moms Co. products are best of its kinds. Really wonderful products. And your reviewed proved this again.

  13. Prisha Lalwani

    i so relate with the name, in just one go! The product reviiew looks quite promising too! I would love to try these.

  14. Vatsala

    I also love their BodyWash. It has a unique perfume. Its very refreshing and it doesn’t dry skin like many other washes.

  15. Gaurav

    I wish someone made products especially for dads too. ?

  16. Ramani

    The product packaging is very nice.

  17. Minakshi Bajpai

    Great that they have no toxins. Loved your detailed review. Your 5/5 rating will make me buy them for sure,

  18. priyadarshani Panda

    Moms co has some amazing products i have kept in my must try list….Thanks for the detailed review

  19. Pranita

    I am reading so much about this brand and wanted to try few of these products. I hope soon I try them?

  20. manveen

    I’m a little spoilt..I’ve trained the didi in my house to give me a 10 minute foot massage at night..I love the sound of the foot cream..specially the tingling feeling. I’m going to have to try it.

    • mommyingbabyt

      What a fabulous idea. A foot massage at the end of the day can set everything right. Let me try it with the husband man tonight. 🙂 haha

  21. Veena Regit

    I keep wishing these were available when I were pregnant ❤️ But now I plan on gifting these to expecting mommy friends. It’s so so important to be aware that everything we use has a direct impact on the baby inside us ❤️

    • mommyingbabyt

      Veena I use the body wash now. I love it. I do highly recommend it. 🙂 In fact I’m now awaiting delivery of my second bottle of it.

  22. Udita Saklani

    I so relate to bath time pointer. I really look forward to having relaxed bath time after baby, and these indeed look promising.

  23. Ekta

    I’ve been seeing MomsCo everywhere online 🙂 looks like a popular brand… fantastic packaging.

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  25. naira marley

    Thank you for this .

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