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Of Cake Toppers & Baby Names

What’s in a name? A lot, actually. People say your name defines you. It is your visiting card. It sets impressions even before people have met or interacted with you. I love my name. It is unique, uncommon and poetic. Nayantara is the apple of her mother’s eye and I think I am that. Nayantara has beautiful eyes and I have been told I have them. Nayantara is the name of a flower and I would like to believe that like the blue periwinkle, ‘Nayantara’ in Bangla, I too am low maintenance but spread a lot of cheer and brightness.


I wasn’t quite ready to become a mother, but I knew I wanted my child(ren) to have uncommon but meaningful names. However the road to my search for perfection in names was a difficult one. My little black book of name ideas was running out of pages with list after list of girl name ideas. But boy’s names – I had zero. And I knew destiny would play that game with me, where I… would be blessed with a baby boy!

So let’s get down to the guidelines (I am a blue personality type, can you tell?) I knew I wanted the name to be a Sanskrit word. I wanted it to have deep meaning, something which held true for our life experiences. I did not want to name him after any of the 33 crore Gods.  Also, the world is a melting pot, no? Just like I had become Nine-Tara when we lived in the UK I did not want the name to be difficult to pronounce for people from other cultures and countries.

Such well meaning motives. But also incredibly difficult to fulfill. Month 6 of my pregnancy and I had still not narrowed down on one name. After years of searching I had no boy names. The prospect of choosing the God’s name suggested by someone in the family, which was trending in Bollywood at that time, loomed perilously on me. I just didn’t see myself as Shivji’s mummy.

Until one fine day…

Facebook was a good distraction. Oh look, a meme about NaMo. Oh wait, here are some cake pics… yummm. I was craving cake.. and I felt a kick, the little tyke inside me also wanted a bite perhaps. Blue cakes, green cakes, cakes with animals on it. Cakes with little baby booties on it. Aww baby shower cake. And then I saw it.. a beautiful cake with blue and gold frosting, on top of it was the name piped in silver lettering – Happy birthday TASMAI.

I had found my name. My eyes shone, stars glittered, fireworks lit up the space around my head and heart. This was THE NAME.

I did not know what it meant at that time, but I knew it was from the popular Sanskrit shloka – Tasmai Shri Guruwe Namahh which pays obeisance to one’s guru or teacher or God. I searched every resource online and holy books I could lay my hands on and I discovered that – Tasmai means Unto Him, entrusted to HIM.

And truly my baby and pregnancy was all in God’s hands. When I had reached the point of breaking in life and giving up on my dream of ever hearing the words “Mumma”, I learnt that I had fought all odds and conceived. Naturally, too! It was all the doing of a divine order. God if you want to believe! And my TASMAI was that blessing.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-06 at 03.01.55

Down the line I also discovered this quote. It reminded me of the struggle before we actually conceived, the disappointment month after month of fertility treatment. I also remember the day we said “Screw it, let’s drink wine instead” and let the baby find us instead. This is exactly what Tasmai means!


  1. Aditi Kapur

    Wow! Tasmai is really a beautiful name!
    Surrender to God and say,” Everything is yours, I’m nothing.” Because this is the ultimate truth!
    Happy reading ?

  2. Ramya Ravindra Barithaya

    nice read

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  5. Ajay Sagar

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