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“Head to toe” care with Himalaya baby wipes

Baby wipes – the word is enough to set flight to a plethora of ways in which we can use them. If I had my way I would award the “best product ever” title to baby wipes. While I have tried as much as possible to go the sustainable way and use cloth and water on most occasions, I will admit that this is not always a convenient or practical solution always, especially on the go. I have then resorted to using baby wipes.

Finding the right baby wipe is a matter of great deliberation and I invested quite some time on this when #babyT was a newborn. It was obvious that a chemically laden wipe was not going to fit the bill. We wanted something that was natural, gentle and yet did its job well. Plus it had to be versatile so that I could use it for the unimaginable messes & spills that those seemingly innocent babies can get up to.

A trusted name in the baby care category in India is of course Himalaya. With their unbending conviction to bringing nature to health care, Himalaya BabyCare products are enriched with the goodness of herbs. And this has been possible only because of their commitment to creating the safest product range for our babies.

Size does matter

Himalaya recently launched their ‘Extra Large’ size baby wipes and I am not even kidding when I tell you how true that claim is. The Himalaya baby wipes are one of the largest I have seen or used. I could compare the size to a hand towel or even marginally larger than that.

I was well impressed with this because I have many a time struggled to hold a tiny wipe in one hand and steady a wriggly baby with the other and then manage to bring both baby and wipe together. Quite a tricky task. But with a wipe this large I can safely say my job will become much easier now.

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The USP of these wipes is that just a single wipe will suffice cleaning a baby from top to toe. This makes them so efficient. Rather than using multiple wipes for one clean up session, you can now make do with just one. This saves so much money and resources too.

In fact, there used to be times when it was not possible to bathe baby every day due to winter or him not being well. I then had to resort to using wet clothes or wipes to clean him entirely, like a sponge bath.

Our regular night-time routine also consisted of a full body wipe and dry and a huge wipe like this one would have got the job done quickly and efficiently, whilst assuring me of the safety of his skin.

What’s in them?

As with all products, the Extra Large size Himalaya baby wipes are infused with the power of herbs. The herbal appeal of these wipes comes from the base which is Indian Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus extract.

If you read the ingredient list, it mentions Aqua as the first one which shows that it is the ingredient present in the highest quantity. Aqua or simply water makes these wipes incredibly moist. The herbal ingredients add to the quality of the wipes by ensuring baby is clean, refreshed and yet his skin is left soft and supple.

Most importantly the Himalaya baby wipes are free from alcohol, silicones, lanolin and artificial colour. Himalaya does provide the safest and most gentle baby care range of products. In fact, Himalaya is one brand which is safely recommended by doctors too.

Easy on the pocket

One of the best things about the Himalaya baby wipes is its price. The Extra Large size wipes are priced at Rs. 66 for the 12 pack and Rs. 120 for the pack of 24. It is very reassuring to know that parents in India have access to quality baby care products at very affordable prices.

Use wipes responsibly 

One of the biggest grouses I have with people is that they don’t use products responsibly. Here are some ideas to help you use disposable baby wipes more responsibly:

  • Do not flush them.

  • Just like diapers, if your wipes are heavily soiled with baby poop, please discard the poop off in the toilet and then discard the wipe appropriately.

  • If your local municipal corporation has put in a garbage segregation rule then dispose baby wipes into the pile which is labelled as sanitary waste.

  • Be judicious in your use of wipes. Ideally, I would have said use fewer wipes, but with Himalaya’s extra-large wipes you can actually get the whole job with just one.

I am quite pleased to have found this Extra Large size wipes from Himalaya. I am assured that they are incredibly moisturizing, skin conditioning and wound healing, soothing which protects the baby’s nappy area & body from infections.

This is a sponsored post. The product was sent to me to experience and review. The opinions and statements expressed in this article are entirely mine.




  1. Neha Tambe

    Himalaya is a brand that I trust. We only brought Himalaya wipes when my kids were babies.

  2. Rakhi Parsai

    I have been using Himalaya wipes from day one of my daughter’s life and have found them to be best for all the baby needs. In fact, even I use them for the way it cleanses the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long time.

  3. Priya

    I have used many of Himalaya products and have always found them to be good. Their wipes are very good and IU still use them as wet wipes whenever we are travelling .

  4. Charu

    I have been using Himalaya wipes right from the start and they suit us well. I didn’t know about the XL size though! Wipes are indispensable on our case and a larger size is even better.

  5. anchal

    Have used these earlier and I loved them. They stay moist and are not harsh on the skin at all.

  6. Miss Harshala

    Even before Ira was born I was using Himalaya’s Neem Face wash. I have only used Himalaya’s products for ira right from day 1. I use these wipes for Ira and even myself.

  7. Priyadarshani Panda

    I have used Himalaya wipes and have loved these , I need to try these extra large ones now. And yes checking the ingredients is so important glad that it is filled with all herbs and major component is water.

  8. Tina Basu

    i have used several Himalaya products and they are always good. The wipes are good too.

  9. Anubhuti

    Extra large wipes will help clean kids properly in one go when outside and they need a refresher. Surely will try them asap.

  10. Amitoj Kaur

    The extra large size of the wipes seems really a nice idea. Would love to try out these..

  11. Gurjeet Chhabra

    I am using all himayala products and used wipes also they are natural,safe and soft to skin

  12. Kavita Singh

    I have used these wipes and totally love it. Since I became mom wet wipes are like my must-haves in the purse. These are a super handy item.

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