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Event alert: Krazy Kids Karnival

As a child I remember, how the festive season would mean a lot of exhibitions being held in Mumbai. We made it a point to visit the fests every year with my mom and dad and cousins. I also remember being awed by the colourful wares on show, live displays for kitchen equipment and the variety of food stalls. However, all this was catered for grown-ups. And my eyes yearned to see things for myself. But I would only be disappointed not to find too many things on offer to excite my childlike mind. But today the scene is very different. Kids, kids and kids are the only focus of this exciting event coming up in Mumbai this November. Its even called Krazy Kids Karnival.



The Krazy Kids Karnival is 2-day long carnival for kids aged 0-15 years, spread over 2 acres of fun space. It is going to be held in Mumbai on 4th and 5th of November’17 at City Park, Bandra Kurla Complex.  Hurray for the weekend and a central location like BKC. From workshops to live shows, fun rides to activity zones Krazy Kids Karnival promises it all. And to satiate your taste buds they will have on offer lip-smacking food and delicious desserts. Thinking of shopping for Diwali gifts for your kids and other children, then look no further as the Krazy Kids Karnival also will have loads of toys and gifts. And not just for the lil one, but there’s going to be loads of shopping for you too.

Just about everything for the little one and your family too, all under one roof! With 125+ exhibitors, 50+ games, 25+ workshops and 15+ live shows DIWALI has been set sparkling by the Krazy Kids Karnival. [Read more about the event details here: KKK Events]

If you are wondering if this event is right for your child’s age group then here is a list of the various types of exhibitors who will be present at the event.

I personally feel kids of all ages and their families will benefit from visiting Krazy Kids Karnival and experiencing the stalls by the participating brands.

Entry for the Krazy Kids Karnival is a nominal Rs. 200 and you can buy tickets from BookMyShow.

For more information visit the Krazy Kids Karnival website or their Facebook page – KKK on Facebook.

What I am super excited about is that the mom’s community I am part of – JAMMS (Journey about Mast Moms) is the community partner for Krazy Kids Karnival. JAMM’s is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline!

JAMMS is a vital part of my daily life. It is a network of moms, by moms and for moms based in Mumbai. I begin my day by catching updates from the various subgroups I am part of – Toddlers, Bloggers, Human Resource Professionals and my local suburb groups. There is so much to learn from each other and there is no stronger bond than that of motherhood.

Do join the JAMMS network on the below social media:







  1. I’m going to be there for sure. So excited to take N for his very first carnival!

  2. Just reading about it has gotten me excited. I really wish I was in Mumbai! I look forward to hearing more about your experience on this.

  3. This event sure does look like real fun. I wish such events happened in my city too. Have fun.

  4. This sounds like a fun carnival. Would surely not want to miss it. Hope to see you there.

  5. That sounds so exciting. Cant wait to see pictures.

  6. This event sounds like so much fun.i am sure kids are going to enjoy there with so many fun things planned.

  7. Seems to be a great event for kids in Mumbai. I am super excited already.

  8. Wow! some exciting stuff for the kids!! and not expensive at all!!

  9. Reading your post made me wish to have a time capsule so that when something exciting as this happens we would be transported and then be back to my dear life of a small city. ?

  10. Shilpa bindlish

    October 30, 2017 at 7:45 am

    I wish I could attend the event. There is lot of learning n exposure at such gatherings.

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