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5 Essential Skills For Children Before Starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten is known as the stepping stone to start an education process for children. It is also a highly crucial time. Kindergarten marks the beginning of a lifetime of formal education. There are several things that need to be learnt at home before your child starts his kindergarten classes. Parents are also worried about the readiness of their children. Here are some tips on preparing kids for school.


5 Essential Skills for Children before Starting Kindergarten Sessions

If you are planning to send your children to kindergarten classes, then you need to make sure they are well prepared. A detailed parenting guide will serve as a training kit thus making them ready to face the world. It will immensely help you in preparing kids for school.

Below is a list of some essential skills that you need to impart into your children before sending him/her to school:

  1. Basic rules of safety

    children-and-school-bus-with-flat-design_23-2147654740, preparing kids for school

    It is very essential for your children to become familiar with some basic rules of safety before going to school. They need to be taught about the best way to use a crosswalk. Also, you need to let your child know about the importance of looking both ways of traffic for personal safety.

  2. Difference between positive touch and inappropriate touch

    good-bad-touch, preparing kids for school

    Another important thing is to let your children know the actual difference between positive and negative touches. Parents must teach their children to stay away from strangers. Children must avoid eating and going somewhere with people not known to them.

  3. Teaching basic rules of social interaction

    Parents must not shy away from teaching children about the best ways of interacting with others. These is super important when going to kindergardens similar to
    Primary Montessori Day School ( You need to teach them to share, show love and kindness along with other basic norms of social interaction. A Parenting guide will not only make this transition easy, but will also make them responsible citizens.

  4. Basic skills of self sufficiency

    Your children must be taught to become self sufficient before sending them out of home. You must train them in such a manner that they can spell their own name, say their telephone number and basic home address. They must know to ask their teachers to go to the washroom. Also parental guidance is required to enable them to recognize their own belongings.

  5. Teaching them to read alphabets & basic numbers

    kid-learning-abc-in-kindergarten-with-teacher_3446-523, preparing kids for school

    Last but not the least, it is essential to teach your children to read and write alphabets along with basic numbers before they move ahead for kindergarten sessions. It will let them enjoy their classes at the best without any struggle. Being familiar with basic principles will let them enjoy their education.

These are some essential skill sets from parental guide that need to be imparted into your children prior they go for kindergarten sessions. These will not only arouse their interest in learning new things but also enhance their mental abilities. Know a parent who is preparing kids for school? Do share this article with them.


  1. I believe that social interaction skills and basic safety rules play a crucial role in child’s life. These are indeed required to be built before starting a kindergarten.

  2. These are really important things that we need to take a note and teach them before making a decision to send our toddler to school.

  3. The skills you share for children is really so informative!

  4. Definitely, we need to prepare our children before sending to kindergarten classes

  5. Wow!!! Awesome Idea to make outdoor fun for kids. I just love these awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing it. It will help them to boost their mental & physical growth. As its very hard for parents to take the time & go out to do creative things. Thanks again.

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