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Month: May 2024

Boost Hair Growth Naturally: A review of Little Extra Reactivate Hair Growth Serum with the best ingredients

Hair fall is a widespread problem these days. It affects all people – irrespective of gender or age. It seems to have become an indicator of our stressful, hustle culture lives. Some even say it is something they have seen a spike in after the covid pandemic. Witnessing hair loss every time you brush or wash your hair can be quite alarming. But is there an antidote for this issue and can it come from natural resources? Well, I chanced upon Little Extra Reactivate Hair Growth Serum and here is what I felt about this product.

After my last experience with Little Extra products (you can read the review of the oil & shampoo I have been using here) I did not think twice before looking at their other hair care range. Hair fall has become a nasty problem for me. So much so that I have lost tons of hair volume, and my curly hair game has gone weak. That is when I came to the realization that this is not just the usual hair loss which happens during hair brushing but a call for attention.

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‘Under The Influence’ – A surprisingly simple & practical guide to succeeding online – My Review

Miss Malini is certainly a name you have heard of before. But I felt even more connected to this lovely lady, as she took me, the reader down memory lane – back to the good old days of ICQ and when asking someone “ASL?” was the norm. This was long before we became Insta-influencers and thought it perfectly sane to share advice about the various shades of baby poop and how to wash diapers. How far have we walked down the digital revolution lane! In her latest book ‘Under the Influence’ Miss Malini talks of the perils we all face when we choose to live digital lives and are faced with our dreaded TROLLS. Not a stranger to this phenomenon, Miss Malini offers practical solutions on ‘How to Survive and Thrive Online.’

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