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Rajma & Roasted Beetroot Hummus

Rajma Hummus do these two words really go together? Well, let me tell you the backstory. I am a big lover of the North Indian staple and comfort food – Rajma (Kidney beans) chawal (rice). But everyone at home does not share my passion for the same. And my baby boy finds the beans too big to chew on. Rajma chawal gets made very rarely in our household then.

However last week when I was buying grocery from Amazon India, my eyes fell on a pack of the wine red Rajma or Kidney beans by Popular Essentials and I didn’t even think twice before adding it to cart. Once the rajma arrived I drifted into fragrant memories of Rajma chawal, eaten on cold mornings in Delhi when I travelled there for work. But the question remained – how do I get my family to eat Rajma and that too happily. 🙂

That’s when I came up with this healthy Rajma and beetroot Hummus recipe. Its packed with nutrients and looks so vibrant too. A great dip to go with raw veggie sticks, on toast or chapatis, with lavache or breadsticks. It makes great party food and is a good filler for those hunger pangs between meals.

Rajma is a treasure trove of health. It has the ability to lower cholesterol and therefore the risk of heart disease. It regulates blood sugar. Rajma provides iron for energy, boosts brain function and is a great source of protein.

Beetroot controls blood pressure and diabetes. It prevents the formation of plaque and bad cholesterol. It cures anaemia and boosts energy. It is great for pregnant women due to its high folate content. Beetroot also improves brain power, slows the process of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is also known to prevent cancer.

Take a look at the health charts here. (Source: Fitness & Weight Loss)

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Roasted Beetroot Rajma Hummus
An alternate to the popular chick pea Hummus is this vibrant Rajma Hummus with a healthy splash of beetroot pink to appeal to kids and adults alike.
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Course Dips
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Passive Time soaks overnight
Course Dips
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Passive Time soaks overnight
Roasted beetroot hummus, beetroot hummus, rajma hummus, tahini, hummus with tahini, hummus with rajma, healthy hummus, dips, healthy dip recipe, hummus recipe for kids, hummus for babies
  1. Soak Rajma beans in a pan of water overnight or for 6 to 8 hours. In the morning drain off the water and pressure cook rajma with some salt & hing. (Hing is not mandatory but it's become a habit to add hing to all pulses and dals I make now. Keeps the tummy gas in check.)
  2. Roast the beetroot on an open flame. I roasted it on the gas till it was chargrilled all over the outside, then immediately wrapped it up in foil wrap and left it for around 15 minutes.
  3. Roast the garlic cloves in a pan and keep aside.
  4. Roast the sesame seeds too and keep aside to cool. Sesame seeds are needed to make the tahini base that goes in most hummus recipes.
  5. Now to get started on the Hummus. You can of course make everything separately but I usually just make all the parts in the same mixer bowl - means less washing up and therefore less water wasted. First up - grind the sesame seeds to a fine powder.
  6. Add enough olive oil to the sesame seeds to make it a runny paste. Grind some more so that the sesame seed powder and oil are properly incorporated.
  7. Open up the foil wrap from the beetroot and scrape off all the burnt skin. Then chop the beetroot into rough pieces and add it to the grinder bowl (which already has the sesame paste) along with the roasted garlic Grind these up into a paste.
  8. Now add the cooked rajma a little by little and grind it up to make a smooth paste. If the mix gets too viscous/ thick simply add olive oil to get the stuff moving in the grinder. Add the rest of the cooked rajma beans and grind till you get a thick paste. Avoid the temptation of adding water to make it a smooth paste. Add olive oil instead - it will add to the flavour and ensure the paste stays well in the fridge for a few days.
  9. Add in salt, pepper and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix in well. Your rajma and roasted beetroot Hummus is ready.
Recipe Notes

I made this Hummus using Rajma beans from Popular Essentials on Amazon India. You can view and buy it here: Popular Essentials Premium Red Rajma Kashmiri, Kidney Beans, 1kg

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  1. will surely try

  2. I love hummus – can never get enough of it.. so this is definitely a must try for me. Also a great way to add variety and protein in our diet.

    For how many Whistles did you cook the rajma?

  3. That’s quite innovative. I love hummus and going to try this one super soon.

  4. This sounds delicious just reading about it. I definitely want to try it out. My husband loves Rajma, maybe I will include it in my Valentine’s surprise menu ?

  5. I am all for a hummus that has so many health benefits and that kids and adults will like. It is a very easy recipe and I will try it soon

  6. I really need to get on the hummus bandwagon! This recipe looks delicious and I’m very impressed will all the nutritional benefits.

  7. Wow I’m intrigued to try this! I never heard of this before but it sounds absolutely delicious! I’ll give it a try!

  8. this sounds really interesting. It sounds like it is so good for you. I will have to check it out!

  9. This looks like a wonderful snack full of health benefits…and IT’S PURPLE! I’d love to try making this at home.

  10. I have never heard of this. But it looks delicious! I bet I could get my kids to eat it because it is purple. I have got to try it!

  11. My colleague at work was just commenting today how she loves to sample hummus when she travels. I will have to share this recipe with her.

  12. YUMMMM! I love my Hummus wraps! And this is crazy simple! I am going to try it and let you know <3

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